maandag 25 augustus 2014

Kcal versus nutrients

I know, it's the way you gotta get used to satisfy your stomach but are you really so satisfy as you should be ? Realizing that you start craving even more ... and getting way too much calories in your body then it should be without having the necessary nutrients into your body!

SO i'm waiting for my latest FREZZOR order , weight management and superfood.

Have you try this out already ? Use some cocosmilk or water , organic juice (fill half + water) and scoop it with one you like , just shake it and take it. Also very wise to have it on the road with you before you get yourself a fastfood snack . Instead u can use a healthy fastfood one for sure.

One cookie (prince for example) has a littlemore kcal (137kcal)  as 1 FREZZOR shake (2 scoops = 117 kcal)

Did YOU realize what the difference is ? it's about unhealthy against healthy with the same kcal ! SO i don't have to explain this anymore i guess. Get yourself some healthy KCAL's now

When i'm in the right mood and have my fridge filled up, i use also FREZZOR to taste up my smoothies even more . SO lot's of healthy powerful healing solutions are available because your body regenerates itself every day. If you don't feed yourself healthy enough, quality of life can be so poor. You really got consumed literally by society's food and medicines. Alright, there's lot's to say about shakes and stuff but try to choose clean, pure and organic ones without any toxins, preservatives or poison, radiation, ... . The environment is already making us sick before we even learn about it .

So it's not your fault after all , once again this great inspiring movie here  
Find out all nutrients available into FREZZOR to get yourself back in shape . 
Feel good, look great and loose weight !

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