donderdag 25 juni 2015

Creating costumers or cures ?

Once you have taken all possible medicines and still got the flu, cold, fever , ... u might think suddenly its just the way it is. U gotta deal with it and stay strong. How strong depends on you realizing that healthy powerfull organic all natural ingredients are also the basics to make medicines out of ... ? Now they are just synthesized to prohibited such some kind of enzym but everything works synergistically together. Sometimes it's good to put it on for a week but longer can be harmful... .

What healthy food can you take longer then a weak which gives you similar effects .
Yes, long term effects.
Imagine the same with eating yourself slowly dead by so called , doesn't harm food. I fail upon myself sometimes but dealing with it is quiet a good thing to realize and working on it to reduce it every day more and more.
Western medicines can be a true lifesaver as chinese medicine has been out there for Thousands of years ... They approach the total concept and not only one enzym or asset in your body. Usually i prefer to consult a doctor and despite the prescription for my allergies and so, i prefer my greenlipped mussel oil capsules from newzealand which has high anti-inflammatory agents and healthy total benefits for your body.

Look at the story's about vaccins and what is your body affected with... people die from those injections and more then . Strange intruders among the road. Now let me tell you i got a football friend working in a pharmacy shop to sell medicines etc. I showed him once a brochure about the omega 3 from greenlipped mussel oils and he was quiet a bit surprised and called it concurrention. Never mind that it's just something natures provides us to deal with our health and make it works preventive.  U can also start telling about negative side effects and positive side effects but so far i only imagine that industrial high school and university sponsoring is quiet something to think about. Advantages and sponsoring makes people prejudice before taking the real cures to the basics. Not fighting the symptoms but working on basic level. That's where it all starts to make a difference. It's not only food . It's all in one about food, spirit, fitness and mind.

The first relation to stand out is being yourself with alone and after that you can be yourself and respect yourself having a relation with someone else. SO i really mean, have a good relation with yourself and fight your way out of it to stay yourself.
Many environmental and jealousy aspects distracts you for serving to better of someone else and forgetting about yourself. Now it's time to take yourself back on track for the best of you. SO others can enjoy the best out of you.

Bert (my points of view are the same as the redirected site)

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