zondag 3 juli 2016

What comes first , the egg or chicken ?

Everybody understands this pic and it's great to see that nature provides us with all we need but our greed and satisfaction is manufactured and manipulated by media and so on ... . It's very complicated but you have to stand up and fight for your rights to have a health, happy , wealthy life after all while not loosing your ability to feel empathy with others etc .. .

Some people will eat for sure only the eggs as they are also a high bio available resource for proteine. Despite many opinions about meat and vegan stuff is another discussion along the road.
Therefore i try to keep up and be inspired to keep on continu reprogramming my soul because neuroplasticity https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neuroplasticity
Ur thoughts and behavior effects your more then you realize where you think you have to act like others want you to be or say what you are and be ... .
YOU are unique and do good to yourself is being good to others and not otherwise. Being good for others while putting yourself in the background, i wouldn't do that for too long . Don't loose your personality feeling drained after all by giving out yourself all the time .

So it's a point of view during the years as your personal healthy should always comes first as you can give the best to others during many years. Find yourself into sometimes you are passionated about. Love to organise your place, going out, being sportive , ...
SO simple basically if you want to be super healthy and happy , you have to make decisions to have the maximum impuls from all area's in your life to be happy, healthy and wealthy.
The moment when you realize things won't be like old days by old or new injuries, you are so lucky to deal with it making the best out of it while people don't understand what's wrong inside you. Generation to generation , young people working with old people makes it very hard sometimes who is going to have the hardest job and mostly it are the younger ones. Doing your part when it's possible, do it.
Have a great "work" week and enjoy peoples in their best shape and respect them at their worst without feeling drained. Stand up for who you are.


bert v

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