zondag 26 februari 2017

Moving your body is motivating it to do something!

Time to move instead of computing too much but it's so interesting to learn and educate yourself. #multiknowledge is the key to focus on what is really motivating you.
I feel some good energy coming up 
because of the health choices I make everyday. Never let go or give up your source of life energy hidden inside you anytime anywhere. Don't let anybody bring that energy down because it feels right with the right motivation.
Even when others bully you, there comes a moment they will get inspired because you planted a seed in their souls that needs to grow. Be inspired by their changes in time. Reprogram yourself and  be one with natures energy instead of being lived by technological devices surround us more and more.

Free yourself in time from any devices to avoid toxifying your body from radiation, wifi, ... . 

Bert v.

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