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When the weather is hot , you will probably think to go outside and have so much fun in the sun. However , if you have allergies , you better be calm and relaxed and avoid stress. Be also aware that any advice from a doctor or specialist is recommended. Read stuff to help you out and learn.

So here's what you have to do , in my experience =
- Close the windows , especially when the sun shines in front
- Clean da house enough to avoid dust
- Avoid smokers , they don't want you to mess up their smoke while sneezing
- Don't get out in the afternoon , unless you really need.
- If you have to work make sure that your medicines don't make you sleepy
However i don't use medicines anymore right now . I control this because of good diet habits.
Your food will at least help you to regulate your body's inflammations as allergies are a kind of immune reaction.

- sleep enough , min. 6 hours or 8 a day (recommended) .
If you wanna take a short sleep , be sure to wake up early so you won't get up all night.

- Plan your heavy activities for sure in the morning (early if possible)
- avoid stress anyway , be calm and stay so.
Talk about it with people as they will probably don't understand you when you feel like overreacting. When you got some blood samples tested , that will show how much "IGE" is detected in your blood. The higher the worse. Doctors advice is needed anytime anyway. This blog is intended to guide you for general purpose . By any doubt pls , consult a doctor or specialist about allergies of any kind.

- Take good omega 3's from frezzor or , there so bioavailable and counter the bad inflammations in your body in a natural way. Your diet exists mostly with omega 6's when you don't eat healthy enough. Allergies will get out of control when your body's inflammation proces is out of control. It's a natural way to deal with bad invaders into your body , all day long... so take control of that to avoid this process get outraged at first.

- Also try to loose weight by exercise and good food habits.

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