vrijdag 26 juni 2015

Green tea = Did you know about ... ?

Did you realize the benefits .. "wait , just making another green tea ahead ..." of drinking green tea ?

So did you know about green tea =

  • Fights cancer
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Prevents cavities
  • Protects against heart disease
  • Speeds metabolism
  • Prevents diabetes
  • Anitviral Agent
  • Maintains a healthy circulatory system
  • Strengthens tooth enamel
  • Reduces plaque and bacteria in your mouth
  • Prevents dementia
  • Full of antioxidants
  • Prevents food poisoning
  • Gives healthy skin
  • Prevents bad breath
  • Detoxifies

Did you know ...

  • contains B vitamins
  • folate (naturally occuring folic acid)
  • manganese
  • potassium
  • magnesium
  • caffeine
  • catechins (and other antioxidants)

Supports against or is allegated ...

  • Boost weight loss
  • Reduce cholesterol
  • Combat cardiovascular disease
  • Prevent cancer 
  • Alzheimer's disease

The social acceptance of drinking tea is well know in london or the UK as it's their so called 4 pm hour break. And yes it's socially fun and relaxing to do so. Many advantages has been written down and all are worth investigating as it's healthier to drink tea then soda's. Quiet a bit about the different types of green tea's that should works against many diseases and depending on the blend , it's specifically for certain health problems. The teabag contains different types of quality. So you pay what you get is actually still the true . First time extraction gives the highest richest blend or should i say the first step in the extraction process, starting from the leaves. So the leftovers are the cheapest tea's available containing sugar add ons etc to make use taste it like it's good !

Now google upon it and here's something i found yet so there is a true in all these above statements to use regularly green tea in your daily habits . 

donderdag 25 juni 2015

Creating costumers or cures ?

Once you have taken all possible medicines and still got the flu, cold, fever , ... u might think suddenly its just the way it is. U gotta deal with it and stay strong. How strong depends on you realizing that healthy powerfull organic all natural ingredients are also the basics to make medicines out of ... ? Now they are just synthesized to prohibited such some kind of enzym but everything works synergistically together. Sometimes it's good to put it on for a week but longer can be harmful... .

What healthy food can you take longer then a weak which gives you similar effects .
Yes, long term effects.
Imagine the same with eating yourself slowly dead by so called , doesn't harm food. I fail upon myself sometimes but dealing with it is quiet a good thing to realize and working on it to reduce it every day more and more.
Western medicines can be a true lifesaver as chinese medicine has been out there for Thousands of years ... They approach the total concept and not only one enzym or asset in your body. Usually i prefer to consult a doctor and despite the prescription for my allergies and so, i prefer my greenlipped mussel oil capsules from newzealand which has high anti-inflammatory agents and healthy total benefits for your body.

Look at the story's about vaccins and what is your body affected with... people die from those injections and more then . Strange intruders among the road. Now let me tell you i got a football friend working in a pharmacy shop to sell medicines etc. I showed him once a brochure about the omega 3 from greenlipped mussel oils and he was quiet a bit surprised and called it concurrention. Never mind that it's just something natures provides us to deal with our health and make it works preventive.  U can also start telling about negative side effects and positive side effects but so far i only imagine that industrial high school and university sponsoring is quiet something to think about. Advantages and sponsoring makes people prejudice before taking the real cures to the basics. Not fighting the symptoms but working on basic level. That's where it all starts to make a difference. It's not only food . It's all in one about food, spirit, fitness and mind.

The first relation to stand out is being yourself with alone and after that you can be yourself and respect yourself having a relation with someone else. SO i really mean, have a good relation with yourself and fight your way out of it to stay yourself.
Many environmental and jealousy aspects distracts you for serving to better of someone else and forgetting about yourself. Now it's time to take yourself back on track for the best of you. SO others can enjoy the best out of you.


www.healthcares.be (my points of view are the same as the redirected site)

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Like my social media if you support my thinking and i have still so much to learn and to stand out for. Inspire me back and i guaranteed you that i will be so gratefull for that.
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woensdag 24 juni 2015

Strawberries = Did you know that ... ?

Did you know that ....

