maandag 30 maart 2015

Nature from now controlled by one companie ?

Nature is to rich companies (Tom Lassing)

The Supreme Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office has indicated that it will still be allowed to products such as seeds and fruits arising patenting from classical distribution.
The annoying thing about this statement is that only the largest companies can make the cost to apply for the various patents and their relevant market turn down for others, even though others had already achieved such a distribution.
We see that with broccoli on a tall stem. This was grown at others, but now Monsanto has the patent on it and now no one else bring this high stem broccoli still on the market.
Too ridiculous for words, for whom there is now but comes with some broccoli, is to sue Monsanto. High stem broccoli, even though now of course arise spontaneously or from original seeds (un) consciously grown, is owned by Monsanto.
It's just waiting for the moment why Monsanto whole food market close throws by literally come up with hundreds of ridiculous patents. The first one that comes with a deviation on a natural product that has enough money, which deviation can now bring under patent. Monsanto is the food getting in her grasp and independent growers, which is something of the past.

This MAY not continue! It is a crime against humanity in the making

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