maandag 20 juli 2015

Whats wrong with this picture?

What makes you doing horrible things to your body? What took me to eat all of this?

1)  Idid Some great sportsessions, not totally painless but quiet comfortable within my range despite Some lifetime moverent restrictions. So i awarded myself with Some extra calories. Balance Healthy was winning but took me thinking why i do such efforts to eat bad calories. Quiet old habits still

2) i was also thinking, i have eating Some good food so i can take Some lesser good or totally bad. Your brain got rewarded with sugar , refined for sure. So need Some extra discipline.

3) I feel strong and powerfull but my nutriënts keep me Healthy from FREZZOR , check out my blogs About iT. Feeling down knowing that i fail too much with unhealthy food as reasoned above.

4) Doing regular sports is having good eat habits as Well.  U need calories at THE right moment. Learning to feel myself and to feel what i need. Sometimes certain food makes you even more craving like Bread, wheat and corn  getting sticked to your cells. Surely Some good books open your eyes so why won't u change your habits as being conform seems to be social important so stick around same minded people who stimulated you.

5) Unhappy environments getting u into emotional disbalance so seeking comfort in emotional food is the easiest way.  look for replacements like walking or talking or drinking water or getting 5 min. Away from THE situation or just say your opinion straight away instead of eating up yourself from inside out.

6) So craving Some candy makes you silent addicted again & going trough THE sugar free periode is not a pleasure . get Some social skills to say polite NO because iT really doesnt serve your body and badly feeds your hormones getting out of balance. Just passed THE Candy shop at cinema so still one icecrime with a mini Magnum today. 

Back on track to have happy Healthy guts :) which is THE mainfactor of good Health and strong immune system😈 therefore working preventive against diseases or having a good impact. Everybody gets sick and u decide how badly you want to be because of this blog


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