  • 8 strawberries gives you more vitamine C then one orange ?
  • a strawberrie has about 200 seeds average and also the only fruit is with seeds on the outside ?
  • strawberries are rich in antioxidants, vitamines A & B, potassium, iron and calcium? They contain moreover a lot of fibers.
  • strawberries contain a very low amount of calories: 25 Kcal / 100 gram? They give quickly a satisfied feeling which makes you lesser craving between meals along.
  • strawberries contains acids which makes your tooths whiten more naturally ?

dinsdag 23 juni 2015

What Simple supplements can do For your health ?

What a header, right ? Found it along reading about arthritis, etc ... . So things that everyone knows and basically not involved with medicine to medicine interaction or counteraction. You love to eat fish or selfish and you feel that's the right thing to do when you have that eating habit for real. Despite all the fishing and pollution all around fishing grounds, it's disturbing you can't eat anything at all that isn't clean anymore. Nothing is ever 100 % however i find out that supplements can be a good change to make a difference.

After one of my surgery's i was looking for a solution as my left knee didn't work out like it used to be. So things had to change because surgery wasn't the solution anymore. I found it simply by reading about the omega 3 greenlipped mussel oil. Ofcourse i was bit skeptical and i took my chance for granted with the 90 days money back guaranteed. I kept on reading and studying with a logical sense of self observation. Drinking enough water to flush the toxins and all health believers know how it works and what's about Food impacts on your health. I believe the intake of the omega 3 greenlippedm mussel oil has been from profoundly impact on my general health as mechanical issues don't go away but the main factor is to reduce the level of inflammation into your body.
Our body cells contains electrons / protons and neutrons which can be damaged by free radicals and avoiding them to do their job if we don't feed them the right bio-available nutrients. Basically eating refined food is actually like dead food and contains only ballast for our body and immume system. Sugars craves our vitamines and minerals aways as environmental issues has to overcome as well.
So old habits needed to change and still working on that as economical environment isn't really a great place to know things you don't ought to know actually but it's free to look for yourself on the internet. I Say GOOGLE YOURSELF HEALTHY and talk to your doctor or whoever is certified to assist you in this matter.

What about the omega 3 Black from FREZZOR's greenlipped mussel oil, right out of newzealand, pure raw and organic . Capsuled into a small tiny pill compared with such big fish oil ones. ? The ingredients are revolutionary and based upon science and knowledge.

A pic says more then a thousand words in these times i say . This is from the official minifolder of FREZZOR. SO i choose for the rest of my life this one and you choose yours. No matter if you find this a promotional article, everything is related to it. And your health is these days more and more your own concerns.  A mind shift is heading to overcome obesity and doing excercise instead of pumping up yourself with medicines which could be preventive used for only max. 2 weeks. The supplements you can choose for are about available for a lifetime to use. With longterm benefits and same results ahead because medicines are made out of mother natures receipts. DO not hesitate to consult a doctor if life treated issues appears for sure !!!


Independent FREZZOR Ambassador

maandag 22 juni 2015

Just a day off !!!

When it comes to an end and you see that it's not all about being perfect but changing things for the better and the worse, so you understand why and where it does go wrong.

Ever realized why people got so bully upon you for no reason or just start shouting ... is there some kind of virus uploaded agains your personality or something ? Do they not like you somehow or is it just the food they are starting to eat and become so strange or outrageous. Anyway I love to watch and enjoy being around people and watch upon their interactions along the road.  So i'm thinking how people watch upon me and how they see me.

 It's rare that so many interpretations are made upon you while you thing something very different. It's like i don't need to know it or i don't spend my time anymore to explain things the way i see it but sometimes i learn from it so i change my point of view. The weekend was one to remind and i got some questions answered.
Lessons I want to share with you = 
- Economical point of view is that you need to be out of homeostasis so you might get yourself an emotional eating disorder and you start buying things you don't need actually ... . 

- Education can leave longterm trails in your mind as old habits keep strong in your unconscious.
so educate yourself and get a grip on your life and mind as you have the right to think for your own health and meaning to live for.

- Never stay to long surrounded by people who draines your energy out, so keep it short and affordable without being unpolite.

- Give and take but don't blame yourself for others people emotions as everyone has it's own character and way of thinking. Instead of bullying and making people feel uncomfortable it's up to them to react correctly and communicate at first. 

- Have contact in anyway and do what you love , keep on doing it and stay on it as it makes you feel better and richer in mind body and soul. Learn and educate yourself again. 

