woensdag 3 februari 2016

Change your life, one step at a time.

Good decision, bad decision by yourself

Changing your health one step at a time, is actually a major problem once you got into certain issues and lifestyle problems.

Physical health, mental health, fitness health, spiritual health, emotional health, ... .

All these are combined and working synergistically togheter but the one thing that might be major influence most peoples health is MONEY. So financial health is simple as some colleague's told me =

When you have 1000 euro after your fixed spendings, you can't give out 1200 euro.
Loans, debts are all created by the money system to get intrest rates on it and make money on your loans. It's not that bad but it's almost not seriously covered. A loan must be covered by the worth of your property so you can have this loan, making the bank agreement that they will have their money back for sure.

Investing in your health and lifestyle is nonetheless nr.1 priority for real. Because there ain't no job, no business or anything else to improve in your lifestyle if you don't have an income. You can't keep on being independent like that but being surrounded by great people and neighbors, family is fantastic ... .

You thoughts become your habits and you can find all great quotes about it. Where it's mostly going wrong is the interaction with other people. If you stand strong they might not like you if you keep persisting . If you don't bow to them they start bullying you and when they know something about you to make you bad or bring you down, you better know it and feel it for sure.

Watch your back and make a safe place for yourself. So this blog is actually about all aspects and area's in your life to improve lifestyle and quality step by step as you might have been thinking you are unbeatable or something like that.

Tracking the dangers around and watching out to protect yourself being surrounded by trustworthy people. IN business you don't have really friends. Money talks is a primary matter as you might think to be a loser when you don't make money into your business.

Keep track into your good habits and move on to be a better version the next day.

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