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7 Reasons Why Life Is Better Without Booze

I was the consummate party girl for 20 years before I finally realized that alcohol was taking more than it was giving. I quit drinking two and a half years ago at the age of 35 and have never felt happier, more confident, or as in control of my own destiny than I do now that I'm sober.

I'm 39 years and last months i visited an ex-collega from soccer , for his final game at last. It was good to see a lot of people back . Somebody asked me = " Now drinking 2-3 ice-tea's and then you were always gone. Did drinking no alcohol brought you any progress or did you get any better then doing not so?" Now , i don't drink ice-tea anymore and can only decide that i feel good after all what has happened in my life. I'm glad i still stand ground for what i believe is right to do . Despite you don't belong to them if you don't drink beer or anything else , you will always be "out of the group". I'm still amused that i don't conform with the regular social acceptable rules and have seen the negative impact after and during drinking alcohol. A lot of aggression against my mother from my father and i felt so angry that i sometimes decided to defend my mother. She was scared that my father would did something to me. Now you can't forgive him when it takes so much energy to realize that you aren't the problem and gotta move on.
Feeling sick after a day of drinking wasn't meant to do so for me but the fun and the laughter you had on the day itself probably. That's why you are doing it, i guess , not for being bad the day after while you are really all alone in your body with your sick feelings. No compassion from others of course . It's your fault. After the fun , there is only sickness for sure. NO matter what you decide. For sure the boss in da house rules and disrespect for others health is not a good way to live together.

A common saying is = "Water is only for the fish". I realized that many factors tried to sabotage me and the people who stand closest to you could harm you the most. Nobody is perfect and try to find & learn your way in life. I still stand for many things i thought 19 years ago. I'm proud of that. Being able to stand of alcohol at first for real. So did i last years with most sugar foods as that is poison to your body as well. Ofcourse too much from anything is bad for you. Too less is also not good for sure but again, nobody is perfect and some have pleasure and fun in others miserie or failures . Or just the way you are to apologize themselves for their own.

Here are just a few of the reasons why life is better when it's alcohol-free: 
1. Your health gets better. Becoming a non-drinker reduces your chances of developing a plethora of alcohol-related illnesses, from various cancers to liver and heart disease. 

2. Your looks improve. Alcohol is responsible for puffiness in the face, sunken eyes, premature aging of the skin, and a dull complexion. Becoming a non-drinker will result in healthier looking skin and brighter eyes.

3. It's easier to maintain the weight you want. One bottle of wine has as many as 700 calories, more than a Big Mac! Plus, when you give up wine, you’re more likely to exercise if your weekends aren’t taken over by hangovers.

4. You have more time to get stuff done. If you regularly crack open a bottle of wine after dinner and have a few glasses during the course of the evening, you'll be down approximately 30 hours every week on time to GET STUFF DONE! That’s time to organize the kids for school the next day, time to blast the housework, or time to read, study or develop a hobby or skill. A boozy lifestyle equals non-productive evenings.

4b. You can even finish a book. I've always tried to write a book, but never finished more than a few chapters, when I'd inevitably hit the wine. Now, as a non-drinker (I had my last drink in April 2011), I've just had my first book published, The Sober Revolution, co-written with Sarah Turner, and am already partway through writing the next.

5. You have more patience. As someone who drank almost every night, and often to excess, I was less than patient as a parent to my eldest daughter. Now the mother of a second little girl, my parenting skills have grown massively and I always know I'm doing my best as a mum.

6. You find out who you really are. Alcohol has such a powerful effect on the body and mind that it’s impossible to find out who you are when you’re regularly getting sloshed. It's only with living alcohol-free that true self-discovery becomes a possibility. By learning to know yourself better, you have a fighting chance of finding out what you want from life, as well as all that you're capable of achieving.

7. You feel good about your life. When you're permanently sober, your choices are always your own; alcohol-free living means never waking up again crippled with regret and shame. And that is priceless.

