vrijdag 31 juli 2015

The days after tomorrowland

The world UNITED

Showing the miracles of the melodia kingdom. Realize that Tomorrowland is spreading their wings and gain new fans / visitors from all over the world. The live experience is one not to miss. Spreading live performance to other parts of the world for real. Crazy.

This one gaves me just the shivers upon my body once again and actually gives you some honest and respectable reasons to be good for yourself and others, protecting each others. Realizing that TML is coming to and end there has to be done what has to be done. Be happy in any situation you are and dance like you are able to dance and enjoy the festival for a good feeling bringing to others as well.
Many ages, cultures and people have gathered together. Really happy to see so many different people overthere.

PTD (post tomorrowland depression)

Post tomorrowland depression, i don't know it you have this feeling only after tomorrowland but i understand when it's a first experience it's really great so, get over it and rebuild a strong immune system against PTD . Be aware to be happy healthy and wealthy to enjoy full 3 days of madness or longer if you stay in dreamville. Remind the good memories and learn from the bad memories. There is no other way then making progress. Also , going to many festivals a year, gives you a little insight that you gotta love being around people. Meeting new people just making a pleasure talk about the situation on that time. Thx for meeting up and a great talk , no matter what's all about... .
But think about it in another way. I couldn't stand the smell of pee at a certain place on the side podia in front of the main stage... .

Habits during a festival

Your food and drinks as sleep might be a major part of getting sick afterwards. Really , i got into the same situation as many other TML'ers but i didn't got sick at all because my recuperation was good . Not to tire but i agree that i didn't sleep in dreamville or the camping at all. Sleep is your major restore mechanism to heal yourself again.
Others love to eat some chocolate but you can drink a tea as well with it so i recommend to rest and sleep enough if possible afterwards. Be prepared for next year.  Included a daily bunch of food which you know it makes you happy and healthy. Avoid stress being there and really prepare yourself for next year.

Sickness during the festival and after

Few people start to get the sick while on the festival because of the rain, cold and wind.  Some where sick because of drugs and i started to worry about a person who was with friends , in my opinion a bit high... . They gave him a red bull to get him back to life but i saw him sitting in a way that you think he's gonna die. SO i called myself the medical assistance to make sure his friends don't fail upon taking care of him. I did my duty to protect his health so the rest , i can't say it how it ended. Foreigners having cold and shivers along the day. It's not the fault of TML of course that it rains and u got sick.

Shoes while and after TML 

I gotta say, ready for next year for sure. However the max. weight to can take is 90 kg. so i got that but have to gain my olympic weight.


Collega's from work at TML ... Really annoying when they come standing after you and fire some embarrassing words to you on a place where love and respect is the rule in everyones opinion. Certain colleagues has the pleasure for al long time to shout to me during years which is really become a hobby for them. It's like they got permission to do that but what you give is what you get. I'm not perfect and either are you but i feel really disrepected as a human being with some hearing loss as well that they can shout whatever they want to you. It's like a cold war against your person but THE LOVE OF TML gaves me the strength to have one of the best weekends of my year so far.  Meeting some great people along on social media as well and liked to have more contact with more people for real but social media is awesome to follow up so many more people and it's competing which one is the most beneficial for you. I got the idea that being online should be rewarded while doing what you are already doing. I didn't deserve this and no-one should has this. It's a bunch of people that got certain ideas how to get rid of me but once again, the love of TML gives people also the strength and humanity to rise once again. The pleasure they have would be the double sickness they got upon themselves which i truly hope not. However i got also never mind colleagues and friendly people along the way no matter what happens. Anyone can be sighted as rediculess to be but not everyone can see further then their own thoughts for sure or opinions about your persons. I got a lot of stress and injuries upon wrong decisions so thank you and fuck yourself.


Always have fun to give a high five, give a fist or share a smile, take some time to talk and listen to others , meeting some great new people to follow on social media, getting in touch with dutch friends who drunk a little too much, photo bombed some pictures, making pics for others, watching younger people having a great time of their life and watching out for colleageus who love to bully you. :D :D :D   Catching up with some great new friend from germany as she went here after the festival especially to visit TOMORROWLAND to make some PICS. SO i shared some pics for her to have a great memory from her only about one day few hours visit i suppose. SO not about 30 min. . Dissapointed about the rude way people bullied her away back as it was closed but she's openminded and full of forgiveness, love and understanding. The way TML is spreading her messages .


