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Why grass-fed meat?

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Grass Lined meat quality meat: super healthy and wonderful rich flavor. Something that anyone who will fix all tasted! Of the world's best burgers to the unmatchable fillet - all our meat products are tested by our satisfied customers and found amazing.
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The meat that we offer comes from grass-fed cattle. These cattle are year-round on pasture and eat grass just so; they receive no antibiotics or concentrates. This provides a healthier animal that can be ready for slaughter in a natural way. And if it takes a little longer than most cows, the result is a happy animal with the best nutritional value and great taste. Thanks to this approach, the meat is after all not full of water, which is immediately apparent during the baking pan. What goes in there comes out again!
Grass Lined meat is much richer in omega-3 fatty acids than any other (meat) product on the market. Important because these fatty acids promote the growth and development of our brains, promote the mental balance, strengthen the immune system and contribute to the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. In short, those rich in omega-3 food, fully supports his body and mind. And it works with this grass-fed meat perfectly.

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The only thing is that the meat is so fresh and wild, it's only available in belgium locally. U can't also keep or store it as long you need because of the organic and natural approach. U have to eat it almost within a week or sooner to make sure to have the finest taste and appetite. Don't get stressed out.

There are also other ways to get good and unique omega 3 's into your body and i can only show you to read on the following link where you can actually also start to become the CEO of your own health . GReenlipped mussel oil from newzealand , unique and contains 18 omega3 know and unknown EFA.

So i'm having to decided to get some fresh bacon on the fire again soon ... got to go and hope you love to read about it if you weren't aware what our cows and animals are getting for food.

Enjoy your health and the benefits, no matter how many times you fail and stand up again to try over and over again to be the best you ever can be, also when you are at your worst.


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