vrijdag 31 juli 2015

The days after tomorrowland

The world UNITED

Showing the miracles of the melodia kingdom. Realize that Tomorrowland is spreading their wings and gain new fans / visitors from all over the world. The live experience is one not to miss. Spreading live performance to other parts of the world for real. Crazy.

This one gaves me just the shivers upon my body once again and actually gives you some honest and respectable reasons to be good for yourself and others, protecting each others. Realizing that TML is coming to and end there has to be done what has to be done. Be happy in any situation you are and dance like you are able to dance and enjoy the festival for a good feeling bringing to others as well.
Many ages, cultures and people have gathered together. Really happy to see so many different people overthere.

PTD (post tomorrowland depression)

Post tomorrowland depression, i don't know it you have this feeling only after tomorrowland but i understand when it's a first experience it's really great so, get over it and rebuild a strong immune system against PTD . Be aware to be happy healthy and wealthy to enjoy full 3 days of madness or longer if you stay in dreamville. Remind the good memories and learn from the bad memories. There is no other way then making progress. Also , going to many festivals a year, gives you a little insight that you gotta love being around people. Meeting new people just making a pleasure talk about the situation on that time. Thx for meeting up and a great talk , no matter what's all about... .
But think about it in another way. I couldn't stand the smell of pee at a certain place on the side podia in front of the main stage... .

Habits during a festival

Your food and drinks as sleep might be a major part of getting sick afterwards. Really , i got into the same situation as many other TML'ers but i didn't got sick at all because my recuperation was good . Not to tire but i agree that i didn't sleep in dreamville or the camping at all. Sleep is your major restore mechanism to heal yourself again.
Others love to eat some chocolate but you can drink a tea as well with it so i recommend to rest and sleep enough if possible afterwards. Be prepared for next year.  Included a daily bunch of food which you know it makes you happy and healthy. Avoid stress being there and really prepare yourself for next year.

Sickness during the festival and after

Few people start to get the sick while on the festival because of the rain, cold and wind.  Some where sick because of drugs and i started to worry about a person who was with friends , in my opinion a bit high... . They gave him a red bull to get him back to life but i saw him sitting in a way that you think he's gonna die. SO i called myself the medical assistance to make sure his friends don't fail upon taking care of him. I did my duty to protect his health so the rest , i can't say it how it ended. Foreigners having cold and shivers along the day. It's not the fault of TML of course that it rains and u got sick.

Shoes while and after TML 

I gotta say, ready for next year for sure. However the max. weight to can take is 90 kg. so i got that but have to gain my olympic weight.


Collega's from work at TML ... Really annoying when they come standing after you and fire some embarrassing words to you on a place where love and respect is the rule in everyones opinion. Certain colleagues has the pleasure for al long time to shout to me during years which is really become a hobby for them. It's like they got permission to do that but what you give is what you get. I'm not perfect and either are you but i feel really disrepected as a human being with some hearing loss as well that they can shout whatever they want to you. It's like a cold war against your person but THE LOVE OF TML gaves me the strength to have one of the best weekends of my year so far.  Meeting some great people along on social media as well and liked to have more contact with more people for real but social media is awesome to follow up so many more people and it's competing which one is the most beneficial for you. I got the idea that being online should be rewarded while doing what you are already doing. I didn't deserve this and no-one should has this. It's a bunch of people that got certain ideas how to get rid of me but once again, the love of TML gives people also the strength and humanity to rise once again. The pleasure they have would be the double sickness they got upon themselves which i truly hope not. However i got also never mind colleagues and friendly people along the way no matter what happens. Anyone can be sighted as rediculess to be but not everyone can see further then their own thoughts for sure or opinions about your persons. I got a lot of stress and injuries upon wrong decisions so thank you and fuck yourself.


Always have fun to give a high five, give a fist or share a smile, take some time to talk and listen to others , meeting some great new people to follow on social media, getting in touch with dutch friends who drunk a little too much, photo bombed some pictures, making pics for others, watching younger people having a great time of their life and watching out for colleageus who love to bully you. :D :D :D   Catching up with some great new friend from germany as she went here after the festival especially to visit TOMORROWLAND to make some PICS. SO i shared some pics for her to have a great memory from her only about one day few hours visit i suppose. SO not about 30 min. . Dissapointed about the rude way people bullied her away back as it was closed but she's openminded and full of forgiveness, love and understanding. The way TML is spreading her messages .


Electronic music means big business

Thursday, 30 Jul 2015 | 5:00 AM ET
Tomorrowland is the largest electronic dance music festival in the world. CNBC's Phil Han reports on how DJs are pulling in massive crowds and becoming global superstars. 



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