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Product range is updated but still actual with the message FREZZOR wants you to know.
Change your lifestyle one step at a time.

Learn more about experiences at . They have the products and the possibility to change you lifestyle and improve quality of life.

Still up to date info despite this blog is from 2013 / 12 /23 , just updated now in 2018/04/07

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Try it and shake it , take it.

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Humans are strong creatures

First an apologize for my english but I learn and try to make the best of it. I know my english can be a lot better... and also lot's of other things which i'm aware of can be better for sure. I don't have much degree's but i got a lot of life experience and learned a lot from others. Finding my own way , the hard way isn't always the smartest way but at least the honests way you can think. I'm glad i'm still alive but it's a common sense to avoid life treating circumstances, it's intuition.

Have been reading a lot of great books and it looks hard , but sometimes you wish u didn't read them. Many things aren't supposed to know and our education is like a far far away from home story. However you come at a certain point you wanna know more then they tell you about. All new things aren't really tested out in longterm and that's where we come up for being the victims in our society for the capitalism and economy. Sad story's about cancer industry and telling us all about it with institutions and laws, rules . Human sensitivity and intuition is far way but it will save us for more harm. As we grow older our experiences and memories tell us the best way to handle . Doing good for yourself must be priority as others will do first for themselves as well. It's also quiet impopulair to talk about things that seems to be normal or so common that you can call it like "legal drugs" (alcohol, sugar, ...) . Now i like you to tell about experiences with health, supplements and learning about getting the best me for all of you . However it's for me more easier to reach lot's of people over the internet and that's what i like about it. So far i got good response and support for same minded people. All of them doing the best they can. 

"There is a soul in everything , a conscious presence to be"

bert -

Sickness is a natural phenomena or weakness

Trying to find out where you got sick or what went wrong. It's just a moment of weakness that you don't know better. Environment can cause you immediately damage without being aware of it. Certain food addictions you thought it might do no harm.  So i got the flu or serious cold with all colors of fluid/slime/mucus except red ;-). About a whole week sleeping worse because of inflammation on the upper airways etc. So i decided to get back to basics. Means healthier eating , sleep more , rest more and sport lesser or not intens. I got back to my basics and it's better without antibiotics. Normally i gotta use those medicines but i got rid of it this time. Lucky for me to be home so i didn't got out for work and learning about somethings that i can't tell you here. It's to bad for words to spread out this wisdom deep down in me . So i gotta really keep this for me but everyone listens to a certain voice or intuition inside. Keep doing so you will get better for yourself and others as well. Using certain supplements did brought me the needed nutrients to remain strong fighting against the flu/cold. It's something about fighting a fight against many factors you got over or not.


I lost about 3 kg without bread in 2 weeks.
Now i'm off bread for about 6 weeks and that might be the sign to change diet habits. I've lost hunger control by simple candy while watching a movie. Also the weather was cold en seems to be so ok but cold and warm and back warm and cold got me confused.
Gluten sensitivity might induce your inflammations within your body.  So again, fighting against many inflammations instead of the one that really makes you sick is the message. Possible you got a natural weight to protect yourself anyway. I know i can do this again with the knowledge i have now without a diet consultant ... .
Could be a change in my body to get rid of the toxins caused by gluten or bread. Now i realize that eating wheat in any product causes my many bowel problems.
After all i gained back 3-4 kg with muscles and most of them because of my inactivity by injuries. Pain makes you feel worser and i got aware of it when i started to eat too much again. With some desserts like leo's or mars i got back to a certain addiction and believe , you got sick of it for sure.
All what you eat leaves a footprint behind in your body, starting in your mouth. Use the reverse diet triangle to get back in shape. Yes , you can , i'm on it!

Sometimes does these works out for an impuls to start recovering and when foods loose there nutrients they (supplements) might get more important then you think. Vit. D , omega 3 from new zealand, magnesium and shakes can bring you good fortune for your health.
At least i got better from it.
U can find more on my personal website , 
When you got sick , then is a simple vitamine supplement already a healer for sure. The low value of quality in your food from stores gives already the supplement industrie a sign to get started. Better got involved with good ones and i found out already for you the best ones in my experience. It's not the big commercials that makes the difference. It are really the small ones and mout to mouth talk.