After breaking free from the alcohol trap, I desperately wanted to help others see how much better life is without the constant negative cycle of drinking to excess, bad hangovers, and mornings filled with regrets. That’s why I set up Soberistas.com, a website which brings together a totally non-judgmental community of like-minded people who've either kicked the booze or who are looking for help in doing so. 

Good luck with your journey and keep me posted! 

zaterdag 19 oktober 2013

Natural Cures Not Medicine: The man who lives without money

Natural Cures Not Medicine: The man who lives without money: Irishman Mark Boyle tried to live life with no income, no bank balance and no spending. Here’s how he finds it. If someone ...

Sounds great to have plenty time to rediscover friendship for real ... Trust needs to build up again but if you don't have nothing , you have nothing to loose besides "friendship". Gotta try that out if nothing else matters ...

great blog , thx for sharing with us , quiet inspiring and full available . I just wonder how you get on the internet :D

Suzanne Somers' Cancer Controversy

Hi everyone,

i'm just sharing this so someone can take profit from it because it's the knowledge that
makes the difference for many people to learn more and live again the life they want.
I'm just a normal guy who's mother died of cancer and was treated with chemotherapy.
Having money in these hard times is quiet helpful for real. So saving money, can save your life.

No promises , just knowledge around here and proven results.

Decide for yourself, you have the right to do so. If you are able, might be helpful.

Respect for this doctor,


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1 op de 3 relaties - huwelijk, samenwonen of een andere vorm van relatie - wordt na verloop van tijd stopgezet. De reden is dat heel veel mensen denken dat een relatie behouden vanzelf gaat. In de praktijk zijn er zoveel factoren die het tegendeel juist bevorderen: naarmate de tijd verstrijkt raak je uitgekeken op elkaar, vaak verandert de relatie door de komst van kinderen, misschien word je verliefd op een ander, etc. etc. In Gefeliciteerd met je echtscheiding ga je ontdekken hoe jij je persoonlijke invloed aan kunt wenden om je relaties te be├»nvloeden. Of dat nu je relatie met je huidige partner, je (aanstaande) ex, je kinderen, je familie of je (ex-)schoonfamilie is, dat maakt niet uit. 

Zodra je gaat begrijpen hoe je jouw persoonlijke invloed uit kunt oefenen op een relatie, zullen al je relaties verbeteren. Voor je het weet komt je vriendenkring bij jou om raad waar het relaties betreft, onder het mom ‘jij hebt het allemaal zo goed voor elkaar. Hoe doe jij dat toch?’ 

Toch maar oppassen voor manipulatie, intimidatie, verbaal geweld, ...
Bv. Huisvrouw kan ouderlijke woonst niet verlaten omdat ze de middelen niet heeft en blijft maar de vele kwellingen ondergaan van een dronkelap, die haar soms dag en nacht tergt. Hij is de broodwinner en is dan zogezegd ook de baas in huis. Respect voor zijn medebewoners(lees = kinderen) is dan ook met vele laagtes en weinig hoogtes. Schone schijn alom als het erop aankomt.

Bron = Succesboeken

The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind - Hidden Secrets of Money Epi...

Financial health 

I don't get it totally but so far i know , the best investment is your friends online/offline , family and neighbors. Some business relations can get you to a higher level to learn more ... .

Never mention that our health is the most precious gift on earth and even now we destroy the earth and everyone is responsible for that. For capitalism and profit of a few.

I don't wanna get anyone offended out here as most already know how this works and seems to be quiet normal to let the debt going higher and higher. If WE as normal costumers get above our debt level , we get the bailiff at our doorstep and so on , police coming into our houses to check our value inside.

You just can't do that to the government because it's the governement who rules us and points to us when we have debt. We don't get away with making more debt ceilings , we pay for our own debt like the government has to do with theirs.

None of these statements are true. We work for our own debt and the government debts. Most of them, spending a lifetime to get a miserable pension back to survive like a plant ... . What we get is being laughed out and fooled by those who have better places in this society.

