zondag 14 augustus 2016

Happy mothers day anno 2016

When you realize , monday 15 august is another holiday to celebrate mothers day and still respect the legacy she left behind in your mind, body and soul when she has past away already . Still figuring out the battle she has been fighting to conquer the rumors and disrespect, dishonor by people who don't know anything she all was to me , my hero, my mother.

I wasn't the perfect son but the world ain't perfect either so she always was there to explain me how to become a better person , human and son. The things she couldn't explain was all up to me to figure out.

Happy mothers day to all mothers in advance and give the best of yourself as legacy to your child because money or material things aint gonna make you happier in the end. Comfort is one thing but luxury doesn't makes you better company unless you wanna stay for profit.

Never forget the battle of the mothers from refugees , running from war to protect their children and try to give them a better world

They should be victimized for the profit by warcrimes of others against them, they shouldn' be witnessing wars brought upon them by ideology's or political reasons or economical impact or anything you can imagine why they are a victim of war. So many media are calling in and out what is really going on but in reality nobody's really care as they don't live there or their house has been demolished by mistake or on purpose. It's shameless to use citizen in advantage.

So the legacy that a mother will bring to you is in my opinion to feel home, safe and protected as well respected for who you are as a kid being able to play a role to be the best version of yourself. Losers and winners are in the end all the same if you got involved in lifetreatening situations so why treating others life with disrespect and dishonor telling them about losers and winners. Compassion, integrity and love is all that is left behind in the end. Enjoy your mothers day.

Bert V

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