maandag 25 augustus 2014

Kcal versus nutrients

I know, it's the way you gotta get used to satisfy your stomach but are you really so satisfy as you should be ? Realizing that you start craving even more ... and getting way too much calories in your body then it should be without having the necessary nutrients into your body!

SO i'm waiting for my latest FREZZOR order , weight management and superfood.

Have you try this out already ? Use some cocosmilk or water , organic juice (fill half + water) and scoop it with one you like , just shake it and take it. Also very wise to have it on the road with you before you get yourself a fastfood snack . Instead u can use a healthy fastfood one for sure.

One cookie (prince for example) has a littlemore kcal (137kcal)  as 1 FREZZOR shake (2 scoops = 117 kcal)

Did YOU realize what the difference is ? it's about unhealthy against healthy with the same kcal ! SO i don't have to explain this anymore i guess. Get yourself some healthy KCAL's now

When i'm in the right mood and have my fridge filled up, i use also FREZZOR to taste up my smoothies even more . SO lot's of healthy powerful healing solutions are available because your body regenerates itself every day. If you don't feed yourself healthy enough, quality of life can be so poor. You really got consumed literally by society's food and medicines. Alright, there's lot's to say about shakes and stuff but try to choose clean, pure and organic ones without any toxins, preservatives or poison, radiation, ... . The environment is already making us sick before we even learn about it .

So it's not your fault after all , once again this great inspiring movie here  
Find out all nutrients available into FREZZOR to get yourself back in shape . 
Feel good, look great and loose weight !

maandag 18 augustus 2014

Everyone's unique view on a healthy life !

Let me start with early experiences today , this week ...

I woke up a little dizzy at 4.45 am, the usually time to wake up from some neighbours . Gotta pee and then i got back to bed. Turning my head made the room spinning all around  for 20 secs. Wauw, ok, got some knowledge about this issue so moving on around 9 am while eating (FREZZOR superfood shake with organic juice, sandwich, dark chocolate (70%), farmer's cheese, ...) and preparing as planned to workout. The other day i felt the same way and got back again to my basics to carry on.

What a big difference while i do sports to stay strong and healthy. Despite that horrible pin in my hip and that morning dizziness. Doing nothing is worser then sporting as good as it gets. Because moving releases yourself also from pain and makes feel good hormones. Lot's to learn about that.
So i was surprised about my strength and discipline but realizing that having no stress is far more important to get rid of tensions in the body as well. After all your body will rebalance itself and if you don't listen to your body , then you really got sick or even dead !

Now something funny, i did my wash and used a tablet from the dishwasher instead of the one for the wash machine . Nothing terrible happened at all ... ;-)

Cleaned my deep fryer because the coconut oil was kinda dirty. Used a simple way to filter the oil and washed out the bin. What a mess and difference after cleaning. Next time i need some more equipment like a coffee filter or something like that.


U rather have no choice or must be rich and deal with the places you live, work and stay around.
Many media is giving us a view with a lot of happy people on a party or terras or any commercial establishment , because that's in for sale. Looking further on how you feel doesn't matters anymore ? Don't love it, don't be there too long for sure. If you need a job for money on a place while not feeling healthy in time, is a case of priority's ... . Often you are told what is social and what is not ?  It's kind a like smoking in a place where non-smokers are only allowed sometimes. But no-ones is aware of electro sensitive people who have to deal with wifi, radiation from microwave, cellphone , radiomast, etc ... . Even from electro devices or eco lamps , they transmit also radiation.. . Did you know that wifi is a war instrument to weak the enemy or even 4G as well ? now it's commercial !!!

While is stare at the screen i feel myself a little uncomfortable.. it's like a kind of elliptical disease ;-) so time for me to stop.... . Often realized that watching movies could have such elliptical effects as well as going to outdoors concerts with lots of lights and flashes ... So the way we think about being stimulated has such a bad impact on our health in time ... 

Health signals

Having normal values in all areas of your yearly research at the doctor ? That's a good sign but how do you feel about it ? Many years i felt something different while all or many tests were good enough to be healthy , in scientific terms. Now realize, that cancer is in everyones body detectable . Its just the measurement and level of detection which makes it hard to define when you have cancer. From a certain level , they call it cancer but you could feel it all along before. So act also upon your feelings and do what makes you comfortable to carry on. Learn about things you never thought it could harm you like EMF, radiation , toxins in your house, cleaning products, douche gel, soap, paint, wood, clothes, smoke, ... . And above all, learn also about food which gives the body the necessary nutrients to rebuild its cells.  Rules are quiet good as long as they serve humans and not the stream of money. 

I also found this recently in my mailbox and wish to share this one also because there is something about it. Found what serves you for sure, click on to read more .
The top 15 lies you're being told about health and mainstream medicine

Have a great day and grab all the luck you can :-)


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