This blog is about to share as much as possible . It's simple and easy to share and some will know more and learn more and are smarter then this simple blog but at least, change your life , one thought at a time. I learned about my mistakes and no-one has to tell me so as the only way to learn things really , is to experience them . Or if you have some good company it would be lovely to learn from other ones experiences.

zondag 13 oktober 2013

WIFI radiation , cell phone radiation, electronica frequency's, ...

Electromagnetic fields does more harm then you imagine ...

Have you seen one of my favorite youtubes? it's like the magnetic field around the globe with a north and south pole. Our body exist in a similar way because without electricity , our body won't even work. 
Check out here www.healthcares.be to watch a short mind-blowing youtube film to simple understand en imagine what i'm talking about. It's not so unusual that magnetic fields influence each on and another. So when your body is in imbalance , think about avoiding as much wifi or radiation as you can. Even lesser or no computing at all because electronic devices have frequencies around their equipment , might be blown right into your face. Despite the warm elements of electronic components , could be poison as well. Do the test how much your cleaner your air will be inside without using these electronic devices at all. Because of the gasses that will blow out of your device ... #ventilation. So another aspect has been revealed. It's better to know about it then to be unaware. Despite doing something about it , is not so easy because everything any changes is almost money related for sure.

It's already happening that the vector of radiation from the earth magnetic field changes because of changing magnetic fields around the globe. The natural imbalance is a fact. Yet we are yet so young using electronic magnetic fields ... right ?   Influence each one and another to make disturbing movements underneath the ground , deep down below. A long time ago , i had a great talk with a visionary because of my fair working out my health business. He talked about magnetic fields that causes disease because of an imbalance into your body. Destabilize your sleeping behavior  Our body's regeneration ability is amazing if it's in the best shape . Many instruments can be found to picture your karma or charisma or even the colors around your body with means also measuring the magnetic field around anyones body. Some body's are really sensitive to magnetic fields and can sense some changes into their body's. Amazing isn't it ?

From the deepest of my heart , i regret that i just follow the global common usage of technology because the main thought was, what they sell in our stores has to be good. Nothing else was more wrong then i can say now. Follow with what is or stay behind. For many reasons , i started to think that my mom died because of such radiation or any abuse or it could be the intensifier. But i had to put it out of my mind because many reasons can lead to such cancer environment. I remember the first times i used a cell phone . I discovered that my head was warming up around my ears and sometimes i carried into my pocket . Now what ? that side of the body warmed up as well ... . It all could have done already lot's of damaged to my tissues. I avoid as well a microwave as i used one for a while to eat some so called healthy replacement meals from weight watchers. Ok, again wrong ... 

Mobiles 'may cause brain cancer'

Right, don't be so serious about that stuff . Not at all. There are dying more people from cancer then anything else. Just imagine what sugar is doing already , we are eating ourself to death and no one cares. Or if i'm not qualified to talk or blog about it, sry. It's quiet simple to understand . 

From the deepest of my heart , i regret that i just follow the global common usage of technology because the main thought was, what they sell in our stores has to be good. Nothing else was more wrong then i can say now. Follow with what is or stay behind. For many reasons , i started to think that my mom died because of such radiation or any abuse or it could be the intensifier. But i had to put it out of my mind because many reasons can lead to such cancer environment. I remember the first times i used a cell phone . I discovered that my head was warming up around my ears and sometimes i carried into my pocket . Now what ? that side of the body warmed up as well ... . It all could have done already lot's of damaged to my tissues. 

These kids inspired me to write this blog as i already took some preparations because of my health. I shutted down my wifi network for my own sake and my neighbors. I mention already a little over here, 

Seeds don't grow next to a wifi device ... . How does that sounds? Why i'm choosing to get all the electronic devices out of the bedroom is explained very well now. The best way to recover is during your sleep. Every day's attacks with toxins and stuff is quiet hard to resists and people laugh rather with one and another instead of being realistic. 