Electronic music means big business

Thursday, 30 Jul 2015 | 5:00 AM ET
Tomorrowland is the largest electronic dance music festival in the world. CNBC's Phil Han reports on how DJs are pulling in massive crowds and becoming global superstars. 



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zaterdag 25 juli 2015

Tomorrowland , liveblog

How iT previously looks like and how it looks like now. see below. Maintenance of THE domain during all year long, also "de schorre" is Well known for lots of activities and events, respect for that.

What an event for all united people over THE world. Imagine u can't have a good time anymore because of political, religion, economical or war reasons. THE logo still stands ... One world united forever...

THE opera stage, always mention also people working behind THE scène keeping THE arena day & night clean.  Despite most throw their garbage on THE Floor. How was i myself at young age, no care About waste. Mom Will take care of iT , right.

THE melodia castle starts a new era to proceed with THE fairytale and again magnificent done by Tomorrowland 

First use of THE new pay system with few ways to manage your account. 
Using THE mobile app of Tomorrowland. THE intellipay gateway system works great with cashloading or card, leftover is refundable somehow ... . Registering first an account with peopleoftomorrow to have a new social gateway as Well to make new friends. Afterwards register your bracelet with that account and all setup is quiet Well explained. So for me iTS a great experience . THE currency is pearls paying cashless , About 1,5 € a pearl 

Amazing people, helping them out taking pictures and video's if they ask. Big fun to see happy people playing along. Some needed medical assistance by issues so "red cross or first aid" is close available. Got in touch with few happy people working along THE festival usually a small non beneficial talk, just being helpfull , sharing info About Health situations and overlooking what to do About iT. U cant be lived, you have to feel and live iT by yourself. Basic comfort is also needed in this united world for 5-6 days. However building this makes iT longer and respect for those who makes this possible. Volunteers, police, security, crew, staf, dj's , ... #respect.  

Be prepared and give Some love being surrounded without hate, prejudice and take care of yourself. Protect each other as Well . Easy to get in touch but hard to keep THE connection is About to give a good impression at first. My impression of 2 days so far. Final at sunday July 26 2015. 

Still had Some festival points on my list. Wearing my brace and taking regular rest breaks. Eating Healthy and drinking lots of water. Having a good time . Mention About THE callebaut shop with great support. THE cacaobean pure and RAW , mostly adding too much sugar into iT for taste. Flavonoiden and antioxidants protects THE heart so probably because of THE magnesium with chocolat over 70% cacao.  Sugar , a real taste killer. THE RAW food taste has never been so bad. Now got your way in and have a great time searching and discovering tml 2015. 

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Ps = if anyone has complains or feel harmed, i have good intentions and your opinion might not be based upon this article or blog only. Copyrights problem , give me a sign. Nothing in this blog can be used against me. Solutions and communication stands at first to solve things

maandag 20 juli 2015

Whats wrong with this picture?

What makes you doing horrible things to your body? What took me to eat all of this?

1)  Idid Some great sportsessions, not totally painless but quiet comfortable within my range despite Some lifetime moverent restrictions. So i awarded myself with Some extra calories. Balance Healthy was winning but took me thinking why i do such efforts to eat bad calories. Quiet old habits still

2) i was also thinking, i have eating Some good food so i can take Some lesser good or totally bad. Your brain got rewarded with sugar , refined for sure. So need Some extra discipline.

3) I feel strong and powerfull but my nutriënts keep me Healthy from FREZZOR , check out my blogs About iT. Feeling down knowing that i fail too much with unhealthy food as reasoned above.

4) Doing regular sports is having good eat habits as Well.  U need calories at THE right moment. Learning to feel myself and to feel what i need. Sometimes certain food makes you even more craving like Bread, wheat and corn  getting sticked to your cells. Surely Some good books open your eyes so why won't u change your habits as being conform seems to be social important so stick around same minded people who stimulated you.