We got educated to spend our lifetime for regular economy support . After all, there will be always
good and bad sides but don't bring only the good news because bad news brings us the best change 
we all need. Unless we don't understand the message , saying being negative isn't the good attitude.
Remain the good news to cover up the bad stuff and sure you won't be there when someone
is held responsible for it. Take own responsibility for your own acts and if you can live with it , go on.
Our laws makes us scared to step out of the box but you can do a lot being in da box without breaking any 
law. It's up to you to change the laws for the best. I agree to behave positive but some people just can't 
anymore because they are to sick from stuff that seems to be not harmful. Being aware of the foodindustrie
strongest weapons to make us addicted people , it really isn't lovely to know about it . Confrontation everyday 
needs a change of mindset.

Relations , music for life, work/job
We all need money and have to take own responsibility with finance and relations. Having fun with each other is the best way to forget all for a while. Uncle is sick for many years and he knows all about it because of his job ... . High educated people told him all about it but working with dangerous fluids with personal prevention tools , it didn't work that very well.  Now he's 69 years and is down for about 2 years home. Now do you call this retirement ? Worked his whole life (at 14 years starting...) and now dealing with the health consequences because of his job. However it was a warm talk and still , that does more then everything you own in fact.

At the moment music for life is running and some organizations will benefit but bringing money into the system isn't always the solution. Some basic changes in our government needs to be done to get people back healthy and avoid many so called diseases. Many food can be linked to this diseases and it's horrible that this is all legal. There has to be profit because who wants to do business with lost incomes... .

I always say = " We create our own criminals and sickness because capitalism is the main driver to hold this situation alive ". That's why you have to make the change for yourself to learn and share your experiences with others. No matter what media you will use , do it and show us the meaning of the change you will love to create , with good meanings.

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Wifi vroeger ingezet als wapen in oorlog, nu consumentenproduct... | (Grens)wetenschap | Earth Matters

Wifi vroeger ingezet als wapen in oorlog, nu consumentenproduct... | (Grens)wetenschap | Earth Matters

Dan te bedenken dat we gewoon niet beter weten. Niet moeilijk dat de EU allerlei wetten en regels wil laten goedkeuren om ervoor te zorgen dat de belangen van degene die het meeste geld heeft te waarborgen. De gewone mens zal het niet kunnen betalen om de staat overeind te houden met een beleid dat ondanks alle goede bedoelde pogingen toch nog steeds de wet, van die het meeste geld heeft, oplegd.

Reeds enige tijd zonder eigen wifi bezig maar nog vele stoorzenders aanwezig die er gewoon niet bij stilstaan waarom je je niet echt top voelt. 30 jaar geleden kenden we dit allemaal niet en nu ineens worden we overrompeld omdat er word beweerd dat dit veilig is . Elke dag een beetje straling kan geen kwaad zekers . yeah right, net zoals je elke dag moet sporten of bewegen , is het wel de bedoeling om dit in de vrije natuur te doen. Als je niet beter weet is het nu eenmaal aanvaarden dat het vanaf nu wel beter en anders kan .

Kijk Hier naar een eerdere blog ,

Electro stress    or     WIFI radiation

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Fysiotherapy and supplements or healthy foods

1 year

After one year there is a minor progress available in traumatic injuries that lasts for a while. Like a broken or splinter elbow , you are missing a piece bone overthere. It can take a while and if you can take some rest , without worrying about a lot of things then you should do so to get the best recovery for sure. Talking about it and doing the best you can to avoid pain , while thinking making some progress , can do more harm then you think.  Trying to get stronger but things doesn't always look like they are.
Nerves and muscles can do rare things , science doesn't yet fully understand. Let's say fybromyalgie , gives you pain in muscles and tissues , while doing a bit sport will relief the symptoms. Some people think, sports is possible but working not. Pls keep in mind that working out 30 min. at low impact isn't the same as working at high intensity and pressure by environment.


Someone who's doing this (physiotherapy) for 25 years says always to avoid pain, because that is a sign that something isn't right. When symptoms comes back or actually a certain movement isn't normal anymore,  it isn't worthed to get involved with pain over and over again... More experienced people could be helpful and after all , for some people it's just business as usual. No back talking. Sure that food can work out to avoid inflammation at the worst. Getting some cortisone injections might give fast relief of pain but can come back as twice double the pain with even more damage because you didn't felt the signals stop doing ... . Working out gives a first impression progress in treatment but movement is stiff and feels strange, gotta think about warming up. Heavy work isn't allowed or any repetive work. Worst thing that can happen is that it's all in the mind but signals will come sure from your body. While i'm making this blog in 2-3 times to avoid overload on my elbows and arms etc. Actually , complaining about it 1,5 year ago wasn't enough to treat with the same physiotherapist. I had a lot lesser pain then now but felt that some movement wasn't normal. Nobody's has the same anatomy. Don't say what the fysio wants you to say. So i like fysio and sometimes it's hard working , doing exercises but at least, without to much pain. Having pain isn't bad when it's over soon , not that i last for the rest of the day!!! Taking ibuprofen and ice might give relief at short term but can harm more in longterm.


