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Our jobs are killing us

Our jobs are killing us!

There are quite a few people who are willing to sacrifice their joy, happiness and contentment for the moral responsibility to care for their children or to make ends meet or to maintain a certain lifestyle. They accept that it is 'just that way!' And if we are not (too) crazy we at least have the hope of a sense of (apparent) certainty. This feeling of security is in many cases a lie that we tell ourselves. The ease with which many companies, who do not have a group feeling, fire their people to control costs and get the budgets closed means that we are much less safe than we once were. In any case, much less safe than we think we are. In 'normal times' we could still think that our jobs are safe if we work hard and perform well. But the reality is different. Sometimes this is true, but you can not rely on it. With large companies it can be a question of simple calculation every year when your contract expires. Sometimes the sums work out in such a way that it is up to you to 'disappear' through 'reflection'. Even if you work so well. This simple sum is made every year at many companies, so we risk every year.

The myth of job security is not even the biggest problem. A survey of social scientists at the University of Canberra published in 2011 shows that it is unhealthy to do work that you dislike. That is sometimes more harmful than being unemployed. Among people who were unhappy at work, depressions and fears occurred just as often in people without a job.
Source and Writer = Lusado Holkenborg
Note from myself = Besides being curious, trying to do other things and being helpful I love to learn and educate myself. Try to think by myself and be consequent. Improve by experiences & learn from failure. Face everything & rise or fear everything & run #FEAR
My passion is going with the upcoming new things coming ahead and be not like minded as a 9-5 hour job. I realize that there is way much more to become an entrepreneur freelance, full time or part time or doing it in your personal time. It's great to do but avoid getting into too much at once. It creates even more stress as well . So get up and move, stay healthy and have happy experiences, moments to remember and to cherish even more. Don't get stuck in negativity brought upon you mostly by others who try to enslave you a lifetime. Trust yourself at first and get that moment of overthinking in silence to see the real facts and values that matters to you.
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