zondag 14 mei 2017

You are unique and one of a kind !

Something i thought was being social isn't anymore being social. Social means having a party, drinking , eating and shopping. talking about others, rumors and avoiding the straight way to talk to people when it comes to problems. Talking about problems behind the back where mistakes are getting born, bringing their thoughts and emotions upon you because they think its you in the way you should think.

Well be yourself as longterm health and moving forwards happy with or without others. You are the only one responsible for your way of living once you grow up. If you're child time isn't what should be written in medical terms, just start over and re-educate yourself over and over again, no matter what others think about you. You are unique and one of a kind. Taking your time to be in nature again and listen to the heartbeat of nature deep down inside of you is the true deep inner peace they can never take away from you.

Draining others because of enforcing theirselves while you need some help and talking about your issues which are actually a part of life. Others don't believe there are other ways of living but truly, there is so much beauty in everyones life as long you recognize the inner strength of someone else dealing with their problems, happiness and environment.

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Bert v.

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