dinsdag 9 juni 2015

To juice or not to juice?

Don't forget to put a plastic bag in your juicer to avoid a lot of cleaning.

Ingredients = Spinach, mango, orange, lemon, cucumber, peer, tomato, banana, frezzor superfood and clean water.

Alright this was my first simple fotoblog and in case you couldn't follow what i'm doing up here , i will explain shortly. Yes it is my homemade juice mixed with FREZZOR Superfood. What an efforts to cut and clean THE green veggies as fruits. Just thinking About mixing my FREZZOR superfood with organic juice and clean water to have also a delicious green juice. Within 2 min ready. Is iT really so hard and good? Yes. Healthcares.be redirected ‪#‎juice‬ ‪#‎smoothie‬‪#‎veggies‬ Bert Verbraeken Healthcares.be

I just want to mention about the shakes available on the market that are really affordable and gives you so much more time available to enjoy a meal replacement. I always recommend to eat some fruit along the road. This quality has high bioavailable organic all natural nutrients from newzealand and certified by this clean pure environment controlled by the government 24/24 hours. It's the natural geographical location that makes it unique. The algae and UV are unique down there and gives a high level of antioxidant protection as well as food for the greenlipped mussels.  
It's just a real Whey protein shake , scientifically build to have a clean all natural body in time. Our body is unique and has a great. Check what's the first ingredient you can read on your label. That's what it contains most as labels have legal complaints to have this . First ingredient should be always what's most in it. 

Conclusion = If you have plenty time and love to enjoy a juice from time to time but walking out of time doing this a lot, i decided to change my habits and integrate these healthy shakes into my life. I choose for this because i love the background, the story and mission. 
Here is where i found it, www.teamfrezzor.com/healthcares and i'm proud to be engaged with FREZZOR.

Enjoy your health and have a great time further. Thx for reading and any comments are welcome to learn and discuss about. 

ps = Start your own health business and become the CEO of your health as well. Check it out.

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