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Prosperity Diseases, seemingly always your own fault!


It's common and widely know that we all want to feel us good despite other things , within yourself or by others or environment. Even things you don't know at all because of slander/backbiting. Anyway,
things can be told a few times however you don't have to care about what others say about you. That's their business. Look at the 7 rules of life , read below this article HERE . Depending on others to feel good is good as long as you know that you have to feel good within yourself. Your inner voice will set you free because interpretation is different for all of us. Different glasses and borders/insights for all of us.

Most diseases can't be explained for real but you know when you feel comfortable within your body. Like a warm peaceful feeling like you are in love and safe. Nothing matters anymore. Now many diseases are created for profit. Some signals could be taking seriously before becoming life threatening.
What they can't explain , that doesn't exists and it's all in your head. Seriously ???
Adhd, astma, allergies , behavior disorders, stress, .. it all can be reduced because if you could be just you. Not what others want you to be . From your birth , you have to live with what your parents/family and environment does with you. SO it's not YOUR FAULT (Look at this movie) to start over and over again.

After all you have to life with what you got anytime. Mostly talking what should be done and should do is also everyone's fault. Judging people instead of yourself first is a common mistake. I know why i do things and did things , to proof something and i know some doesn't have the right to do that but say what , don't care anymore. It will always be fine and stuff will show up like an iceberg while building things over and over again.


You really need to spend time on your health these days. It's amazing how much you have to do , distressing yourself and building up things to the next health level. Money makes it all different for most  but making a healthy meal isn't so difficult. Here's how she's doing it , A GIRL CALLED JACK if you love to cook :-) . In time you have to find your why and it will , one way or another. Change your health , one step at a time.  Bella ferraro finds her why already, check out the interview at the end.

The Only 4 Supplements That Healthy People Might Consider Taking (source = http://www.mindbodygreen.com )

I really like to comment on it because most is already written on mindbodygreen.com. Click on the link above to learn more.

Vit D.

Yeah right, we don't need that ... so wrong but really so wrong ... . When you go to school , when your are born, when you start to work(most jobs) and when it's winter ? what do you do ? Right , sitting inside or in da car. Taking a supplement can by any healthy person. Be sure to use the vit. D3 instead of D2 because it's plant based. Also important for max. absorption calcium into your bones. So lot's of vitamins works synergistically togheter because our body is a truly amazing system.

Omega 3.

These days our inflammations into our body can be reduced by taking an omega 3 . I prefer the one from the greenlipped mussel of new zealand. So far the generally used one by myself is from FREZZOR omega 3 black (Try it with 90 days money back) because NSAID's does more harm on longterm. Blocking the normal inflammation functions in your body so you get sick from side-effects.  Like vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids aren't made in your body so intake is needed but use the recommended doses as not all omega 3 is like the one from newzealand. They can actually increase the risk of bleeding and stroke.  So far the greenlippedmussel oil contains all variety omega 3's know on earth and doesn't affect the risk of bleeding continu. 


99 % is stored in the bones and 1 % is used for vasular tone, muscle function, nerve transmission and hormone secretion. Wow, sounds technically but remind that bones are build in our younger years and requires more calcium then you might think. Bone formation exceeds bone breakdown. After 50's bones destruction pasts bones formation. So elderly people will probably get lesser out in the air and that's why most old-houses have a veranda/terras for sun intake. If some have broken lot's then it might be a hard old time for lot's but you can do no more then doing the best you do now . So making the best of it with a little knowledge and feeling about yourself.

Folic acid.

Needed for the production of red cells and especially also for RNA/DNA. Pregnant women needs to pay attention to use enough vitamin B11 (folic acid) because an embryo needs it to build itself.

3 basics to keep in mind for healthier living =

Exercise, diet and emotional health to reduce cancer. Use music to feel the vibes because they can actually give you a good feeling. There are a lot of things you can't do without others but some learn really the hard way because they got misunderstood by a lot of institutions and doctors. Maybe even family. It's your nature to act and react but some decides to intimidate/provoke you.

If you choose regular treatments , everything looks fine and no-one worries if things doesn't works out. It should be something else. While trying alternative treatments , they call it bad , scam and illegal if things aren't approved by the big industrial lobby where money rules. Ofcourse money needs to make money. Otherwise, reading this dutch book, what angela didn't know about cancer is the cause is oxygen deficiency at the cellular level and stop poisoning your body before and after cancer treatment. While i'm reading the first letters , it's like coming home. From childhood there was something really uncomfortable within my body like always fighting against something, sounds familiar  isn't it ... also everyone lives in other conditions then most can imagine. 

I hope you feel by yourself if this blog is for any advantage because i share and care about what i wanna do or already are doing so. Inspire yourself and others to release the full potential in yourself.

One little tip we all know ofcourse but remind yourself again =

Try to eat when you are hungry or feel to start hungry and use the best six doctors and 3 basics. 

Change your health , one step at a time.

Train yourself and educate yourself again.

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