zaterdag 25 januari 2014

Learn the lessons again

Because of surgery , i can not really type long but i really got inspired by the next ...

Lessons needs to learn over and over again. So repeat yourself the lessons you want to learn. Remember high school ? Small repetition or big repetition before examination ? or before some classes ? 

Actually the same happens when marketing on tv is coming. Within 1 hour , you see the same spot 4-5 maybe 10 times and what did you learn ? Right , the spot is great but it's because of repetition that things can be learned. Even pointing out things you missed before. That's what i will keep on doing because i fail also and realize that when you got surgery or being sick or any lost or bad mood , changes the way you look at things.

I feel courage because i was born to be so despite i have never chosen the environment to grow up and dealing with it. Finally i've learned some big lessons . One of them is because of this project of mine, 

People can be electromagnetic sensitive and got sick from it. A really underestimated problem. I know a friend who killed himself because of it .... . Everyone said we never saw anything wrong and that's my lesson for you now. Beneath the surface there is a lot more going on.

What our markets sells are really about less then 20 % healthy food and more then 80 % unhealthier food ... Great, that's why we got an iceberg model , isn't it ?   So don't look always bad at companies selling their products by direct selling modus. They just interrupt the steps between consumer and producer. That's direct selling and there are great products along our ways to find and test without any harm. You know nature can't be patented and medicines comes from nature after all. Main reasons of bad health is bad or wrong use of medicines. 

SO what is going on on the surface is because of the lifestyle chooses underneath. However bullying people or damaging other people in any way isn't a lifestyle choose , it's a crime to treat people like that and i think it belongs in the section symptoms. People start to blame each other for their bad feelings or injustice behavior to justify theirself. 

Change the world, one step at a time and i start over and over again every day with myself.
I hope you can start doing the same , within yourself and talk about it or blog about it , anything that serves you.

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