vrijdag 10 juli 2015

FED UP - Official Trailer #sugar #obesity #diabetes #weight

It's all preventable ... 

Becoming de-addicted is a hell of a job but being aware of it is the first start.

Being surrounded with same minded people is a lifetime part

Being stimulated and overreacting upon eating social emotional happy food,

is because you think that's the only way to be happy or seek happiness.

Being in contact with diabetes type 1 people makes you think twice about

what they are going through as it can be lifetreatening to not take care of their

insuline / glucose level.

Being smart enough to know more then enough, share it with others and inspire them,

they will thank you no matter what that you took the bullying, misunderstanding and dishonored respect upon your person.

Enjoy it


healthcares.be (skype)

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