- to be continued as i'm not gonna share all my secrets of life ;-)

SO the weekend is off and I have done some great events while being quiet silent. No need to see what's going on and talk about that. Had a short time with family , the few left and it's always something about money . My sisters are not to underestimated but i wanna be there for them if possible. Love to sports and i was a bit scared as my chest took my some pain nearby the heart. SO a doctors visit was enough to explain things and move on further. Just the way it goes and side effects from the many injuries i got involved. The advice is to keep on moving for sure. As sporter i can fully  embrace that. Some business contacts has been made and spreading the good word about certain stuff being online for sure and love to go on more offline where the real contacts are involved. Despite longterm thinking is the best way to connect. I had my deals with the wrong people who have no principles just making money out of you for the bad intentions.

Disappointed in some people who are supposed to give the good example and made some conclusions for those who have to beware now as god will face them with it. Nothing ever will happens without getting payback time somehow and that's just mother nature rules.


zaterdag 20 juni 2015

Earing disorders , not so unusual as it seems

The day you realize that parents are protecting you from the environment and you can't see any harm in that, is the day you wake up at 40 years old. You weren't really aware of the dangers being earing disabled actually. However you just lived the normal way and along the many health test at work, school etc, makes you think there is more going on then u ought to know. Trying to be no luggage for others is not the questions anymore. Everybody has his place on earth so dealing with it and accepting each others minor points is something from everyday. Despite some people are feeling a bit superior above.
The main question is should you be aware of it or not at young age or don't you have the tools to get support ? SO being unaware of have such an eating disorder is quiet a massive impact to deal with.
Quietly no so understand and accepted is that smoking causes also a lot of ear sickness , middle ear for example , something you can't really see. Despite having ear problems because of that doesn't makes you deaf. Temporarily you have lesser hear capability of course and you should protect your ears but if people tell you about not being so , you actually have to listen upon a childs signals for sure!
Look at this kid, if an adult act like this he would probably be bullied but if a kid shows this , we do understand. So communication is quiet important about that. 

A old friend from the place i grew up is a teacher and had some major difficulties to deal with.
The finally verdict was, otosclerosis, calcification of the ossicles. Some people can get an operation to deal with it but in his case, no more benefit was detected after surgery.
So he had no hearing disorders or wasn't aware from it as many people aren't. As long you don't need to know it , you havent but working out things preventive should be also great. Genetics are what they are. The situation he has been into along his hearing loss was not a pleasure and caused a lot of stress. His son got brain cancer and survived it. Himself and family went through a lot while making things happen for the best of his son. Stress caused an acceleration of his genetics for the worse ... .
So he took his responsibility and had already conquered some bridges because he's also diabetics. As a teacher he needs to hear pretty well and went to an ear specialist for having the best options available. He's an example for doing this in such a short time to deal with it. Yet unknow and not so well adapted. Society doesn't embrace ear disability and looks like it's a bit of the plaque ... . It's of course on of the major sense to communicate . Environments , public places , being bullied and people shouting upon like that, ...

Many names have been giving to hearing disorders but one thing you can do is to avoid stress, be in good condition, good shape and have yourself a wonderfull time. Sleep well, get some good rest and don't stay too long with the wrong people surrounded. Ofcourse you have to eat well and don't be perfect for sure, it's necessary from time to time to make some sins.

His students understand it and show some compassion because this man story is one of a kind and he shares it for the better cause. Available into a magazine as well , dutch.
Sometimes he doesn't hear what they say behind his back and that's not so funny sometimes but alright, he's doing great now with his tools for better aid at hearing. After all , give and take and being aware of the situation makes it a bit funnier . So each others personality is all about dealing with it.

In my case , i'm aware that people walk behind my back and try to provoke me for many years / months and so on..., saying things like "crazy", "gay", "lazy"or making some moves behind my back . This caused me a lot of social stress and issues that came along with it. Despite all, I know it's my way to live along and everyone got what he, she, deserves .... .

How about food ? That's right, u can't deny it , it's a vital tool to have minor inflammation into your body for sure. I'm failing sometimes but i can conquer my minor eating times with my good fellow supplements or diet habits. A meal replacement or instead of drinking soda .. you might wanna save yourself time and health by using and reading at first about inflammation downhere.
www.teamfrezzor.com/healthcares because i rather share it so you can read and learn it. It's a library to have this saved as your favorite websites with lot's of knowledge. Especially the omega 3 black fro the greenlipped mussel oil is a great natural anti-inflammatory for sure . Many studies have been showing good benefits and better benefits then nsaids. Some people got allergic to it and others don't. so Others need to stick to mothers nature receipts where it's all about with FREZZOR. It's great!

