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What are antioxidants and where to find them ?

The antioxidants infographic is great and explains for another reason why i got good use FREZZOR products from Newzealand.

The only truly lifestyle changer if you like to get started by yourself, being your own CEO of your health. I don't give any advice like a doctor as i have questioned myself certain things to my doctor and investigated all over the internet what's different about it. Listening to the right people, being able to do this and pleased to meet inspiring people.

Frezzor provides all what benefits your health. Think about being sick and you don't change anything. Only taking medicine and or have some days off. Next time you will get sick again, because actually nothing changed for real . Didn't change environment issues or people smoking around you or eating always the same stuff, etc etc... SO habits are having a great impact on your health. Food habits for sure because whenever we step out the door , we got almost around every corner invited to eat and drink something being social humans as we are. When i come out, it's rather for being active etc... . Now educated by social media is having another reason to be social online active being connected worldwide with many humans, selling either their knowledge with or without benefits to improve peoples live. Going to seminaries or webinars ... . Educated by the wrong media like tv-commercials, coming back every 5 min. for example brainwashing us for sure.

Reading a book about supplements for healthy people because we ought to live long and healthy. Even when you got trough a lot , you can achieve back optimum health, no matter what . Being realistic with long-lasting injuries or not. It's about the quality of your life having the best and optimum health ever.

Here's it what it takes for me to have a lifestyle changer =

What's so great about it ? 100% natural organic-quality from the pure pristine environment of New Zealand packed with the purest, cleanest, nutrient-rich, full-spectrum nutrition. Each shake contains protein, fiber, antioxidants, herbs, botanicals, greens, adaptogens, phytonutrients, fruits, vegetables, and superfoods that your body needs on a daily basis.
Scientifically formulated to meet your specific needs. Which FREZZOR shake is for you?
And you have it right there in your canister with costs you can compare yourself at efforts in time, buying goods and doing a lot cleaning, Stress sometimes to shop, traffic, ... 

What about the FREZZOR antioxidant ?

FREZZOR Antioxidant Black
100% natural algae-sourced astaxanthin, enriched with organic plant-based oils
and botanical extracts. FREZZOR Antioxidant neutralizes free-radicals, supports
anti-aging, protects cells, aids healthy cell development, and reduces oxidativestress.
It is 6000x stronger than Vitamin C, 800x stronger than Co-Q10, and 550x
stronger than green tea.

FREZZOR is a supplement that supports the following:  

 Join the health revolution
Heart: CHD, Cardiac Fibrosis,
Hypertension, Ischemia,
Myocardial Infarction

Skin: Skin Aging, Sunburn,
Psoriasis, Dermatitis,

Kidney: Chronic
Kidney Disease,
Renal Graft, Nephritis

Joints: Rheumatoid,
Osteo-Arthritis, Psoriasis

Lung: Asthma, COPD,
Allergies, ARDS, Cancer

Brain: Alzheimer, Parkinson,
OCD, ADHD, Autism, Migraine,
Stroke, Trauma, Cancer

Eyes: Macular
Degeneration, Retinal
Degeneration, Cataracts

Multi Organ:
Diabetes, Aging,
Chronic Fatigue

Blood Vessels:

Immune System:
Chronic Inflammation,
Auto-Immune Disorders,

Lupus, IBD, MS, Cancer

(source = www.FREZZOR.com) (Changes in time are made upon being updating the products on scientifically base and revolution) 
It's not intended to diagnose or cure any disease and a doctor should always be consulted to improve and taking care of your health. Can be used with medicine and have no interaction.

Add me free and keep on inspiring me.

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