omega 3 black
Finest omega 3 on the world (I recommend moxxor or frezzor) , does it excists and still om on it for about 3 years ... lot's of things you learn to avoid bad influence from environment. Like where our food comes from it's also important to know it's raffinated or full of toxins . Raw natural food is still what we call natural food , untouched by toxins or human involvement . Lot's of great easy to understand tools are available on the internet. you gotta search for alkaline levels within your body and which food might be alright to maintain this . Water is a very underestimated health product. It's for the fish they say but still your body needs it . Because 70 % of your body is at least involved with water ...
Why omega 3 isn't a hype at all ? It's rather the quality and kind of product you wanna try .
It's not a matter to believe in it or be so excited about it. Its about taking it and learn about it. Because lot's of food habits are really wrong and we got bombed with it every day by marketing on tv, commercials . Even medicine are promoted so that we have to say it's good. Right, big money is involved with. Reduce inflammation with some high quality omega 3 and pls, consult a doctor for sure if you are in a bad condition or have any doubt about taking it. After all it's one of the 4 recommended supplements that even healthy people needs to use. Pls read on here, 4 recommended supplements, for more info what those 4 might do for you. Did you know also that this business wouldn't excist if our foods in the stores and markets contain low quality of ingredients?

Good habits

Many years eating steam cooked food is needed to get rid of toxins and it's quiet easy and fun to make . Ofcourse it's a battle to learn to love the tast but after a while you really taste it ... use some curcumine and fish with venkel et ... makes things a lot of tastier. I do blame myself for certain things again and again until i got total control over it. When you don' get it done , avoid it at most and relax . Getting back on your feets again after all the great stuff you have been reading about health and avoiding lot's of things which seems to be normal. Now eating 4 weeks no bread isn't a whole change of living and i'm a bit sick. I agree but i'm not sick sick. I have power and feel strong . Sometimes much better then before ... . In my opinion is a cold such something you can survive without consulting a doctor if you found yourself the answers... they can only relief the symptoms from being sick and don't battle against medicines and the disease itself.


If i did take 2 or 3 pain killers besides one week using a very strong one because a lot of pain in the elbow, this year it would be very few against many years ago. But it can work out synergistically if supported by medical advice to get out the maximum of recovery. You got to eat so without healthy food you won't either able to get rid of the toxins it created ... . there is also scientific evidence that regular pain medicins aren't as innocent at all. I've got the idea to take them because of pain in the knee and the worst thing that could happen did even more. Water in the knee while talking about bone medea ... . this lasted for months and looking back as it might be from an old injury work related while traveling at home after a bad day... it couldn't be worser. Never gone through more pain but that's another story as many interactions did no good to me. Shame on them who did so.
The thing is that medicins are really lifesavers but doesn't work preventive enough to get rid of it. Once you get on them , it's almost hard to avoid them.
Acids makes it hard for your body to function well because you need oxigen and energy to maintain your health for sure and at first.  It's not so expensive as you might think to eat healthy or use some good supplements. After all , a beer is also a supplement. Taking 1 or 2 is enough but yeah, it's an addiction i guess. Gotta read about it , because grains and wheat makes you even more hungry. And that's what most beers are made of.

Conclusion =
I'm not a doctor neither a scientist but isn't it so that we have to tell them how we feel and what their conclusions are about that? Isn't it so that every year the same virus will come back in another shape or transformed in a stronger version while they already prepare vaccinations for that ? How is that possible that they can predict the evolution for such a virus that we can't control ? It's just the way it is and gladly we learn more and more about it without being a doctor or whatever... . If you have a problem within your spine and surgery doesn't bring you salvation, what's next ? Get them to court because else they won't tell you the truth and admit their mistakes ? If your body tells you , it's enough then it is so. IF you have nothing to worry about and lot's of energy to make progress, even 1 cm then you can do so. Being surrounded well is also quiet important but when you got involved with a fysio where stagiairs are treating you and hurts you again for the worse . Telling them that it's enough and proceed a little more ... it's quiet clear to me that we are not an instrument for their experiences. After 1 year there is no more progress involved and going for more pain instead of progress isn't the meaning of fysio in my opinion. Or do they have a hidden agenda ? 

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