So social media and tools like that are actually a pleasure for people with hearing disorders .
Get around same minded people to have a great time and gather togheter. Enjoy music with some ear protection which is widely available and u can have such a wonderfull live no matter what.

I can't talk or blog about one thing because it's all involved toghter as one for real.
As mentioned by noel turner, it's about having nutritional health, spiritual health, physical health and ... .


check also my other blog=

connect overhere and join the healthcares group

vrijdag 19 juni 2015

Towards Better Health: Cell Phones and WiFi are a "Serious Public Health ... Exposure to radation awareness !!!

Towards Better Health: Cell Phones and WiFi are a "Serious Public Health ...: Cell Phones and WiFi are a "Serious Public Health Issue" - Canadian Parliamentary Report by  PR Newswire , 18 June 2015 OTTAWA, ...

So the effects of radiation are just not measured on long term as always ...
Afterwards there is everything to be concerned about because this is only just about 200 years available for real.
In such a way we are exposed to these signals , it's a miracle that we can be happy, healthy and working hard . Getting grounded , earthed is not so easy anymore these days and believe it or not, it are the happiest people on earth to feel this again . Going back to basics.

https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=802884819723892 (nice video about light bulbs and radiation)

Be aware of it and feel if it is so harmful. Many people are really sensitive to it and no one will escape from it ... . U can't deny it ! #emf

Some people suffer so much that you don 't wana know what they are going through

#radiation #light #bulbs

Trying to wear such devices away from the body but it's so common in use and adopted by the general public that you will actually lead by example. However it

A new study says energy efficient bulbs are eco-friendly and can save you big bucks, but they could be causing a health danger. 3 On Your Side Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl reveals the light bulb’s potential dark side.
Few of us would expose ourselves to the sun’s ultraviolet rays without some protection. But you may already be doing that inside your home.
“When there is something in your house, you don’t perceive any danger,” said Miriam Rafailovich, a professor in the Material Science and Engineering department at Stony Brook University.
A disturbing new study out of Stony Brook University found these money-saving compact fluorescent light bulbs emit high levels of ultraviolet radiation.
Researchers randomly tested the bulbs and found the rays are so strong that they can actually burn your skin.
“The results were that you could actually initiate cell death,” said Marcia Simon, a professor of dermatology at Stony Brook University.
In other words, exposure to the bulbs could lead to premature aging.
“It can also cause skin cancer in the deadliest form, and that’s melanoma,” said Dr. Rebecca Tung, a dermatologist.
In every bulb that researchers tested, they found the protective coating around the phosphor, which creates the light inside the bulb, was cracked, allowing dangerous ultraviolet rays to escape. It’s a concern for many families.
“That’s very unfortunate, because the kids are getting exposed to so many different things at a younger age,” said Vicky Cobbs, who was concerned about energy efficient bulbs.
And now, the federal government is phasing out the old incandescent bulbs altogether, in favor of compact fluorescents.
“Now that you’re telling me there’s a health risk, I really don’t think it’s fair that they would not sell the other kind of light bulbs,” said Vicky.
The compact fluorescent industry says the bulbs are safe but admits they do emit ultra-violet rays. In a statement the industry insists, “…the levels of UV radiation emitted are acceptably low… they’re safe under normal use.”
“We’re not telling people to throw away these bulbs,” said Rafailovich.
Researchers say you can be safe by exercising caution. Make sure you’re always two feet away from these bulbs, whether they’re in an overhead fixture or a lamp — a shade will not protect you.
“They are energy efficient, it’s just a matter of distance,” explained Rafailovich.
Researchers say they don’t know why the bulbs are cracking. The FDA says they’re safe, but you can buy bulbs that have an additional coating to further reduce UV exposure.

maandag 15 juni 2015

Why grass-fed meat?