Since Wi-Fi is so recent, no studies have yet been done on the long-term health effects of Wi-Fi. However, thousands of studies have been done on the health effects of mobile phones and mobile phone masts. Wi-Fi radiation penetrates the body, affects cell membranes and over time cells to lose their ability to function properly. It disturbs the body’s natural energy field causing stress, fatigue and a weakened immune system. It can also cause headaches, concentration problems, dizziness, anxiety, memory loss, depression, hyperactivity, abnormal heart rates, seizures, epilepsy, nausea, skin rashes, insomnia, ringing ears, high blood pressure, brain damage, autism, diabetes, fibromyalgia, infertility, birth defects, DNA damage, leukemia, cancer, etc.http://safespaceprotection.com/harmful-effects-electromagnetic-fields.aspx

Many questions and the basics are yet so great to understand however our status and social engagement seems to be very important in this world to let go some rules and decisions. I started to make my own decisions and in time , development will show where i will be , no matter what.

Change your life , one step at a time by your own decisions.

Just be aware that if you don't walk into the line, you might get scammed or people will ignore you and intimidate you with whatever they will know about your or will get to know about your. No matter how far they seems to get into your life. The real strength of each one and another is inside yourself.
It's called the life source of your body , the chi. Last but not least, i rather share what i feel what i have to share to make something happen overthere , no matter what. If i could change something , i couldn't do any better then i did now. So enjoy and live the best you can now

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BURN OUT syndroom

Zeer herkenbaar verhaal over "BURNOUT" . Eenders waar en hoe , het blijft de conclusie dat het gedeelde verantwoordelijkheid is. LEES het artikel van Erika van tielen Doe iets aan de heersende burn-outboom en lees daarop de reactie van Luk Dewulf hier of klik op Een open brief aan Erika Van Tielen - Opinie - De Morgen

Precies verwoord zoals sommige mensen het voelen en denken maar uit angst om hun job te verliezen die openheid achterlaten ... . Voor het geld ergens blijven werken , is dat wel zo'n goed idee ? Het is eerder toch de passie en de motivatie die je stelt om doelen te halen die van enig nut zijn voor jezelf en de organisatie. Stel je wilt iets afmaken en probeert dat zo goed en zo kwaad mogelijk te doen maar er zijn stoorzenders zoals foutieve info en tegenwerkende mensen . Ieders zijn job uiteraard en waarvan die fouten komen , die moeten dan ook maar hun "GEDEELDE VERANTWOORDELIJKHEID" opnemen. Alles in de boot blijven duwen van degenen die onderaan de ladder staan , dat werkt pas demotiverend. Reacties als "Als het op een ander zoveel beter is moet je maar op een ander gaan werken" blijven dan ook niet uit om de mensen onder druk te zetten en om ze in de kiem te smoren.

Uiteindelijk is het jouw verantwoordelijkheid om je goed en wel in je vel te mogen en kunnen voelen. Laat je ogen niet (of niet meer) uitsteken met wat je nu hebt geleerd. Als je een stempel krijgt , laat je dan niet zo behandelen. Je hebt recht op evenveel als een ander als het om jouw gezondheid en welzijn gaat.

De lessen zijn geleerd en die moeten enkel nog uitgevoerd worden net zoals ze in het school ingelepeld zijn . De schooltijd is echt wel voorbij en dat begrijpen sommige bedrijven nog niet goed. Onze technische maatschappij denigreert onze gezondheid met rasse schreden omdat de meest basale en oerbehoeftes gewoon in de grond worden geboord en genegeerd. Dat begint al met respect voor elkaar en de huidige tendens is , met alle chinezen maar niet met den deze !

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Frezzor science Part 4


Did you know that having the correct levels of omega-3s in our bodies can make our cells more sensitive to insulin and thereby enable our body to control blood sugar levels better thereby providing support for type-2 diabetics and pre-diabetics; FREZZOR Omega-3 Black are the most effective Omega-3 on the world market.

