zaterdag 13 juni 2015

How to stop screwing yourself over | Mel Robbins | TEDxSF

Stop saying you're fine, it's not ! Change your thoughts by watching this great presentation like you are being your unique self. you are worthed more then you realize, others bringing upon you.

I use to say a lot of yes and no , times and someone always had a grudge on it ... because for me it was the truth. I recognize myself into this great  inspirational widely available video.

thank you for being able to get our ass off from the computer and get some real contact time offline.

My mom always told me that i'm unique on this world and she's right. I'm proud to be me . often i got bullied about being me because it's so true to be yourself that awesome person. U aint got to be what others say about you. Misunderstanding , wrong medical test, emphatic
understanding, time ... . It's all about having the unique experiences to move on and get into the next chapter of your life for real . 

SO use the 5 second rule and you get really more reactions and actions upon what you do and are. If people don't like you and show it they must be a little jealous for you being YOURSELF !!! Stand out and be YOURSELF. Always depersonalizing and analyzing people for the profit of others so if you have a payed job it doesn't means to let yourself bring down and be dehumanized treated. 

Such a great message from this great women being her unique self. There is actually no such nothing you can take action for. I learned myself to take action and be a parent for myself as i can't control others thoughts but i can act upon that and treat myself respectful. I used to play a lot of soccer and always gave the best of myself to make a difference and be a part of the team. I used to be strong and healthy but injuries came into my life . Some got me for a long time hidden but after years, you actually start to understand why you have been so foolish to put yourself to the limit. I remember that i didn't want to go playing soccer because i got a date with my chat girlfriend. I got so overwhelmed by my playmates that i decided to make the deal that i went for the game and the date so they brought me in extremis to the railway station to meet here. I was there but spoiled with an injury i didn't felt comfortable , from the game.. . SO i screwed up myself too much for the benefit of the bigger cause for the team and after all i got nothing in return then probably being an alcoholic. So called third half of the game. I was foolish to suffer myself to belong to the team.
After years i decided to feed myself more healthier for sure as it is the basics for a healthier body and mind. #guts
So activate yourself and recognize the message you got from this inspirational tedX presentation.

It's always good or bad , you choose within 5 seconds which solution you want about it.

Bert (what i think you should also see and learn about)

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