Happy customers
Grass Lined meat quality meat: super healthy and wonderful rich flavor. Something that anyone who will fix all tasted! Of the world's best burgers to the unmatchable fillet - all our meat products are tested by our satisfied customers and found amazing.
Happy cows
The meat that we offer comes from grass-fed cattle. These cattle are year-round on pasture and eat grass just so; they receive no antibiotics or concentrates. This provides a healthier animal that can be ready for slaughter in a natural way. And if it takes a little longer than most cows, the result is a happy animal with the best nutritional value and great taste. Thanks to this approach, the meat is after all not full of water, which is immediately apparent during the baking pan. What goes in there comes out again!
Grass Lined meat is much richer in omega-3 fatty acids than any other (meat) product on the market. Important because these fatty acids promote the growth and development of our brains, promote the mental balance, strengthen the immune system and contribute to the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. In short, those rich in omega-3 food, fully supports his body and mind. And it works with this grass-fed meat perfectly.

Source = http://www.grasgevoerdvlees.be/waarom-grasgevoerd-nl/4579753877

The only thing is that the meat is so fresh and wild, it's only available in belgium locally. U can't also keep or store it as long you need because of the organic and natural approach. U have to eat it almost within a week or sooner to make sure to have the finest taste and appetite. Don't get stressed out.

There are also other ways to get good and unique omega 3 's into your body and i can only show you to read on the following link where you can actually also start to become the CEO of your own health . GReenlipped mussel oil from newzealand , unique and contains 18 omega3 know and unknown EFA.

So i'm having to decided to get some fresh bacon on the fire again soon ... got to go and hope you love to read about it if you weren't aware what our cows and animals are getting for food.

Enjoy your health and the benefits, no matter how many times you fail and stand up again to try over and over again to be the best you ever can be, also when you are at your worst.


zondag 14 juni 2015

Network marketing IV

Why and what is your reason ?

Today i realized that everybody is involved with network marketing. Think about families who protect their legacy and wisdom. They are a network on themselves and only allow people to get in touch who have good meanings . It's quiet great that people start talking behind your back and where that is heading is not your fault or you are not the cause. It's about a marketing plan against your personality to dehumanize you and become what they say about you. It's horrible to understand that if you don't match in their team they won't let you in. Somehow, someday ...
Friends gathering together and share their opinions and ideas. U always find some touch with others and if you are able to give some of your time and efforts to help them out by a small talk where it's in the end all about, go for it. Many prejudices and insights from other people who don't realize what is

So it's all about having the experiences to meet people and learn from them. Whenever money is involved, people will always try to convince you and spread the word of winning the big lottery.
In the end you will get what you deserve and i hope it is a lot of money.
People will seek always contact whether it's online or offline. U only do it and find some because same minded interest and good feelings among other people for sure.

If i didn't start meeting new people i should never been able to start taking action, no matter how small that is and realizing what my minor points are or at least dealing with them as others might have always better strengths and so on.
Being openminded and sharing stuff about yourself can be more harmful . It's also about getting respect for sharing something about yourself but most love to make a fool out of it and make themselves happy about that.

My main reason was to start doing something i never did before with good and bad experiences .
Was it for the money or something that is awakening inside myself as things needs to change for good. Longterm health and lifestyle changes are the real reasons to improve yourself to show others that you love what you are doing. Let them hate you or whatever, forgive them for being not themselves and jealousy is an ancient something that will happens anywhere anytime.

MY improvements might sound for others easy but for me it's improvement , not as human but as many people see improvement like this =

I never should make a first flight to another country if i didn't do this
I never should got my driver license to be able to drive myself around
I never should lost money for bad investment rather had the experience so others
will realize what they are doing upon others
I never should learn great things to improve myself in health and areas i care about
I never should learn the real ethics of doing network marketing like everybody is doing without
realising that they ought to be social humans beings no matter what
I never should learn how to be social online active for getting some rewards to be able to save money from online purchases or services
I never should learn about people having prejudices along the road before you even start talking to others.
I never realized that i got stalked to bring me down so i'm quiet happy about that, having a feeling like being a superstar to have stalkers.
I never realized that there are so many ways to improve your lifestyle .

I already know that people know you before you even talk to them because others talked about you and how they see you. I'm sorry i don't match with your opinions about me but i'm not going to be what you like me to be.
I still respect my own style and bring good ideas along the road to get things done for others.

i'm just happy the way it is and i'm not fine the way it can be so i'm working on that. Being happy on this moment is all it takes to make another step forward.
Don't complain or find excuses they say always but be able to make a checklist on everything you wanna do and start  doing it in mind , body and deeds in a good way.