Jeremy Harris - Science Director General
FREZZOR Science Advisory Board

Frezzor science Part 3

Frezzor science Part 2

Frezzor science Part 1

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FREZZOR Weight Management and FREZZOR Superfood
FREZZOR Weight Management and FREZZOR Superfood are your 100% all-natural protein-dense, nutrient-rich, full-spectrum “complete meals” from the pure pristine environment of New Zealand. Scientifically formulated to keep you fully-satisfied with an exceptional source of pure clean “live grass-fed” dairy whey protein concentrate and plant-sourced antioxidants, super foods, vegetables, fruits, herbs, botanicals, soluble and insoluble fibers, whole food vitamins, omega-3s, and minerals. FREZZOR Weight Management is a high-quality safe and effective weight-loss “meal-replacement”. FREZZOR Superfood is a source of powerful, potent, high-quality, natural, full-spectrum, phytonutrient-rich, nutrient-dense, antioxidant-charged ” “complete super food meal” from New Zealand specifically designed to build lean muscle mass and enhance your performance. Both our FREZZOR Weight Management and our FREZZOR Superfood have the same identical pure, clean, powerful ingredients; the difference being our FREZZOR Superfood contain 5 times more of the powerful “highly-concentrated” plant-sourced antioxidants. Both products can be used as Weight-Loss products or as lean Muscle-Gain products. Our FREZZOR Nutritional Weight-Management and FREZZOR Superfood are highly bio-active (easily recognized and picked-up by the cells) and highly bio-available (efficiently absorbed and utilized by cells) and are highly-nutritious “meal-replacements” and “power-food” sources. Only 117 calories per serving. Serving Size: 2 Scoops (30grams). Approximately 20 Servings per Container.
  • High-quality, all-natural, raw, ”organic-quality” ingredients from New Zealand (31+ fruit, vegetables, protein, fiber, herbs, and botanicals)
  • Contains full-spectrum of powerful whole foods, super foods, phytonutrients, phytochemicals, micronutrients, and macronutrients
  • Highly-concentrated antioxidants to help enhance performance, provide energy, and speed-up recovery
  • Proprietary formula supports maximum absorption without stomach irritation, easily digestible
  • All your nutritional needs covered with just 2 scoops for a fully satisfy complete meal
  • Low calorie, high energy, satisfying meal-replacement
  • 100% all-natural, No artificial sweeteners, No synthetic ingredients, No fillers
  • Low glycemic load
  • Can be mixed with water, easily accessible on the go
  • Can be mixed with coconut water or in a blender with fruit and berries
  • GMO-Free, Pesticide-Free, Preservative-Free, Herbicide-Free, Chemical-Free




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Prosperity Diseases, seemingly always your own fault!


It's common and widely know that we all want to feel us good despite other things , within yourself or by others or environment. Even things you don't know at all because of slander/backbiting. Anyway,
things can be told a few times however you don't have to care about what others say about you. That's their business. Look at the 7 rules of life , read below this article HERE . Depending on others to feel good is good as long as you know that you have to feel good within yourself. Your inner voice will set you free because interpretation is different for all of us. Different glasses and borders/insights for all of us.

Most diseases can't be explained for real but you know when you feel comfortable within your body. Like a warm peaceful feeling like you are in love and safe. Nothing matters anymore. Now many diseases are created for profit. Some signals could be taking seriously before becoming life threatening.
What they can't explain , that doesn't exists and it's all in your head. Seriously ???
Adhd, astma, allergies , behavior disorders, stress, .. it all can be reduced because if you could be just you. Not what others want you to be . From your birth , you have to live with what your parents/family and environment does with you. SO it's not YOUR FAULT (Look at this movie) to start over and over again.

After all you have to life with what you got anytime. Mostly talking what should be done and should do is also everyone's fault. Judging people instead of yourself first is a common mistake. I know why i do things and did things , to proof something and i know some doesn't have the right to do that but say what , don't care anymore. It will always be fine and stuff will show up like an iceberg while building things over and over again.


