maandag 30 maart 2015

Nature from now controlled by one companie ?

Nature is to rich companies (Tom Lassing)

The Supreme Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office has indicated that it will still be allowed to products such as seeds and fruits arising patenting from classical distribution.
The annoying thing about this statement is that only the largest companies can make the cost to apply for the various patents and their relevant market turn down for others, even though others had already achieved such a distribution.
We see that with broccoli on a tall stem. This was grown at others, but now Monsanto has the patent on it and now no one else bring this high stem broccoli still on the market.
Too ridiculous for words, for whom there is now but comes with some broccoli, is to sue Monsanto. High stem broccoli, even though now of course arise spontaneously or from original seeds (un) consciously grown, is owned by Monsanto.
It's just waiting for the moment why Monsanto whole food market close throws by literally come up with hundreds of ridiculous patents. The first one that comes with a deviation on a natural product that has enough money, which deviation can now bring under patent. Monsanto is the food getting in her grasp and independent growers, which is something of the past.

This MAY not continue! It is a crime against humanity in the making

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zaterdag 7 maart 2015

Are you an hypocrite or not ? #food #health #business #sitetalk

Last months i have been eating quiet unhealthy, so called , what is unhealthy eating ? Despite eating regularly my veggies and taking the right nutrients in an organic raw pure supplement.
So old habits and a waffle came back into my life also eating some "Mars" ... feeling satisfied backwards ... .

Now the main question is that if you have the intentions to eat healthy and fail sometimes , is that hypocrite ? I do believe in many ways that changes in habits takes time and usually up to 21 days or more so your body can accept and regulate itself once again. For sure getting back addicted to the so called drug "sugar", is something you become aware of again. Also overconsumption from milk, bread, grains, ... which are commonly found in many products , start to think over again what health means to you.  Most readers will know that sugar craves also all minerals and vitamins for digestion and manufacture from these sugar elements something else on cellular level. In words, energy and fat mostly... . These vitamines and minerals are lost for your needed daily household keeping functions and anti inflammatory's along in your body. YOU will never feel perfect but you know how to feel the best way.

When you feel bad , too much inflammation is usually involved and that's where the process starts for you to eat back again super health or as healthy as you feel it's getting better that way.
The consumption society is not fairly divided. Western area's have too much and poor countries are slavery's for our industrie , widely said and spoken. Interpretion of such words might be different.

Emotions setup against you or living within you are always a trigger to award yourself with emotional food as talking about it with others , gives a bad side from yourself exposed. Blaming and talking behind backs is something what always happened and always will be . No matter where you work or what you do ... . So to take action upon all these thoughts, jealousy and back talking, you gotta stay true to yourself .

Reading, blogging, hobby's and above all re-educate yourself once more . Over and over again because they always say don't go with the fish if you need to take action upon your personal health lifestyle situation. Our consumption society's does blame you from doing so because you are asking for it .. How could otherwise this society keep on going ? it's a kind of waste economy where also garbage is been traded now for real stuff...

If you fail upon yourself and your realise it, go back to where it was quiet good for you to find the perfect midway and solution for you at first. Trying to be so doesn't means you are becoming that but it will help you a lot to figure out what is good for you and what not.

My lessons are probably the one others have learned already but learned them again by watching and learning from others. That's what i call inspiration. Depends also on the thoughts your are sending into the world. They will surely come back afterwards to u. The people you are suppose to trust the most are the least ones to be expected to harm you the most for sure. That's where you have to make yourself a stand and be yourself once again. Don't start craving, feeding your emotions and frustrations again. Little sins are for sure allowed as none is perfect and those who claim to be so , are really hypocrites. I share and keep on sharing the good messages and intentions widely available as i'm getting respons on it , for sure.

So eat whenever you want , but keep control from it and simple changes of habits might give relief of pain or issues for sure. check also the latest video this week on my website (redirected for unlimited time , this site is all i breath now). I'm also trying to keep on doing whatever i did always but being in some kind rewarded for doing so.  I like to be as well on social media because it has great inspiration but i got also addicted to that and there is so much info available that it's a wordwide library in fact. Last time however, a person told me that her biomagnetisme was out of balance using a computer for a while and her bloodcells stitched  even more together. Being off the computer or earthed , that brought back relief and her bloodstream was back to normal. So biomagnetism is something that could be out of balance by our electronically growing society with WIFI, radiation, ...

Thx for reading and hope u could find inspiration and something you recognize.

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