woensdag 21 augustus 2013

Frezzor science , it works !


Mankind has had over 6000 years of recorded history and it is only in the last 50 years that we have started consuming modified food sources as part of our diet. Coincidently it is only in the last 50 years that obesity has become a major and growing problem. We at FREZZOR suggest if you are having a problem controlling your weight, this can be addressed by eating organic foods in its most natural form possible. While this is not always possible, we have the solution for you, take one or two FREZZOR Nutritional Wellness Shakes every day to replace meals, along with adding two FREZZOR Omega-3 capsules into your regular daily diet will help address the nutritional needs your body may be experiencing by providing a powerful blend of full-spectrum, nutrient-rich, pure protein, fibre, super foods, essential fatty acids and antioxidants that the body needs for the maintenance of a healthy body and digestive system.

Jeremy Harris - Science Director General
FREZZOR Science Advisory Board

Opinion @healthcaresbe
The reasons are also our high consumable daily habits. Fast in and out , our time management doesn't let us control our habits for the good sake of our health. We managed to used to go to the doctor and got a prescription to feel us better instantly. We all want it fast and quick to be healthy but time will proof that our health isn't build in one day and destroyed in many years with damaged tissues or whatever forever. Our body is strong but that can also be in your mind on character depending.

Tsing, my steamcookerd just finished so gotta go and remember this, it's never too late. 

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Sorry, i have to say that EVERYONE needs them . I'm the best proof of it. 

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Frezzor science Part 2

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