zondag 13 maart 2016

Remind yourself to be the architect of your own life !

EVERYBODY has it's own reasons to have their freedom because having money gives you more freedom. However it's more like a lifestyle , not accepted by everyone but there are always people heading forward looking out for same minded people right ?

Freedom means to do not anymore the shit jobs you ought to say "NO" to but somehow you do it because you got payed for it. Afterwards having health issues where most people don't understand what you are going through and dealing with lot's of bullying in front. Words can really hurt as well. Despite healthcare and medical institutions are trying to help you , they don't realize it surely because it's also for them observing what you are going through.

For example = The tobacco industry is experimenting on us for more then 20 years and longer. These days in belgium, smoking inside bars or cafe's isn't allowed anymore . Smoking into cars with children , no more. Penalty's for sure must be paid. So i'm wondering why some people know this for more then 20 years or longer and still none reacts upon it. If it doesn't harm you the better for you but young people are vulnerable to this and getting exposed to such toxins is harmful for their growth and health. Pls do understand this and give these kids their freedom to enjoy their health and listen up to them. They really like to tell you a lot what they feel it's bad for them. Really do listen as a KID and to as an ADULT because they only say not to complain while there is a lot going on in fact. Ok, use your good understanding upon their health at first ... .

It's a different sight on how to be the architect of your life as children doesn't have a real voice into their life but they are working on it everyday to get their place in this world or family.
Start being a kid once again to become a successful entrepreneur for real.

Enjoy your health, freedom and lifestyle change from today on.
Bert V

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