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Greenlipped mussel oil from newzealand into FREZZOR omega 3 black

Is there any healthy doctor who get's so excited as i do when reading this ? scientific. U actually learn something for real and i got one day a talk with someone who used omega 3 already for over 30 years . realize that omega 3 is not just OMEGA 3 black from FREZZOR. It's incredible and use what works for you & change your habits is changing your way of dealing with health as well. I'm reading this over and over again knowing that many researchers will get back to this as FREZZOR has a totally scientifically team in their team to take responsibility for what their up to.
I have lot's to study but the ones who did already, this is great for people (also pet's) who can't take painkillers or anything else, reducing their painkillers for example etc ... . Lot's of possibilities for usage and it's not made by your body, part of every cell of your body. Daily intake is needed to maintain healthy. I gotta read this a few times figuring out that i knew this somewhere from other great books. During wintertimes it's also good to take some good VIT D3 and i use from time to time magnesium as well. I'm on my way in 2015 for another year of great health sharing it with all of you being the best i can.  

FREZZOR Omega-3 Black helps dramatically with Asthma!...FREZZOR New Zealand Greenlip mussel oil stands alone in the fact it contains Eicostetraenoic acid (ETA) which has been scientifically shown to reduce inflammation more effectively than any other source of omega-3.All omega-3s have some degree of “dual pathway inhibitor” action, blocking both the short-term pain and inflammation of the prostanoids (from COX-2) and the longer-term immune attacks which are the danger of the leukotrienes (from LOX 5). These abilities are based on several aspects of the body’s processing of fatty acids. For one thing, the same COX and LOX enzymes which make “bad” eicosanoids from arachidonic acid, can make “neutral” eicosanoids from specific omega-3s. Omega-3s can thus put the brakes on inflammation by tying up the enzymes which would otherwise be put to work making “bad” eicosanoids – thereby preventing those eicosanoids from being formed.
ETA is a natural COX-2 and Lox-5 inhibitor, which ties up the inflammatory form of the enzyme without affecting the function of COX-1. Remarkably, omega-3s accomplish this feat not only by binding up COX-2, but also by actually working at the gene level to reduce the production of COX-2 from the DNA code, at the same time, omega-3s like ETA also blocks the formation of leukotrienes and ETA stops TNF alpha and IL-1 from being produced in the first place. 
The enzyme which the body uses to make arachidonic acid (an enzyme called delta-5-desaturase which is an eicosanoid) is the first step in producing all eicosanoids and both the series-2 prostanoids and the series-4 leukotrienes are formed from this omega- 6 fatty acid. Every molecule of arachidonic can be used to make an eicosanoid so every AA molecule not made is a potential “bad” eicosanoid not produced. All omega-3s have these effects however, ETA works much better than its more common omega-3 family. ETA does a better job than other omega-3s of binding up the key enzymes involved in making “bad” eicosanoids.
A key point relating to ETA is that it is an alternative building block for delta-5 desaturase, the enzyme that also makes arachidonic acid. ETA is a raw material, from which d5d can make a product. If you feed d5d the omega-6 fatty acid dihommo gamma-linolenic acid (DGLA), it will create arachidonic acid. From arachidonic acid come eicosanoids. But if you feed ETA to d5d, it will make EPA, the omega-3 found in common fish oil products. As long as d5d is busy making EPA, it can’t make arachidonic acid.
These reaction relationships actually explains why ETA can tie up d5d more powerfully than can EPA, and thus more effectively prevent the production of arachidonic acid and therefore inflammation. That’s because enzymes always bind more strongly to their substrates than to their products. So while both EPA and ETA can inhibit the arachidonic acid-producing activity of d5d, ETA has a much stronger effect. Not only does keeping arachidonic acid under control prevent the formation of eicosanoids, it also leaves the cell with extra DGLA, which can then to go on to make “good” eicosanoids, which have potent anti- inflammatory effects. As a result, ETA-based supplements are believed to actually increase production of “good” eicosanoids from DGLA. On top of this, substances made directly from DGLA also inhibit the ability of COX and LOX machinery to make bad” eicosanoids. 
Another factor in ETA’s unique anti-inflammatory power is the fact that its chemical structure is close to that of arachidonic acid. Scientists believe that this similarity may allow ETA to “fool” the LOX enzyme into thinking that it is arachidonic acid, thereby again outdoing other omega-3s in keeping the inflammatory enzymes safely occupied.

Read the history of a visionary NOEL TURNER who brought us the great benefits of the greenlipped mussel oil. Quiet technically explained in this blog as i do understand it partially so keeping on to study about it and using it as recommended daily. Ow i forgot almost , gotta order or taking autoship.

Source = http://teamfrezzor.com/healthcares/ScienceV2.aspx#AntiInflammatory (independed ambassador from FREZZOR)

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