donderdag 11 juli 2013

Network marketing

How i see network marketing ?

It's fun to network and it's a daily habit for everyone of us , how big or small your circle of life might be in this world. People got connected world wide over the internet without flying around the globe. However most businesses is rather to have warm contacts then cold ones. Anyway, skype and videocalling give you a certain image from the other side. Remember that your voice is the sound of your inner soul . Unaware , it's obvious clear  that others respond on that or not and you feel it when you speak like your standing next to you. so get into yourself and talk like yourself and not like it sounds from "a far far away" from home voice. Besides networkmarketing isn't all about making money , it's also about sharing knowledge and ofcourse its a business as well to share this knowledge. Remember that you might leave a footprint all along the way you pass by. It's building your reputation. It depends also if others speak bad or good about you or can't stand you anyway or you smell like shit , ... so leave others respect and connect or disconnect with the ones you feel good or bad. Bad experiences might get you out of business and certainly avoid these people for sure.

The costs of network marketing 

If you got yourself involved into a good business , you might think in different ways. See it also like this. When you work into a factory you need to get to the job. What do you need to get there ? a vehicle or carpooling , anyway . It costs money to get there because of buying a bike, car ...  They compensate it a little because of home-work traffic bonus. So called. The more status you have as employer the more benefits you get from your boss. And thats also in a factory the same as a networker marketeer . The business you got involved might cost you a little to benefit from the system . That's exactly what happens when you are ruled by the government however sometimes it cost's more to benefit then others might take advantage from others hard work. That's everywhere the same and you gotta be lucky with that.

Network marketing is everywhere for anyone

Even if you don't realize what your into , you are networking and the difference is "freedom". When you wanna feel free you better start changing your network marketing plan for sure. You can do whatever you like because of health issues , job problems , ... . If your trust in human kind is faded away , start building it slow and avoid messing up yourself because of others talking bad about your or making you sick as possible. I've learned my lesson and decided to leave what it is so i won't be fooled to satisfy others who intimidates others to get done what they want you to do . Everyone deserve respect at any time. Your aknowledge depends on what you like to see , hear and learn.
I hope you enjoyed this article and stay tuned . I love to network even if it you don't like to travel or learned to do so . it's a bit harder to get started but everyone and anyone can do this. Set up your mind , mindset your thoughts and leave a good thought behind for everyone even if they don't deserve it. Enjoy building your healthwealth and luck. Try to connect as much as possible without stressing out

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