maandag 26 januari 2015


Today I was reading an article and it stated that most everyone is deficient in minerals, which are vital for our well-being. In reality, no matter how well you eat and how much organic food you eat, it is almost impossible to get the "minerals" you need from just consuming "food". Almost every disease and health condition is due in part to mineral deficiencies. Even though we have an abundant food supply in the US, it doesn't mean that we are getting the nutrition that our bodies require....rather if you are eating the SAD, you are overfed and undernourished!  ‪#‎FREZZOR‬ Sea Salt is the world's richest mineral sea salt and by adding it to your diet it can make a difference in your health!

Our markets are full of refined products which deprivates us more and more from our resources like vitamines, minerals and so on ... . We eat food and make ourself sick . Doesn't matter how far or what status your health might be or what you have been told and learned. Start over again for real , over and over again as many health advices are really not possible for all of us or a few might be written upon you.
The basics start with you and how you feel about it.  Now what did happen, how do you feel and how difficult is it ? Get back up of find solutions . Go through it with self-love and compassion.

independent FREZZOR ambassador

Using the product for a long time now and wisely understood the longterm requirement to take them.
Your body is rebuilding itself and organs have months or weeks time needed to renew themselves. Now what you feed yourself is what they are build from. Do not panic with this knowledge. It's how you deal with it now 
FREZZOR Sea Salt is the world’s richest mineral sea salt.

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