5) Unhappy environments getting u into emotional disbalance so seeking comfort in emotional food is the easiest way.  look for replacements like walking or talking or drinking water or getting 5 min. Away from THE situation or just say your opinion straight away instead of eating up yourself from inside out.

6) So craving Some candy makes you silent addicted again & going trough THE sugar free periode is not a pleasure . get Some social skills to say polite NO because iT really doesnt serve your body and badly feeds your hormones getting out of balance. Just passed THE Candy shop at cinema so still one icecrime with a mini Magnum today. 

Back on track to have happy Healthy guts :) which is THE mainfactor of good Health and strong immune system😈 therefore working preventive against diseases or having a good impact. Everybody gets sick and u decide how badly you want to be because of this blog


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vrijdag 10 juli 2015

FED UP - Official Trailer #sugar #obesity #diabetes #weight

It's all preventable ... 

Becoming de-addicted is a hell of a job but being aware of it is the first start.

Being surrounded with same minded people is a lifetime part

Being stimulated and overreacting upon eating social emotional happy food,

is because you think that's the only way to be happy or seek happiness.

Being in contact with diabetes type 1 people makes you think twice about

what they are going through as it can be lifetreatening to not take care of their

insuline / glucose level.

Being smart enough to know more then enough, share it with others and inspire them,

they will thank you no matter what that you took the bullying, misunderstanding and dishonored respect upon your person.

Enjoy it


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maandag 6 juli 2015

Hot? Sunny? Warm? 1 Tip

I like my OWN stuff on the go like food/water or anything i desire like supplements/shakes

Right, its hot in your car so dont leave it stored longtime in any bag. The same with skincare products or actually anything. Its getting fluidy and ruins your bag, leaking all over the place. So i got a big tip for u showed into a few pics. 

You know tennisbags with aluminium coating for cold storage. So there are kinda backpacks with such coating as Well.

I also decide so because food and drinks widely available are not my thing besides Healthy food bars or something like exki...  So i trust upon myself whats in my bag.

Also with a few handy small inside and outside pockets.  Definitely a dimmer/festival bag or travel bag when your coolbox isnt such wearable.  Coldpacks are available in all kinds of format so i hope this works for y'all wether you are a business man or factory worker.  

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Tourdefrance day etappe 3 #anvers #belgium

THE day starts slowly around 9u30am.  Considering to be lazy all day decided to head out of bed making iT a great day @antwerpen regarding Tour de france. First mission accomplished. 

1) train 11u16 boom station #belgium Arrived on 11u47

Normally iT starts at 10 am opening THE fansite @groenplaats and following upon with THE #dtf commercial bus ceremonie along THE streets.  Needed to Breakfast a little gathering my stuff and made iT to step 1)

2) heading for startplace and announcement players 12u10 , passing by THE fansite. Making sure i got a whole day shopping gadgets and stuff as Well. There Goes my budget but i have my needed nutriënts with me , orange, Apple  and lemon water as FREZZOR shake 

3) where too look first ? 🍀👌 checked THE fansite, nothing unusual but great sportsactivities available.

4) depart

5) Some people still Ask whats happening 🇧🇪

6) Passive income folks overwhelming THE crowd,pushing each others and harrasing each other upon that. Ofcourse politicians has THE better places as Vip with all respect .

7) THE real starting is straight and direct where VIP's take place in THE follow cars etc so kinda short impact on peoples Everyday life. Possible to follow course on big screen live so good to be active present and not passive in THE couch 🇧🇪👓🍀💎

8) missed the passing on the keiserley decided to have lunch as a Vip :)🍫🍍

So thats how Tour de france looks like for me 😁 Costs for the local event 800000 euro wondering how much they Earn back from sponsoring 🇧🇪  Ending up eating shortly taking a break #teatime. And go shopping ,talking to people , helping them with my life experience .

zaterdag 4 juli 2015

Be a little selfish for sure !

Let the day starts downhere ...