At the end , you always get what you deserve and my experiences are unique for me so you are the only one on the world with your unique DNA to do something unique with it along the way.

conclusion =
Start educating yourself and be responsible to become your own parent from now on.

TO learn more and start saving on your online shopping habits, check this out HERE.

zaterdag 13 juni 2015

How to stop screwing yourself over | Mel Robbins | TEDxSF

Stop saying you're fine, it's not ! Change your thoughts by watching this great presentation like you are being your unique self. you are worthed more then you realize, others bringing upon you.

I use to say a lot of yes and no , times and someone always had a grudge on it ... because for me it was the truth. I recognize myself into this great  inspirational widely available video.

thank you for being able to get our ass off from the computer and get some real contact time offline.

My mom always told me that i'm unique on this world and she's right. I'm proud to be me . often i got bullied about being me because it's so true to be yourself that awesome person. U aint got to be what others say about you. Misunderstanding , wrong medical test, emphatic
understanding, time ... . It's all about having the unique experiences to move on and get into the next chapter of your life for real . 

SO use the 5 second rule and you get really more reactions and actions upon what you do and are. If people don't like you and show it they must be a little jealous for you being YOURSELF !!! Stand out and be YOURSELF. Always depersonalizing and analyzing people for the profit of others so if you have a payed job it doesn't means to let yourself bring down and be dehumanized treated. 

Such a great message from this great women being her unique self. There is actually no such nothing you can take action for. I learned myself to take action and be a parent for myself as i can't control others thoughts but i can act upon that and treat myself respectful. I used to play a lot of soccer and always gave the best of myself to make a difference and be a part of the team. I used to be strong and healthy but injuries came into my life . Some got me for a long time hidden but after years, you actually start to understand why you have been so foolish to put yourself to the limit. I remember that i didn't want to go playing soccer because i got a date with my chat girlfriend. I got so overwhelmed by my playmates that i decided to make the deal that i went for the game and the date so they brought me in extremis to the railway station to meet here. I was there but spoiled with an injury i didn't felt comfortable , from the game.. . SO i screwed up myself too much for the benefit of the bigger cause for the team and after all i got nothing in return then probably being an alcoholic. So called third half of the game. I was foolish to suffer myself to belong to the team.
After years i decided to feed myself more healthier for sure as it is the basics for a healthier body and mind. #guts
So activate yourself and recognize the message you got from this inspirational tedX presentation.

It's always good or bad , you choose within 5 seconds which solution you want about it.


healthcares.be (what i think you should also see and learn about)

vrijdag 12 juni 2015

What are antioxidants and where to find them ?

The antioxidants infographic is great and explains for another reason why i got good use FREZZOR products from Newzealand.

The only truly lifestyle changer if you like to get started by yourself, being your own CEO of your health. I don't give any advice like a doctor as i have questioned myself certain things to my doctor and investigated all over the internet what's different about it. Listening to the right people, being able to do this and pleased to meet inspiring people.

Frezzor provides all what benefits your health. Think about being sick and you don't change anything. Only taking medicine and or have some days off. Next time you will get sick again, because actually nothing changed for real . Didn't change environment issues or people smoking around you or eating always the same stuff, etc etc... SO habits are having a great impact on your health. Food habits for sure because whenever we step out the door , we got almost around every corner invited to eat and drink something being social humans as we are. When i come out, it's rather for being active etc... . Now educated by social media is having another reason to be social online active being connected worldwide with many humans, selling either their knowledge with or without benefits to improve peoples live. Going to seminaries or webinars ... . Educated by the wrong media like tv-commercials, coming back every 5 min. for example brainwashing us for sure.

Reading a book about supplements for healthy people because we ought to live long and healthy. Even when you got trough a lot , you can achieve back optimum health, no matter what . Being realistic with long-lasting injuries or not. It's about the quality of your life having the best and optimum health ever.

Here's it what it takes for me to have a lifestyle changer =

What's so great about it ? 100% natural organic-quality from the pure pristine environment of New Zealand packed with the purest, cleanest, nutrient-rich, full-spectrum nutrition. Each shake contains protein, fiber, antioxidants, herbs, botanicals, greens, adaptogens, phytonutrients, fruits, vegetables, and superfoods that your body needs on a daily basis.
Scientifically formulated to meet your specific needs. Which FREZZOR shake is for you?
And you have it right there in your canister with costs you can compare yourself at efforts in time, buying goods and doing a lot cleaning, Stress sometimes to shop, traffic, ... 

