zondag 28 februari 2016

How to deal with Anger ?

Tips to deal with ANGER =

● Use it = It gives you energy to deal with business that's important to you. 
● There are at least two good ways to deal with your anger=
1. Express your anger in a clear way with respect for the other. This go often well if the other is prepared to listen. 
2. Let go your anger and relative. You need this when the other one doesn't wants to listen. Read on how this works : it isn't fair! 

Deal with anger and injustice.

How i deal with this is to let things for what they are and become sportive, to relay attention and frustrations and express them with sports instead of working things out on people. Using Anger to do business doesn't works for me. On meetings and etc. i see a lot people talking about frustrations and treats like the person is in the room themselves. Gives a strange feeling and rare opinion about such meetings. Wel , If i'm cheated or mistreated in any way  with words or deeds i rather stay away or will be friendly present to look straight in the eyes but i prefer to go on with my own things. Whatever works for you , this works for me for many years already, despite all injuries / obstacles / back talking / corruption / crimes ... .

My things =

  • Maintain health with food, drinks, rest and mental peace.
  • Sleep
  • Keeping order of business in my possibility
  • Especially reading a lot 
  • Avoid energy drainers / embracing energy givers without draining them
  • Taking financial responsibility and close loosing positions in any matter
During the recent developments i will keep doing this as a succes formula for many years . I will not become physically rich but my guts are really happy with no stress from any aspect , respect myself at first.
Ever heard that Mark zuckerberg and other famous rich people did also long walks during their business strategy and time... . Well, they feel it as the same way i feel things going to be like they have to be. Being lucky comes whenever you deserve it .
Enjoy my experiences for your lesson. 
author = Bert v

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