zondag 14 juni 2015

Network marketing IV

Why and what is your reason ?

Today i realized that everybody is involved with network marketing. Think about families who protect their legacy and wisdom. They are a network on themselves and only allow people to get in touch who have good meanings . It's quiet great that people start talking behind your back and where that is heading is not your fault or you are not the cause. It's about a marketing plan against your personality to dehumanize you and become what they say about you. It's horrible to understand that if you don't match in their team they won't let you in. Somehow, someday ...
Friends gathering together and share their opinions and ideas. U always find some touch with others and if you are able to give some of your time and efforts to help them out by a small talk where it's in the end all about, go for it. Many prejudices and insights from other people who don't realize what is

So it's all about having the experiences to meet people and learn from them. Whenever money is involved, people will always try to convince you and spread the word of winning the big lottery.
In the end you will get what you deserve and i hope it is a lot of money.
People will seek always contact whether it's online or offline. U only do it and find some because same minded interest and good feelings among other people for sure.

If i didn't start meeting new people i should never been able to start taking action, no matter how small that is and realizing what my minor points are or at least dealing with them as others might have always better strengths and so on.
Being openminded and sharing stuff about yourself can be more harmful . It's also about getting respect for sharing something about yourself but most love to make a fool out of it and make themselves happy about that.

My main reason was to start doing something i never did before with good and bad experiences .
Was it for the money or something that is awakening inside myself as things needs to change for good. Longterm health and lifestyle changes are the real reasons to improve yourself to show others that you love what you are doing. Let them hate you or whatever, forgive them for being not themselves and jealousy is an ancient something that will happens anywhere anytime.

MY improvements might sound for others easy but for me it's improvement , not as human but as many people see improvement like this =

I never should make a first flight to another country if i didn't do this
I never should got my driver license to be able to drive myself around
I never should lost money for bad investment rather had the experience so others
will realize what they are doing upon others
I never should learn great things to improve myself in health and areas i care about
I never should learn the real ethics of doing network marketing like everybody is doing without
realising that they ought to be social humans beings no matter what
I never should learn how to be social online active for getting some rewards to be able to save money from online purchases or services
I never should learn about people having prejudices along the road before you even start talking to others.
I never realized that i got stalked to bring me down so i'm quiet happy about that, having a feeling like being a superstar to have stalkers.
I never realized that there are so many ways to improve your lifestyle .

I already know that people know you before you even talk to them because others talked about you and how they see you. I'm sorry i don't match with your opinions about me but i'm not going to be what you like me to be.
I still respect my own style and bring good ideas along the road to get things done for others.

i'm just happy the way it is and i'm not fine the way it can be so i'm working on that. Being happy on this moment is all it takes to make another step forward.
Don't complain or find excuses they say always but be able to make a checklist on everything you wanna do and start  doing it in mind , body and deeds in a good way.

At the end , you always get what you deserve and my experiences are unique for me so you are the only one on the world with your unique DNA to do something unique with it along the way.

conclusion =
Start educating yourself and be responsible to become your own parent from now on.

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