What about the FREZZOR antioxidant ?

FREZZOR Antioxidant Black
100% natural algae-sourced astaxanthin, enriched with organic plant-based oils
and botanical extracts. FREZZOR Antioxidant neutralizes free-radicals, supports
anti-aging, protects cells, aids healthy cell development, and reduces oxidativestress.
It is 6000x stronger than Vitamin C, 800x stronger than Co-Q10, and 550x
stronger than green tea.

FREZZOR is a supplement that supports the following:  

 Join the health revolution
Heart: CHD, Cardiac Fibrosis,
Hypertension, Ischemia,
Myocardial Infarction

Skin: Skin Aging, Sunburn,
Psoriasis, Dermatitis,

Kidney: Chronic
Kidney Disease,
Renal Graft, Nephritis

Joints: Rheumatoid,
Osteo-Arthritis, Psoriasis

Lung: Asthma, COPD,
Allergies, ARDS, Cancer

Brain: Alzheimer, Parkinson,
OCD, ADHD, Autism, Migraine,
Stroke, Trauma, Cancer

Eyes: Macular
Degeneration, Retinal
Degeneration, Cataracts

Multi Organ:
Diabetes, Aging,
Chronic Fatigue

Blood Vessels:

Immune System:
Chronic Inflammation,
Auto-Immune Disorders,

Lupus, IBD, MS, Cancer

(source = www.FREZZOR.com) (Changes in time are made upon being updating the products on scientifically base and revolution) 
It's not intended to diagnose or cure any disease and a doctor should always be consulted to improve and taking care of your health. Can be used with medicine and have no interaction.

Add me free and keep on inspiring me.

dinsdag 9 juni 2015

To juice or not to juice?

Don't forget to put a plastic bag in your juicer to avoid a lot of cleaning.

Ingredients = Spinach, mango, orange, lemon, cucumber, peer, tomato, banana, frezzor superfood and clean water.

Alright this was my first simple fotoblog and in case you couldn't follow what i'm doing up here , i will explain shortly. Yes it is my homemade juice mixed with FREZZOR Superfood. What an efforts to cut and clean THE green veggies as fruits. Just thinking About mixing my FREZZOR superfood with organic juice and clean water to have also a delicious green juice. Within 2 min ready. Is iT really so hard and good? Yes. Healthcares.be redirected ‪#‎juice‬ ‪#‎smoothie‬‪#‎veggies‬ Bert Verbraeken Healthcares.be

I just want to mention about the shakes available on the market that are really affordable and gives you so much more time available to enjoy a meal replacement. I always recommend to eat some fruit along the road. This quality has high bioavailable organic all natural nutrients from newzealand and certified by this clean pure environment controlled by the government 24/24 hours. It's the natural geographical location that makes it unique. The algae and UV are unique down there and gives a high level of antioxidant protection as well as food for the greenlipped mussels.  
It's just a real Whey protein shake , scientifically build to have a clean all natural body in time. Our body is unique and has a great. Check what's the first ingredient you can read on your label. That's what it contains most as labels have legal complaints to have this . First ingredient should be always what's most in it. 

Conclusion = If you have plenty time and love to enjoy a juice from time to time but walking out of time doing this a lot, i decided to change my habits and integrate these healthy shakes into my life. I choose for this because i love the background, the story and mission. 
Here is where i found it, www.teamfrezzor.com/healthcares and i'm proud to be engaged with FREZZOR.

Enjoy your health and have a great time further. Thx for reading and any comments are welcome to learn and discuss about. 

ps = Start your own health business and become the CEO of your health as well. Check it out.

zondag 7 juni 2015

What color is your snot ? #phlegm #wind #mucous

First of all , i just love to use this simple infographic which is so nice readable and affordable to learn more about why you have such colds in any time of the year ?
If you suffer a lot from it and your immune system can't work things out, i really love you to introduce you to use the omega 3 black from FREZZOR. It's reality and knowledge as experience during the years that i use this now. Going to take 2 capsules right now to support my health every day. Its a great all natural anti-inflammatory that gives you great support at cellular level and once you got through the infographics on the FREZZOR site. U might going to understand what's going on with our health as well. It's not indicated to diagnose or something. it's just the way it is.

zaterdag 6 juni 2015

What happens because of insuline ? #GI

Its a hormone that has so much more impact then u realise. When you eat carbs, you can have all the above issues. The pic is dutch so i hope u got it translated or something . Stress, moodissues, fat, energy, ... So you might not be sick but feel sick. Thats a big difference to understand. Feeling tired can solved with rest but mental tired is often related to food as Well.

