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The story of FREZZOR

The Story of FREZZOR is intrinsically intertwined with Noel Turner’s life story. They are inseparable; his philosophy, passion, values, integrity, and beliefs are woven into the fabric of FREZZOR.
Noel’s childhood in New Zealand instilled his passion for clean environments, natural lifestyle, and healthy options. He was born in Wanganui – on the West Coast of the North Island – to a family of fishermen and farmers. His community was of humble means, but his opportunities belied his poverty. A childhood of adventure led to self-sufficiency as a commercial fisherman at 16. Wild seas – with no margin for error – created the laboratory where Noel’s lifelong ability to face challenges and declare victory were refined. The physical demands of life on the high seas – and in the paradisiacal biosphere of New Zealand – delivered Noel into his 20s as a fit and healthy man with a dream.
His character confirmed, Noel attacked his future with passion and optimism. He discovered the importance of doing the right thing without wavering. He saw the strength of values, integrity, and honesty.
In his 30s, Noel’s efforts were marked by desire, determination, and discipline. He took the courageous step to travel to America, where he pioneered and created a market for the pristine products sourced from his native New Zealand. Through his commercial enterprises – using diligence, focus, perserverance, constant refinement, and unbending reliability – he built a growing network of quality relationships with leaders around the world.
While in his 40s, with his philosophy fully established, Noel was the picture of the accomplished business success, living the American Dream – "the good life”... but, surrounded by winners whose disciplines had declined as their achievements increased, he saw the opportunity to help people whose quality of life was at risk.
He turned his attention to a new pursuit – with the latest in health research and holistic development at his disposal – to find the most certified resources to assure a lifetime of wellness. After a decade of discovery, he had developed a new portfolio of products that increased the potential to maximize physical wellbeing and ensure the full measure of life.
The demands of global travel to establish and sustain an international consortium of entrepreneurs dedicated to benefiting the people in their networks with health and wellness solutions are offset by Noel’s authentic lifestyle of intake and exercise that maintains his personal capacity at a level unmatched by his contemporaries. Few could match his marathon pace – actually, or virtually.

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