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Check ! Where FREZZOR omega 3 comes from is right here ... . This is the real stuff. U can have it or try it on my recommendation . It takes 4-8 weeks to fill up your body with these unique omega 3 fats from the greenlippedmussel oil (not found anywhere else in the world).

Check out this movie on the FREZZOR fan page . Click on the link below and let me know if you are not satisfied or something is wrong.

FREZZOR OMEGA 3 , creation of the capsules brought to you by CEO NOEL TURNER from FREZZOR , newzealand.

I got lesser sick , dealing with health issues very effective , loosing weight in time , eating even healthier combining it with FREZZOR superfood and weight management. Doing still exercise , no matter what injuries i've gone trough and still have for lifetime. Realising what my body really needs and trying to avoid as many bad food . Dealing with allergies and learning again to undo the bad habits i've created without knowing it. Also a great natural anti-inflammation for your total body. Use it wise because it regulates a lot of body processes while you take medicines. In time you might get rid of those medicines for real. Great antioxidant to support your body to regulate itself again.

Because a healthy lifestyle includes a lof of benefits for real. Included FREZZOR and check out the story's about it.

Let us inspire you to do the same , even if you don't use FREZZOR . It's your health, your life , your weight and your body.

Because you can afford it . U can try it and have a 90 day money back garantueed. We only want satisfied costumers. It's for everyones pocket because it's for a month intake. U can only have in time healthy benefits but realize that you are detoxifying and learning along the way how to deal with health issues you never might knew before. Latent inflammation might get you down at once when it flares up like that, changing into chronic inflammation and changing your life forever to deal with. Take action now and take back your health or what's left from it !

It affects a lot of inflammation processes in your body. Joints , tissues , heart , blood vessels, brain ... .
Start for example with one omega 3 capsule black for humans and the gold version is for animals . Yes , because animals don't like painkillers :-) . Take a higher dose until you feel something and keep on it until you are satisfied . Always recommend the dose provided on the box or canister.


FREZZOR science Part 8

FREZZOR science Part 7

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Tomorrowland 2014 | Official Aftermovie

Don't underestimate the healing powers of dancing ! Doing it togheter might bring you a relief of great things u have been told to , you shouldn't believe it at all because love your life even more when they say so :-)

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5 Shakeology Myths

5 Shakeology Myths and why you need it ?

Another great reason why i'm very happy using FREZZOR shakes ?

Read the article below 


The advantages of being ambassador , preferred costumer or retail costumer are price related and business related. The reason why i share this link is the easiest way to order GREAT Produkts from FREZZOR and my deepest respect for treating all people equally. No matter if you are factory worker , healthcare worker or doctor or anyone else... EVERYONE deserves the best in their lives and that's good health as well.

Above all it's build upon a man's 40 year experience . We want you to be happy healthy and wealthy
SO got informed or at least inspired by FREZZOR ambassadors.

I've learned that shaking it with some organic juice (half with water , half juice) works perfect for me . 

Changing habits and lifestyles by thinking healthier because YOUR THOUGHTS needs also healthy nutrients. 
Do i have to make the picture for you or not ? 

Enjoy discovering and are you going to pay the doctor or yourself ?

