zaterdag 6 juni 2015

What happens because of insuline ? #GI

Its a hormone that has so much more impact then u realise. When you eat carbs, you can have all the above issues. The pic is dutch so i hope u got it translated or something . Stress, moodissues, fat, energy, ... So you might not be sick but feel sick. Thats a big difference to understand. Feeling tired can solved with rest but mental tired is often related to food as Well.

Having good habits and not THE conventional way of thinking as everyone is Unique, Will make a big difference for yourself and people among you. So love to learn and be up to date. 

Avoid high impact glycemie index food which raises your bloodsugar so fast. Imagine iT happens a lot and diabetici can tell you more About iT. 

Hope enjoy this common sense knowledge but repeat and share iT.  ITS really that simple to feel great and happy.

I started over and over again to know finaly that iT is THE only way to make things happen.✌️

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