Having good habits and not THE conventional way of thinking as everyone is Unique, Will make a big difference for yourself and people among you. So love to learn and be up to date. 

Avoid high impact glycemie index food which raises your bloodsugar so fast. Imagine iT happens a lot and diabetici can tell you more About iT. 

Hope enjoy this common sense knowledge but repeat and share iT.  ITS really that simple to feel great and happy.

I started over and over again to know finaly that iT is THE only way to make things happen.✌️

vrijdag 5 juni 2015

Tips om acrylamide te verminderen bij het bakken en frituren van voeding | gezondheid.be

TIPS Acrylamide is een natuurlijk bijproduct dat ontstaat tijdens het bakken of frituren van bepaalde zetmeelrijke voedingsmiddelen zoals chips, frietjes, koekjes, beschuit, peperkoek, ontbijtgranen, toast, brood en pizza. Ook koffie, koffievervangers (bv. chicorei), popcorn en chocolade bevatten acrylamide.
Deze stof is door de Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie als waarschijnlijk kankerverwekkend voor de mens geklasseerd.

Hoe wordt acrylamide gevormd?
Acrylamide ontstaat bij de bruinkleuring van een voedingsmiddel, bijvoorbeeld het bakken van een bruine broodkorst. Hoe langer en hoe heter iets wordt gebakken, hoe meer acrylamide er wordt aangemaakt.
In gestoomde of gekookte aardappelen en groenten komt dus geen acrylamide voor. Ook in vis of vlees dat gebakken wordt, zit er geen acrylamide. Deze producten moeten soms net goed gebakken worden om eventuele bacteriƫn te doden.

Hoe kan ik de aanmaak van acrylamide verminderen ?
Door levensmiddelen als frietjes, chips, koekjes, koffie en koffievervangers met mate te consumeren, kunt u uw blootstelling aan acrylamide beperken.
Om de aanmaak van acrylamide bij het bakken en frituren tegen te gaan, vindt u hieronder praktische tips.


Oxigen, water and then food ! #stimulation

Alright, i was complaining into myself about using too much digital equipment getting quiet addicted to it as well. Stressed about using it too much and being social online for most of the time.
So staying connected is what we are designed for social human beings. No matter what or where you are, you always want to feel like being connected.

So did you mention yourself how slow your breathing is while using digital equipment like computers ... etc ? Observe yourself and realize that you get out of oxygen almost just because you are so focused on that thing on your desk ?
Without oxigen , you can get seriously harmed or dead within minutes.

Water , clean water is important to make our body functions work properly. Within days you get down from it and so drained ... . So keep breathing healthy and deep down as much as possible . More out then in so you get rid of most toxins out of your body just by breathing . Loosing weight can also be important doing so.

Food, used for being rewarded or as a tool to invite people or just to make yourself healthy. Otherwise its a sign of your body that you need to take nutrients as not all vitamines / minerals and enzymes got made by your body.  So intake is required. Keep in mind that we are overeating ourself to get the same nutrients and so much more calories then we are supposed to get.  Why i'm using FREZZOR is because i love to quality , story and enhancements into your lifestyle getting the unique blend of all natural ingredients into your body from newzealand. Loosing weight , reducing illness and improving sports activity's, be a greater champion.

So being overstimulated by social media, environment, people, invisible influences like radiation, ... sometimes you just wanna get out of it so freedom to move and stay where you want is the key to a longterm improvement. Using your time online profitable is also possible while doing what you are already doing. Soft example SHOPPING ONLINE and getting cashback on that for real, that's quiet easy alright ? Don't get distracted to much and do what gives you energy.
Not getting drained by doing too much things where you have no purpose or intentions to do this actually . Check where this blog is profitable for you and do you love my insights sharing with you , i love to have some feedback to learn even more from you.

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