vrijdag 18 oktober 2013

The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind - Hidden Secrets of Money Epi...

Financial health 

I don't get it totally but so far i know , the best investment is your friends online/offline , family and neighbors. Some business relations can get you to a higher level to learn more ... .

Never mention that our health is the most precious gift on earth and even now we destroy the earth and everyone is responsible for that. For capitalism and profit of a few.

I don't wanna get anyone offended out here as most already know how this works and seems to be quiet normal to let the debt going higher and higher. If WE as normal costumers get above our debt level , we get the bailiff at our doorstep and so on , police coming into our houses to check our value inside.

You just can't do that to the government because it's the governement who rules us and points to us when we have debt. We don't get away with making more debt ceilings , we pay for our own debt like the government has to do with theirs.

None of these statements are true. We work for our own debt and the government debts. Most of them, spending a lifetime to get a miserable pension back to survive like a plant ... . What we get is being laughed out and fooled by those who have better places in this society.

This blog is about to share as much as possible . It's simple and easy to share and some will know more and learn more and are smarter then this simple blog but at least, change your life , one thought at a time. I learned about my mistakes and no-one has to tell me so as the only way to learn things really , is to experience them . Or if you have some good company it would be lovely to learn from other ones experiences.

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