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Earing disorders , not so unusual as it seems

The day you realize that parents are protecting you from the environment and you can't see any harm in that, is the day you wake up at 40 years old. You weren't really aware of the dangers being earing disabled actually. However you just lived the normal way and along the many health test at work, school etc, makes you think there is more going on then u ought to know. Trying to be no luggage for others is not the questions anymore. Everybody has his place on earth so dealing with it and accepting each others minor points is something from everyday. Despite some people are feeling a bit superior above.
The main question is should you be aware of it or not at young age or don't you have the tools to get support ? SO being unaware of have such an eating disorder is quiet a massive impact to deal with.
Quietly no so understand and accepted is that smoking causes also a lot of ear sickness , middle ear for example , something you can't really see. Despite having ear problems because of that doesn't makes you deaf. Temporarily you have lesser hear capability of course and you should protect your ears but if people tell you about not being so , you actually have to listen upon a childs signals for sure!
Look at this kid, if an adult act like this he would probably be bullied but if a kid shows this , we do understand. So communication is quiet important about that. 

A old friend from the place i grew up is a teacher and had some major difficulties to deal with.
The finally verdict was, otosclerosis, calcification of the ossicles. Some people can get an operation to deal with it but in his case, no more benefit was detected after surgery.
So he had no hearing disorders or wasn't aware from it as many people aren't. As long you don't need to know it , you havent but working out things preventive should be also great. Genetics are what they are. The situation he has been into along his hearing loss was not a pleasure and caused a lot of stress. His son got brain cancer and survived it. Himself and family went through a lot while making things happen for the best of his son. Stress caused an acceleration of his genetics for the worse ... .
So he took his responsibility and had already conquered some bridges because he's also diabetics. As a teacher he needs to hear pretty well and went to an ear specialist for having the best options available. He's an example for doing this in such a short time to deal with it. Yet unknow and not so well adapted. Society doesn't embrace ear disability and looks like it's a bit of the plaque ... . It's of course on of the major sense to communicate . Environments , public places , being bullied and people shouting upon like that, ...

Many names have been giving to hearing disorders but one thing you can do is to avoid stress, be in good condition, good shape and have yourself a wonderfull time. Sleep well, get some good rest and don't stay too long with the wrong people surrounded. Ofcourse you have to eat well and don't be perfect for sure, it's necessary from time to time to make some sins.

His students understand it and show some compassion because this man story is one of a kind and he shares it for the better cause. Available into a magazine as well , dutch.
Sometimes he doesn't hear what they say behind his back and that's not so funny sometimes but alright, he's doing great now with his tools for better aid at hearing. After all , give and take and being aware of the situation makes it a bit funnier . So each others personality is all about dealing with it.

In my case , i'm aware that people walk behind my back and try to provoke me for many years / months and so on..., saying things like "crazy", "gay", "lazy"or making some moves behind my back . This caused me a lot of social stress and issues that came along with it. Despite all, I know it's my way to live along and everyone got what he, she, deserves .... .

How about food ? That's right, u can't deny it , it's a vital tool to have minor inflammation into your body for sure. I'm failing sometimes but i can conquer my minor eating times with my good fellow supplements or diet habits. A meal replacement or instead of drinking soda .. you might wanna save yourself time and health by using and reading at first about inflammation downhere. because i rather share it so you can read and learn it. It's a library to have this saved as your favorite websites with lot's of knowledge. Especially the omega 3 black fro the greenlipped mussel oil is a great natural anti-inflammatory for sure . Many studies have been showing good benefits and better benefits then nsaids. Some people got allergic to it and others don't. so Others need to stick to mothers nature receipts where it's all about with FREZZOR. It's great!

So social media and tools like that are actually a pleasure for people with hearing disorders .
Get around same minded people to have a great time and gather togheter. Enjoy music with some ear protection which is widely available and u can have such a wonderfull live no matter what.

I can't talk or blog about one thing because it's all involved toghter as one for real.
As mentioned by noel turner, it's about having nutritional health, spiritual health, physical health and ... .


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