zaterdag 25 juli 2015

Tomorrowland , liveblog

How iT previously looks like and how it looks like now. see below. Maintenance of THE domain during all year long, also "de schorre" is Well known for lots of activities and events, respect for that.

What an event for all united people over THE world. Imagine u can't have a good time anymore because of political, religion, economical or war reasons. THE logo still stands ... One world united forever...

THE opera stage, always mention also people working behind THE scène keeping THE arena day & night clean.  Despite most throw their garbage on THE Floor. How was i myself at young age, no care About waste. Mom Will take care of iT , right.

THE melodia castle starts a new era to proceed with THE fairytale and again magnificent done by Tomorrowland 

First use of THE new pay system with few ways to manage your account. 
Using THE mobile app of Tomorrowland. THE intellipay gateway system works great with cashloading or card, leftover is refundable somehow ... . Registering first an account with peopleoftomorrow to have a new social gateway as Well to make new friends. Afterwards register your bracelet with that account and all setup is quiet Well explained. So for me iTS a great experience . THE currency is pearls paying cashless , About 1,5 € a pearl 

Amazing people, helping them out taking pictures and video's if they ask. Big fun to see happy people playing along. Some needed medical assistance by issues so "red cross or first aid" is close available. Got in touch with few happy people working along THE festival usually a small non beneficial talk, just being helpfull , sharing info About Health situations and overlooking what to do About iT. U cant be lived, you have to feel and live iT by yourself. Basic comfort is also needed in this united world for 5-6 days. However building this makes iT longer and respect for those who makes this possible. Volunteers, police, security, crew, staf, dj's , ... #respect.  

Be prepared and give Some love being surrounded without hate, prejudice and take care of yourself. Protect each other as Well . Easy to get in touch but hard to keep THE connection is About to give a good impression at first. My impression of 2 days so far. Final at sunday July 26 2015. 

Still had Some festival points on my list. Wearing my brace and taking regular rest breaks. Eating Healthy and drinking lots of water. Having a good time . Mention About THE callebaut shop with great support. THE cacaobean pure and RAW , mostly adding too much sugar into iT for taste. Flavonoiden and antioxidants protects THE heart so probably because of THE magnesium with chocolat over 70% cacao.  Sugar , a real taste killer. THE RAW food taste has never been so bad. Now got your way in and have a great time searching and discovering tml 2015. 

Bert (Skype)

Ps = if anyone has complains or feel harmed, i have good intentions and your opinion might not be based upon this article or blog only. Copyrights problem , give me a sign. Nothing in this blog can be used against me. Solutions and communication stands at first to solve things

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