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Which dark chocolate you could prefer ?

Besides all the bad news all along the tv with attacks in a shop center and lot's of other ongoing unhappy situations in lot's of countries. We can only help them one step a time and give them at least a thought that might probably help them somehow,  anyway and anytime.

Now there is another war going on in our comfort community where processed foods are existing for only 50 years (about). Besides we don't know what the cause is from wifi or any other technical progress. Our food which remains for million years the same is now processed for a while.  So the food progress development/innovation is nothing new but only profitable for a few ones who have patented those innovative process. Despite the balance difference for food distribution to afrika or europe , we can't ignore anymore what's going on. 

Nevermind, here's comes "healthcares" opinon about testing out =

Callebaut (jacques) has added sugars and quiet tasty of course , so no need to say to avoid this one at first. The impression giving, it starts to let you crave more and more without feeling satisfied at all. The ingredients are not so natural. So taste = 10 but it has no actual addition to improve your satisfaction. You keep on eating until it's finished or you feel sick and reacting like "need to lay down!". In my experience , you feel it or you have a long way to go to learn to feel it.

We all know about it that the cacao mass has to be more then 70% at least to have the best health advantage for your bloodvessels etc. So just find out google search as this one is not in particular for the facts but more for the experience of using.

HEALTH BENEFITS dark chocolate:
The cocoa mass is what is referred to when talking about health benefits from chocolate, because it contains: 
1. Minerals; particularly magnesium, which many lack 
2. Antioxidants; protects you against aging and many diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease 
3. Flavonoids; can lowers blood pressure and seems inflammatory. The substance protect against a precursor of atherosclerosis 
4. Flavones; can protect you against heart diseases and blood clots 
5. Theobromine; a mild stimulant, which is a good remedy for dry cough 

At first, read all the effects instead of focusing on the difficult words.

Next , is Cereal Dark stevia chocolate which contains maltitol .

The influence of Maltitol is giving your intestines disturbing signs of laxative effects . The taste is quiet different because this combination , maltitol and steviol glycosiden doesn't works out for me. The intestines producing more gas and let you fart. The bitter taste fades away because of the maltitol. 

Now the good ones for me are the stevia cavalier chocolate and dulcisana
Both with erythritol and steviolglycosiden. The bitter taste is still out there and it gives you energy. So before a workout or training , it might be a good idea to eat some dark chocolate. You have all kind of these with antioxidants for example . If you make a great juice with "frezzor superfood" or "frezzor weight management" then you might not like the taste of it at first. Eat some dark chocolate to learn to appreciate the taste of healthy supplements is the best way to improve your health. To loose weight it's not necessary to leave all the tasty things behind, just make sure to use the good ones if you like dark chocolate in combination with lot other healthy stuff. Not to mention about stevia ice crime with dark chocolate sauce. So love is all we need and chocolate will boost it or be the one that is working out your love hormones. :-)

So the facts about dark chocolat and min. 70 % cacao , the higher the better , can be found while googling all along so no need for me to get technical as i don't have the grades to do so. The main reason is that you can feel again when you feel good about eating something or bad . Be sure to avoid overeating but social conditions must be controlled by you and not the environment.  This week , i ate my first napoli pizza at work and after one pie , i had enough. It was just 1/8 piece and decided to eat a half pizza. I was overeating myself but couldn't forgive myself to throw it away while so many people are too poor to eat such a piece of pizza. To mention about the stevia cavalier chocolate. It's fairtrade. 

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  1. I found some new chocolate with some coconut sugar ... probably testing out now.


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