zaterdag 3 augustus 2013

Story about inflammation into your body


Through my social contacts , i got in touch with such inspiring people that i never ever could imagine how foolish i have been. All this misleadings , manipulation , scariness , ... the other side of the medallion . Now there is also a good side and i found out myself to listen to my body as i was a child. If you got educated well there should be lesser to learn down here and still remains a lot to learn as i don't have any degrees to intimidate or impress you. I learned the hard way , let's say the economic way . Every day we got bombed with commercials because they have to sell the products. Sometimes there is a lot more going on and peoples business is depending on to bring down others. This video shows something same minded and is actually real. We all need good vibes and positive recognition but some reality is needed in our economical system that undermines our debt to mother earth. We are consuming more then mother earth can produce and still we learn to live the best we can . Again the other side of the medallion is , are we happy ? Well, i'm not . I'm working on it and every time i got steamcooked food , i feel happy that this little luxe can help me to feel better . The influence of others , like a bench of cows , is reflecting the behaviors of others. Capitalism has the greatest power yet to get things done or not. Money makes the difference for all. No matter what. We all feel safe with a lot of money .
Therefore , healthy food costs more then usual cheap food . I decided to be humble with what i got and invest in my health . While the regular industry can't provide us the right tools i decided to stay along with the right companies like FREZZOR for example.


Our genetical background is important to understand our food impact into our body. That's because our system isn't made to digest our raffinated food and is doing a bad job to keep us healthy but is making us slavery of the food industry . Then we need to feel us good and we take our medicines while making it all worse as we should only take it if we are in a life threatening condition. We feel most of the time life threaten i guess by our luxe. So feeling good , define for yourself what makes you feel good ? 
Getting aggressive is probably out of frustration and peoples desire to make things happen they can't or delay. Well you gotta feel good and out of any stress condition. Inflammation isn't to underestimate as is causes internal stress and diseases . Most of the chronically diseases are because of our diet habbits as we know from raising like a child. Also , in very old times , our only stress factor was fighting against wild animals. it's a well know story that our daily habits undermines our health. Right now it's like we got attacked by noise , commercials , overacting people, provoking people , ... . Now , inflammation in your body makes you feel bad in mind and body. Every cell in our body get's involved with inflammation and we can't just keep on doing so until we got warned by mother nature . Leave it or die ! Like allergies for nuts , shellfish, ... . We gotta eat a lot of different foods to get the best out , while we don't have time to deal with it. Or some are lucky enought to make it happen. It's a complex system that involves our environment also and our total body function with hormones , enzymes, vitamins, minerals, ... . Our food must be our medicine and i'm not perfect as some will only criticize instead of taking action. Now Ward off the dangers of chronic inflammation by incorporating these 5 lifesavers into your lifestyle. Source = . Must be reliable i guess .  

Something really unknow is the omega 3 fatty acid in the greenlipped mussel from new zealand , produced in sea farms protected by regulations to remain mother nature in healthy conditions. One of the owners is noel turner and it's a life story while he was at age 16 , his journey started as fisher . The unique omega 3 called ETA and works perfect synergistically togheter with other sources of fatty acids from the greenlipped mussel. Some good lecture about it, click here . So if you wake up and looking out what's happening with this knowledge then it's clear that it's a part of our health. Some food isn't good for you and you have to learn to recognize it instead of being frustrated by others or environment who are telling you , how to feel and what to do and above all , what to eat.

Our joints have become a victim of our food behavior and it's really amazing to get in touch with a lot of testimonials. Real video's HERE . Like some osteopathic therapist  , fysical therapist, ... can indicate why sugar can really harm your joints , indicating stiffness , inflammation , etc.. . They can't cure you , they only make it sometimes even worser because your food has to be the medicine at first. Overweight is also bad for our joints in time and must be reduced. Arthritis and osteoarthritis can really be reduced by using an extract of the greenlippedmussel. The fatty acids found in these from new zealand are very powerful anti-inflammatory's for prevention and supporting your body's health.

Having allergies means to avoid food that undermines your body because if you avoid to make it worser and deal with it . Mother nature will take care of it. Everyone is unique and there is no ultimate cure for everyone to deal with inflammation. So a whole set of impact can make things better for you .
Get healthy , happy and wealthy because you will share the world to do something about it. Trust yourself and feel yourself. I know enough now.

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