zaterdag 19 september 2015

Lavender = Did you know ... ?

The time you realize that my own mother had such good habits but despite all got cancer as well. Long story and my personal opinions about that isn't that great to realize that i have such my own health feelings. However what she showed me is still something you have to keep in mind. Create good habits and the ones who are looking are really looking at something to remember.
Wether you show it online or by any social media in a cold or warm environment to get in touch with people, you will remember the good things for sure. 
I will get lavender back in da house to have such a great good memory and ancient story's that are still running in peoples live where nature is taking over their healing proportions for sure. If my mom knew this a long time ago , how would you like to disrespect that when they recognize things which are unhealthy for you and others ? U can't deny the living truth these days among people becoming zombies for an industrial prepared life if you don't have a choice , which is there for sure... . Stepping out of the ratrace is really hard to do and get your chance and luck whenever it's possible ... .

If you didn't get it what i'm writing down here , it's obviously for sure that i'm ok with that , i understand what im' doing here and that's for sure to prepare you for a better lifestyle and health no matter what my situation is. I pass on my experiences in any way and matter for real.


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