zaterdag 9 september 2017

What about MLM (multi level marketing)?

Today's MLM's proceed on future expectations and future developments , imaging things will go happen or bought by those MLM's to get a kind of crowdfunding where the return is mostly coming from the signups instead of the real development from products. So just to get sorted, whatever MLM you are doing, just be sure you have something real physical to get instead of thinking about something that's going to happen. You love to buy in the store also for real healthy goods or services with direct satisfaction so that's in my opinion also the case for a GOOD MLM company.
Otherwise it's a money game like you pump up the price or volume to get rid of your own shares, probably mostly in time or otherwise you will be left with worthless shares or kind of ofc's or anything that comes into place for having a kind of value back... . Can be perfectly legal but still misabused in so many cases. I love MLM because of the talks and communication but mostly not with what they bring for sale or use ... . Many courses are giving out but these day's you find everything on the google platform is you wishes to seek a little harder or get the information together. Most courses are exact the same... .  SO I prefer to have some real products in place for my money everytime I buy something, wether it's  an MLM or not. Besides, mlm is everywhere also in your daily life.

Bert v.

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