donderdag 25 juli 2013

Recession or crisis or banking crisis?

It's all the same, everywhere and anywhere. Capitalism is the best advantage you can have in this world because of corruption and more ... and to build your own life / health far away from diseases you didn't brought with you , while you were born.
Banking crisis arose because a many banks became insolvent through their own fault. The biggest were / are saved by the taxpayer, the smaller falling around.
Financial crisis or currency crisis caused by too loose monetary policy of the central banks which, despite the low interest rates are not the economy rebounds. one can not find productive destination for capital offered.
Economic crisis caused by declining economic growth or contraction.
(Sovereign) debt crisis is the situation that no more countries can promise their international commitments and likely never meet. These countries are actually bankrupt.
So to avoid human catastrophe caused by human fault , while africa and other country's are victim of nature , some higher institutions decided to be solidair and save many from poorness . People start thinking to make the best out of the worse while others create our future . It's small thinking but there will always be poor and rich like there has been a north and south. Look carefully and see what about north Europe and south Europe. So we're up for many years of savings and i decided to go on the same way . There are a lot of opportunities to get out from the system . Some speak about cheaters in america with the house crisis and that's where everything started for our banks to get out of control and too loose many peoples savings , while they worked their ass of . So do you feel frustrated or unfair... ? pls save my the details. Get over and live on. there is always a solution around you. Google all along the way to find more interesting news about a lot of stuff you are interested in.
Build your own health system and catch up with good people and your intuition. Start from zero , get out of your comfort zone now. Get things done first that you need to become a better person. Check out my blog further and you will make it someday.
Actually , you don't have to change your habits to move on in your life . You are doing right now because you have to. Let's program from now on your mind to use proper diet, books, lecture and many more sources all over the internet and among people who changed their life by doing so. Let's connect and trust yourself from the inside.

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