woensdag 1 juli 2015


How do you define happiness ?

People often plant seeds in your mind and keep on activating them. Often still using your weak points to get you out of balance whenever you have weak moments or overwhelmed by certain situations.
Jealousy often peaks when things got overwhelmed by again , certain situations.
Rumors and bullying is something others will find themselves happy for doing it upon others but once you respond they claim it can't be done talking like that to them. So the strongest part of dealing with it is to be happy inside yourself and acting upon like that. Everything has it price and will be payback someday, somehow, whenever you don't expect it. That's an universal code that is living next to you everyday and every second. So how do you define happiness for yourself ? is it being helpful for others and putting yourself on a second place... ? Believe me you won't take this for long once your energy is totally drained.

I have seen how someone in my life has done things beyond imagination protecting us for worse, trying to give us a better life. The pieces comes all togheter at once in time. Don't worry about that. Your inner voice makes what you really are and whenever that tells you there is something wrong you might start dealing with your conscious ? is it my fault or do i fail or is trying someone to bring me down ?

Imagine that there is life after death ? How would you say that it's possible that organs transplanted into other humans still gives certain feelings or memory's . Makes you think , isn't it ? Gotta deal with  the truth living in every human . Existing memories will continue to exists somehow into others people rebirth or life. Cell memory is really existing.

Serve yourself as well as you do upon others and don't do to others what you actually don't like by yourself. Don't give away your inner thoughts to anyone as they are privately and don't belong to anyone , even not your lovely wife or girlfriend or whatever. They really like you the way you are or otherwise they won't stay for long if they don't feel those good vibes just as you are. Be happy if they recognize you doing something different in habits or sayings but dealing with . When things got bad you gotta really do something about it.

Never break a diamond so they won't screw up for the rest of their lives being surrounded by certain people. U got a choice where to go and whenever to go where you want as it is your freedom. Interpretation and communication about that is a good thing to make things happen and stay clear againts each other. Usually you gotta be prepared to make the first step without any prejudices or advantages.

Emotional food

Seeking happiness to make yourself feeling better into food and drinks is the most common and easiest way to get back "Happy" for a while. Bad habits with food getting illness and sickness involved so you won't get any better after. The real happiness is found in dealing with bad food habits and avoid them to get blowed up. The victory is going to a certain sugar free proces where you have the side effects for not being so well. Make sure you are healthy to get these steps done as diabetics must be very cautious upon that.  Eating healthy gives you positive sideffects where you might think it's about feeling sick. Not at all, drinking enough water and breathing are the two most important factors to keep your body health as sunlight exposure is also important. Healthy food working synergistally togheter is the way to a happy health life surrounded by same minded people reloading your mental energy as food powers lot's of things. Social commitment involved by food and food influences your inner feelings . That's where i found the side key to realise feeling guilty after too many snacks (mars, ...) knowing that they give me a short happy sugary moment which influences certain area's in my brain to feel happy like you have been using cocaine , same side effects as scientist suppose to tell us. About saying so , foods makes you feel good or worse and you decide how good you want to feel.

Mental health

Media, television, ... the connections between people is so short that you can follow most of them online to get out the most of your time. Bad interpretation and thoughts has everyone but when someone wants you to think like they say it is you have to think. Its called manipulation and many people got bullied doing not so as they have the groups attitude. Having meetings to talk about someone where that person isn't involved so then i actually don't understand how much different opinions and interpretations about your person is going to serve you as well. You have the right for your privacy and where to talk about or not for sure. Have your opinions and thoughts but time will find out which ones are the right ones. Short time thinking gives you the disadvantages to get in low perspective to some other people.

enjoy reading and pls comment if you love to give me more technical details. thx in advance


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