You really need to spend time on your health these days. It's amazing how much you have to do , distressing yourself and building up things to the next health level. Money makes it all different for most  but making a healthy meal isn't so difficult. Here's how she's doing it , A GIRL CALLED JACK if you love to cook :-) . In time you have to find your why and it will , one way or another. Change your health , one step at a time.  Bella ferraro finds her why already, check out the interview at the end.

The Only 4 Supplements That Healthy People Might Consider Taking (source = http://www.mindbodygreen.com )

I really like to comment on it because most is already written on mindbodygreen.com. Click on the link above to learn more.

Vit D.

Yeah right, we don't need that ... so wrong but really so wrong ... . When you go to school , when your are born, when you start to work(most jobs) and when it's winter ? what do you do ? Right , sitting inside or in da car. Taking a supplement can by any healthy person. Be sure to use the vit. D3 instead of D2 because it's plant based. Also important for max. absorption calcium into your bones. So lot's of vitamins works synergistically togheter because our body is a truly amazing system.

Omega 3.

These days our inflammations into our body can be reduced by taking an omega 3 . I prefer the one from the greenlipped mussel of new zealand. So far the generally used one by myself is from FREZZOR omega 3 black (Try it with 90 days money back) because NSAID's does more harm on longterm. Blocking the normal inflammation functions in your body so you get sick from side-effects.  Like vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids aren't made in your body so intake is needed but use the recommended doses as not all omega 3 is like the one from newzealand. They can actually increase the risk of bleeding and stroke.  So far the greenlippedmussel oil contains all variety omega 3's know on earth and doesn't affect the risk of bleeding continu. 


99 % is stored in the bones and 1 % is used for vasular tone, muscle function, nerve transmission and hormone secretion. Wow, sounds technically but remind that bones are build in our younger years and requires more calcium then you might think. Bone formation exceeds bone breakdown. After 50's bones destruction pasts bones formation. So elderly people will probably get lesser out in the air and that's why most old-houses have a veranda/terras for sun intake. If some have broken lot's then it might be a hard old time for lot's but you can do no more then doing the best you do now . So making the best of it with a little knowledge and feeling about yourself.

Folic acid.

Needed for the production of red cells and especially also for RNA/DNA. Pregnant women needs to pay attention to use enough vitamin B11 (folic acid) because an embryo needs it to build itself.

3 basics to keep in mind for healthier living =

Exercise, diet and emotional health to reduce cancer. Use music to feel the vibes because they can actually give you a good feeling. There are a lot of things you can't do without others but some learn really the hard way because they got misunderstood by a lot of institutions and doctors. Maybe even family. It's your nature to act and react but some decides to intimidate/provoke you.

If you choose regular treatments , everything looks fine and no-one worries if things doesn't works out. It should be something else. While trying alternative treatments , they call it bad , scam and illegal if things aren't approved by the big industrial lobby where money rules. Ofcourse money needs to make money. Otherwise, reading this dutch book, what angela didn't know about cancer is the cause is oxygen deficiency at the cellular level and stop poisoning your body before and after cancer treatment. While i'm reading the first letters , it's like coming home. From childhood there was something really uncomfortable within my body like always fighting against something, sounds familiar  isn't it ... also everyone lives in other conditions then most can imagine. 

I hope you feel by yourself if this blog is for any advantage because i share and care about what i wanna do or already are doing so. Inspire yourself and others to release the full potential in yourself.

One little tip we all know ofcourse but remind yourself again =

Try to eat when you are hungry or feel to start hungry and use the best six doctors and 3 basics. 

Change your health , one step at a time.

Train yourself and educate yourself again.

ETA sluit de ontstekingsschakelaar in de cox-2- en lox-paden af ​​

Noel Turner's levensverhaal = Ik speelde in de vroege jaren 70 van de vorige eeuw een belangrijke rol in de ontwikkeling van de greenl...