woensdag 4 september 2013

FREZZOR science part 2


Often later in life we start to feel the physical effects of the punishment we have subjected our bodies to along the passage of time. Stiffness in the morning, joint pain, high-blood pressure are all symptoms of inflammation. Adding FREZZOR Omega-3 & Antioxidants to ones diet is a highly-effective way of mitigating or alleviating these issues due to a compound it contains from New Zealand greenlip mussels called Ecosatetraenoic Acid (ETA). The only significant source of ETA on the planet is found in New Zealand greenlip mussels. By reducing the pain and discomfort of Inflammation, it will encourage a more healthy and active lifestyle. I recommend that everyone takes 2 FREZZOR soft-gel capsules every day to enjoy better overall health, wellbeing, and quality of life.

Jeremy Harris - Science Director General
FREZZOR Science Advisory Board

Personal opinion healthcares about frezzor =

For more then 3 years , i'm using this kind of product. I'm glad i took the change to learn and hang on during hard times to use this one. Omega 3 black from frezzor. I take now "1 a day" and depending on disease or illness/pain , i take more. Rest and good diet and also a little exercise is recommended. Last time i got to use mobic medicine for my pain from artritis and artrose in the elbow and shoulder . Meantime using my proper diet besides some emofood because of unhappy situations... . So after a week the pain came back even harder and i decided to get back to work as my doctor says , i gotta live with that. SO back to my secret using omega 3 black frezzor and avoid heavy fysical workouts ad work and revalidation. Medicines are sure a good thing for lifetreatening diseases ... . I suggest to take a look for more info about it , HERE, blog from melissa B. . 

 Using SUPERFOOD and WEIGHT MANAGEMENT if you can afford it. It's for a month at least and consider the health benefits in time .
I've gone trough a lot of stress learning about the impact of your environment and how wrong we got educated. They can only say it's up to you but when it's too late , you are depending and living with your doctors advice for life.  Pls, understand me very well, doctors are really necessary and deserve lot's of respect ... so does your body , so respect that with good food ... .

"Getting the best out of you, is getting the best food into you"

Enjoy and hope this inspires you a lot using one or another good food for your body.

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