Done some preparations and start doing to practice them .. It's about time to get on as many people will always find ways to bring you down , over and over again for their own profit :-)
If you feel alike then i suggest the words described into the picture

Once you see through it, u have learned some valuable lessons.
Nothing is perfect and will never be so don't fail upon yourself.

Don't take the blame on yourself.

Don't feel always guilty as they want you to be like ...

Again for their own profit so be a little selfish for your own health as well.

Enjoy your mental health , fitness health, body health and spiritual health but don't forget your food health. It all works synergistically togheter .

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woensdag 1 juli 2015


How do you define happiness ?

People often plant seeds in your mind and keep on activating them. Often still using your weak points to get you out of balance whenever you have weak moments or overwhelmed by certain situations.
Jealousy often peaks when things got overwhelmed by again , certain situations.
Rumors and bullying is something others will find themselves happy for doing it upon others but once you respond they claim it can't be done talking like that to them. So the strongest part of dealing with it is to be happy inside yourself and acting upon like that. Everything has it price and will be payback someday, somehow, whenever you don't expect it. That's an universal code that is living next to you everyday and every second. So how do you define happiness for yourself ? is it being helpful for others and putting yourself on a second place... ? Believe me you won't take this for long once your energy is totally drained.

I have seen how someone in my life has done things beyond imagination protecting us for worse, trying to give us a better life. The pieces comes all togheter at once in time. Don't worry about that. Your inner voice makes what you really are and whenever that tells you there is something wrong you might start dealing with your conscious ? is it my fault or do i fail or is trying someone to bring me down ?

Imagine that there is life after death ? How would you say that it's possible that organs transplanted into other humans still gives certain feelings or memory's . Makes you think , isn't it ? Gotta deal with  the truth living in every human . Existing memories will continue to exists somehow into others people rebirth or life. Cell memory is really existing.

Serve yourself as well as you do upon others and don't do to others what you actually don't like by yourself. Don't give away your inner thoughts to anyone as they are privately and don't belong to anyone , even not your lovely wife or girlfriend or whatever. They really like you the way you are or otherwise they won't stay for long if they don't feel those good vibes just as you are. Be happy if they recognize you doing something different in habits or sayings but dealing with . When things got bad you gotta really do something about it.

Never break a diamond so they won't screw up for the rest of their lives being surrounded by certain people. U got a choice where to go and whenever to go where you want as it is your freedom. Interpretation and communication about that is a good thing to make things happen and stay clear againts each other. Usually you gotta be prepared to make the first step without any prejudices or advantages.

Emotional food

Seeking happiness to make yourself feeling better into food and drinks is the most common and easiest way to get back "Happy" for a while. Bad habits with food getting illness and sickness involved so you won't get any better after. The real happiness is found in dealing with bad food habits and avoid them to get blowed up. The victory is going to a certain sugar free proces where you have the side effects for not being so well. Make sure you are healthy to get these steps done as diabetics must be very cautious upon that.  Eating healthy gives you positive sideffects where you might think it's about feeling sick. Not at all, drinking enough water and breathing are the two most important factors to keep your body health as sunlight exposure is also important. Healthy food working synergistally togheter is the way to a happy health life surrounded by same minded people reloading your mental energy as food powers lot's of things. Social commitment involved by food and food influences your inner feelings . That's where i found the side key to realise feeling guilty after too many snacks (mars, ...) knowing that they give me a short happy sugary moment which influences certain area's in my brain to feel happy like you have been using cocaine , same side effects as scientist suppose to tell us. About saying so , foods makes you feel good or worse and you decide how good you want to feel.

Mental health

Media, television, ... the connections between people is so short that you can follow most of them online to get out the most of your time. Bad interpretation and thoughts has everyone but when someone wants you to think like they say it is you have to think. Its called manipulation and many people got bullied doing not so as they have the groups attitude. Having meetings to talk about someone where that person isn't involved so then i actually don't understand how much different opinions and interpretations about your person is going to serve you as well. You have the right for your privacy and where to talk about or not for sure. Have your opinions and thoughts but time will find out which ones are the right ones. Short time thinking gives you the disadvantages to get in low perspective to some other people.

enjoy reading and pls comment if you love to give me more technical details. thx in advance


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