woensdag 19 augustus 2015

How to deal with your frustrations?

Usually you think it's not happening to you and everybody else is getting into your head, makes you feel and think crazy. Saying things to you or whistling or shouting or just being rude upon your person, gives you even more frustrations. U ought to see that look upon others face, looking into your direction with mixed signs. Quiet signs opened by your sixth sense to make you aware of certain things following you. Also noticed that somethings aren't really your fault. You act normally to certain signs and signals in any kind. Only recognize them fast before you get stuck into learning the wrong things from other people to be bullied afterwards as there are such smartass people claim things doing it first to you. So frustrating isn't it. Despite work situations, personal home situations or any kind of things are actually going wrong in your life might not be so bad at all if you keep yourself under control and do the necessary research and think work. Solutions and problems ... if there was not a problem then there should be no solutions so answers are always easy used to get things off themselves and released to others. Be aware you won't be an emotional puppet for others jealous nature of behavior.

Have you used some rules and  actions to be the best by yourself at first to give others the best version of your self ? Let's start  finding  your way of venting your frustrations. 
  1. Exercise when you feel good about it and got some time to do it to avoid more frustrations 
  2. Deal with your health issues 
  3. Use good nutrients and failure upon bad habits are allowed within a healthy range
  4. Don't get sick because of your thoughts and mediate, use some power words upon them
  5. Be happy for others to have a better life and be granted to be witness of it
  6. Read books, educate yourself and keep in touch with healthy happy people
  7. People always want you to believe to be a looser or more looser then they are but in the end there are no winners and losers. it's all about the state of mind you are acting into it
  8. Get yourself a short break and drink a cup of tea with something you like for sure
  9. Sleep enough, nothing can be done to get you away from your sleep and priority to recover
  10. Just like you there are many people fighting an intern battle so release it not upon others to get back what you deserve. 
  11. Environment, situations, people or your inside character might be the issue to be frustrated. Expect what is in reality and set new goals upon them. You are you and there is only one of you.
  12. Didn't reach your goals, keep setting new goals and use that energy instead of using it for blaming yourself to not make things happening to reach your targets. Act upon your targets over and over again. Use good energy and get things done. Step by step.
  13. IF money is an issue don't forget it's easy to have money but it's more easier to be kind for yourself and others as long they don't drain your energy and especially your money away from you.
  14. Having physical issues might be frustrating to set now borders and forgive others who don't understand it
  15. Release your tears no matter what. It release also the belonging frustrations with it. Laughter and fun for good reasons are always a good resource of happy people

Many books are already written about this but you have to find your own way to cure yourself from frustrations. Avoid toxic people and rather learn to have some good excuses to leave the toxic environment. IN my humble opinion, you might have desires, other opinions and lifestyle expectations or certain regrets of things didn't happen, you gotta learn from your mistakes and where you got stuck, progress in that field. 

Change your life, one step at a time. Change your habits, one step at a time and be respectful for those who are supporting you in any way or what they can do for you. Even when it's a word ... .



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