maandag 6 juli 2015

Hot? Sunny? Warm? 1 Tip

I like my OWN stuff on the go like food/water or anything i desire like supplements/shakes

Right, its hot in your car so dont leave it stored longtime in any bag. The same with skincare products or actually anything. Its getting fluidy and ruins your bag, leaking all over the place. So i got a big tip for u showed into a few pics. 

You know tennisbags with aluminium coating for cold storage. So there are kinda backpacks with such coating as Well.

I also decide so because food and drinks widely available are not my thing besides Healthy food bars or something like exki...  So i trust upon myself whats in my bag.

Also with a few handy small inside and outside pockets.  Definitely a dimmer/festival bag or travel bag when your coolbox isnt such wearable.  Coldpacks are available in all kinds of format so i hope this works for y'all wether you are a business man or factory worker.  

Bert (Skype)

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