5 Shakeology Myths —DEBUNKED by a Coach!

Beachbody® Coach, Seay Stanford, feels so passionate about the shake that changed her life that she wrote the article below to debunk all those Shakeology Myths floating around. This article is so powerful and real that we had no choice but to share it with the rest of the world. So here you go. Enjoy! And thanks, Seay. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.
top shakeology myths
#1 MISCONCEPTION: Shakeology is a protein shake.
Meaning just a shake that provides extra protein. I can’t blame the general public for thinking this since “protein shake” has become nearly an interchangeable term for ANY shake. But, all shakes are not created equal—especially ones that contain superfoods. Shakeology is a very nutrient-dense shake that can be used for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You’d have to eat a whole lot of fruits and vegetables to equal the nutrition in a single glass of Shakeology—and you probably couldn’t do it for less than 170 calories. Shakeology makes it very easy to cut your calories without substantially cutting down your daily volume of nutrients needed. Truth be told, the majority of people are WAY MORE nutrient deficient, than they are protein deficient. So why just stop at a protein shake?
 #2 MISCONCEPTION: Shakeology is about comparing carbs, proteins, and fats to other shakes.
This is not at all what you should be comparing when you look at other shakes versus Shakeology. Sure, other shakes have 0 grams of sugar. But how do you think those shakes achieve that? Hint, it’s not natural. Yes, that’s right, they are probably using ARTIFICIAL sweeteners to get to 0 grams of sugar. Even fruit has sugar in it. A shake with 0 grams of sugar is using ARTIFICIAL sweeteners. Shakeology has NO artificial sweeteners, NO artificial colors, NO soy, NO artificial stimulants, and NO artificial flavors. One of its main sweeteners is Stevia, which is plant-based.
#3 MISCONCEPTION: Shakeology is just a bunch of extracts, with no whole-food ingredients.
That’s not true. Whenever it’s possible and sustainable for the formula, the superfoods in Shakeology are preserved in their whole-food state to retain maximum nutrient value. It’s a very difficult process to use whole, plant-based ingredients so that the formula retains as much nutritional value as possible, but Shakeology has a whole team of scientists whose mission is to maximize the nutrition in every ingredient in Shakeology. Imagine trying to juice all those superfoods! Shakeology is way less expensive and a huge time-saver.
#4 MISCONCEPTION: Shakeology is expensive.
To anyone who feels this product is expensive I know that I have not done my diligence in breaking down its REAL VALUE. Most people will agree that they would spend an average of $3 to $7 on a HEALTHY nutritious meal. I know most store-bought salads cost even more than that, and don’t contain nearly the dense concentration of nutrients. But on average, I think we can all agree healthy meals run between $3 and $7. Shakeology, at $4.33 per shake, comes in on the LOW END of average. (You can make Shakeology into a breakfast or lunch that you’d be buying anyway.) Not only are you spending less than you normally would, you’re also getting vital nutrients your body needs, that you just can’t get from your run-of-the-mill salad, plus the normal range of vitamins and minerals. So you can replace your VITAMINS, too. Sure, you may need a specific vitamin, based on your conditions, geography, or age—but in general, Shakeology will provide you with a solid base of your whole-food nutrients.
When was the last time you went to your grocery store and bought THIRTY meals all at once? Typically, I’m guessing, you buy a few days’ worth each time. When you buy a bulk bag of Shakeology, you are buying 30 of your shakes up-front. That means you’ll spend less money at the grocery store. Because of the grocery savings, I actually deduct my monthly Shakeology from my grocery budget. For the price, I cannot duplicate its vast quality of ingredients and nutrients.
#5 MISCONCEPTION: Shakeology is only for weight loss.
Most shakes are marketed this way. But here’s the thing. Anything will induce weight loss if it’s low enough in calories. Just because you are drinking a shake, does not mean the fat will melt off. Actually, if you are not getting enough nutrients and calories you will actually inhibit your weight-loss efforts. Shakeology is about HEALTH. When you put the RIGHT nutrients in your body that it needs to develop, heal, recover, repair, and thrive, you may ultimately have MORE energy, LESS cravings, and FEEL better therefore you eat less and become more active. With Shakeology, weight loss becomes a BY-PRODUCT of dense nutrition.
To make my point, when was the last time you dieted and cut calories only to feel tired, grouchy, and had a ton of cravings? That is because you may have been nutrient deficient. What if you’re at your goal weight, or need to GAIN weight? Because Shakeology is about DENSE NUTRITION you can use it as your base and add clean calories to make it 300 calories or more. Not everyone needs to lose weight, but everyone needs to be healthier. Shakeology isn’t MAGIC. It’s just clean dense nutrition made SUPER easy for everyone at a very affordable price. It’s my family’s “fast food” on the counter. Yes, my family goes through 4–5 bags a MONTH because even though we all have different weight and caloric needs, we all share the same NUTRITIONAL needs. Shakeology isn’t a weight-loss shake—it’s a nutrition shake.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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