donderdag 20 augustus 2015

Shopping online , it's a billion business industry. profitable for you as well.

You shop, we give you cash. Next time when you will shop on eBay, book a hotel on, buy a song on iTunes, or shop on thousands of online stores worldwide, you can get CashBack. For free. Just in case to save 50 euro a year or more and it's possible to do it. Find out and get for example a package to travel on :-)    #sitetalk 

And yet the best has still to come as they are doing it in such a way you can not stay behind and grab your piece of the cake to monetize your habits and social online shopping behavior. it's just fair enough to say, you gotta get used to it and use the add-on a few times which i did using Itunes for sure. Waiting a few days to receive an email that i have cashback coming my way. Luckily sometimes i find cashback from my direct friends online shopping habits because as a referrer i got 10 % from their social online habits . Just because you told about it and that's your reward. Click on the image if you wanna get started or read on about the blogs available on the sitetalkcashback

Installing the add-on, once you got your own account is quiet simple, Click here to find out about the ADD-ON . 
Results so far for my own purpose and yet even didn't manage to get them all. Booking a flight and hotel has never been so exiting anymore to have the highest cashback and best prices as well like on .
I have missed some cashback because i didn't pay attention so check out the following picture from my own experiences to get in a few days your cashback for sure. When shopping on itunes you got redirected but having the right pop-up showing up means your cashback is activated otherwise click on it to use it and activate it. 

The installed add-on is placed somewhere in your browser bar and it depends on which browser you have so install it on everyone you use. Update regularly and start using it from now on for free. 

For all info and updates , check regularly the sitetalkcashback website. They have also a great support to follow up issues so freely message them.
Bert, (skype) 

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