maandag 22 juni 2015

Just a day off !!!

When it comes to an end and you see that it's not all about being perfect but changing things for the better and the worse, so you understand why and where it does go wrong.

Ever realized why people got so bully upon you for no reason or just start shouting ... is there some kind of virus uploaded agains your personality or something ? Do they not like you somehow or is it just the food they are starting to eat and become so strange or outrageous. Anyway I love to watch and enjoy being around people and watch upon their interactions along the road.  So i'm thinking how people watch upon me and how they see me.

 It's rare that so many interpretations are made upon you while you thing something very different. It's like i don't need to know it or i don't spend my time anymore to explain things the way i see it but sometimes i learn from it so i change my point of view. The weekend was one to remind and i got some questions answered.
Lessons I want to share with you = 
- Economical point of view is that you need to be out of homeostasis so you might get yourself an emotional eating disorder and you start buying things you don't need actually ... . 

- Education can leave longterm trails in your mind as old habits keep strong in your unconscious.
so educate yourself and get a grip on your life and mind as you have the right to think for your own health and meaning to live for.

- Never stay to long surrounded by people who draines your energy out, so keep it short and affordable without being unpolite.

- Give and take but don't blame yourself for others people emotions as everyone has it's own character and way of thinking. Instead of bullying and making people feel uncomfortable it's up to them to react correctly and communicate at first. 

- Have contact in anyway and do what you love , keep on doing it and stay on it as it makes you feel better and richer in mind body and soul. Learn and educate yourself again. 

- to be continued as i'm not gonna share all my secrets of life ;-)

SO the weekend is off and I have done some great events while being quiet silent. No need to see what's going on and talk about that. Had a short time with family , the few left and it's always something about money . My sisters are not to underestimated but i wanna be there for them if possible. Love to sports and i was a bit scared as my chest took my some pain nearby the heart. SO a doctors visit was enough to explain things and move on further. Just the way it goes and side effects from the many injuries i got involved. The advice is to keep on moving for sure. As sporter i can fully  embrace that. Some business contacts has been made and spreading the good word about certain stuff being online for sure and love to go on more offline where the real contacts are involved. Despite longterm thinking is the best way to connect. I had my deals with the wrong people who have no principles just making money out of you for the bad intentions.

Disappointed in some people who are supposed to give the good example and made some conclusions for those who have to beware now as god will face them with it. Nothing ever will happens without getting payback time somehow and that's just mother nature rules.


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