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Network marketing part II

What you learn and how you start with network marketing ?

Basically , everyone has a network and the best connection you can make is live contact.
Some has better social skills then others but health issues can make a hughe difference. Surround yourself with good thinking people. In time you will recognize what and why some people fooled you or what's the reason of your success. If you got in touch with bad ones , all along the way. You gotta be lucky as well and there are many good stories available but some are overhyped like you are a networkmarketing tool. Everyone is protected by his network , no matter what they will do or act like. Some buy themselves some credit. The networker is someone who loves to connect for profit, social contact, same interests , health and so on ... . Looking for same minded people , learn to live along the path you came and spread your word.

I didn't invent network marketing but it's all along in our lives for hundred years probably , or even thousands years because we are looking out for contact. In my previous blog , I already mentioned about network marketing , in my humble authentic opinion. I have respect for people who got great experience in educating others to reveal the best of themself and grow like a person.  No names to tell you about . Just google around. One fact, they all feel comfortable because of financial backup but they don't need it anymore . They have worked it out already for themselves. Great job , now it's up to others to do the same.

It's easy to say to avoid negativism against friends of networkers you know but your intuition will come back as they get you really down to earth, probably and play with you along the way. The difference between a rich and poor networker is very well seen . Your education as a child is probably the most important thing that happens in your life so if things messed up there, work it out and deal with it.  Stay healthy and stay away from the big guys until you reached a level to say that you actually don't need them. Everyone is a kind of psychologist and everyone has a different level they live in.

The reason why you start doing it , it's simple because of bad economics/food. Hating your job, feeling bad , jealous people , big money makers, need money, wanna get out of the system, being fooled by partners , loosing your job. The most common reason is that they do it for ... FREEDOM. You have health issues or just bad luck and no one can help you in the economic system you live in. Probably wants to build your own economics. Keep on doing so.

It's like a family tree , everyone does network marketing in any way. Just stick around and build up again. Networking with your family, friends , new, same minded , work , ... .

Right, it's all pyramid schemes , ponzi schemes , cheat programs . 
Now, everything is a pyramid scheme and look at it like a family tree . That's also a network. Being all around in social communities like saying, football friends, snooker friends, friends from work. Be yourself and don't think if you satisfied others to fulfill their wishes and do things for them that it will help you ? No , their taking profit mostly but if you got paid for it to do so, let it go or get out the system you don't love. Get a job you love to feel good in. The best part of a network is that they protect each others from more harm then they can imagine. Don't be left alone. Get on to learn to good way of living.

Main lessons in network marketing for starters

Lesson 1 = investment ?

Don't invest more then you have , it's like dealing with a trade market. Don't get fooled by expectations they are talking about and be realistic . There are no fast rich schemes. Do some research and remember that networking is not investing , it's a business opportunity to creates chances to work things out to make money. When they say, don't talk about it or do not take any action until "we" tell you so. There is really something going on and don't get involved. Leave this bad advice , they will play along with you and say after all that you didn't belong there or it was your choice. Did you think they fooled you,  makes sure you have all details you need, like address, proof on paper before you get on. Be sure to invest your time in people no matter what happens . There will always be a footprint lef behind to learn , keeping in touch and watch and learn. 
Networkmarketing doesn't need actually an investment if you got involved with the right business concept. There is one groundbreaking community that has it all and is doing it for a while now , 
it's called sitetalk , a innovating opportunity community build up by his members with an oppertunity business . Sign up free here (get in touch with the author of this article, it's my profile ) and you will find out if you wish of course. The main reason is that you can't change peoples habits :-)

Lesson 2 = building a network ?

Most of the starters have a network when they start for real doing it. Already have a professional network , then it might much easier. Just show some good stuff to move on. When you feel pushed to sign up people , don't force yourself and fall into stress. Use your time wise and look out . Involve yourself with good stuff. Most common way to network is connecting on facebook if you feel a bit fronting . Don't trust anyone for signing up even if there familiar for u.

Lesson 3 = Don't spam

Right, it's not working and it's a desperate way to contact people . Getting every emailadress available to send out invitations. Friends might getting angry and some warn you and some don't react. So love what you  do and in time they will contact you about what you are doing. Send out messages using social media , blogs, forums, meetings, ... . The best contacts are the warm ones. Don't stay working on cold contacts.
Use all available social media like this new one , , twitter, facebook , google , linkedin. Stay in touch and be consequent of what you do.

Use to learn what you like , what's the best environment to network for u at first . can tell you some great experiences about that , how i got started with 2 examples ... 

Lesson 4 = Online reputation

There are a lot of tools to show yourself online and measure yourself with trust cloud  for example. Not a real reference but the real reference is the comments of people , how they talk about you offline and deal with bad and good comments. The best thing is to build up only positivism and be always polite and generous to help. Make your own website to rely on and share it like you are. Be authentic.
Use some blogs and if you don't have the budget , there are plenty ways to share and start your own website. Be my guest to visit this one for example , (dutch/english mixed)

Lesson 5 = Help anyone you can

Your upline won't love it when you spent time working for someone else downline . Get used to it to spend some time doing so if your in the same network. Working in a factory and the lowest on the ladder ? Then you might doing all the work to help your boss out because he said , your paid to do so. There are actually some rules you have to follow for sure. Again, your footprint will be left.

Lesson 6 = Backup into a backup

Make a plan to backup yourself in anyway anywhere. It's the best way to stay out of trouble , health issues and lot's more. Deep down below there will be always something to rely on but be wise and provide yourself a backup plan or you will be fooled and left behind because of your negativism.
Don't follow blind advice to keep investing until you reached the right thing to do. None wants to keep losing money while trying. There has to be ROI.

Lesson 7 = What's the product ?

Involve yourself with good products, might be digital or health products . Prefer the ones that or worthed your money. Choose products for health , for example from this great company you can rely on , FREZZOR weightmanagement and superfood. Most direct selling company's provide real value for their products . Also sitetalk is one of the biggest trends in network marketing with social online community oppertunity. It's at first free to sign up and learn about to start a free business . Ofcourse starting for free is harder then buying a business package with real value. However knowing people and learn about them is another great opportunity.

Lesson 8 = Skype 

The best long distance connection is with Skype. So you can show yourself and talk to each other. It's just a great tool to trust people because chatting and things like that might fool you. You can erase messages but you can never lie with words to someone , again and again. Again , warm connections is the way to build your network. However some cheaters will talk always bad behind your back and drop you down into others eyes. Don't forget , it's your inside that will always come up. Your unconscious mind will take control , so you better put in some good stuff . In time it will reveal yourself as true nature .

Lesson 9 = Hype or not ?

Some products got hyped by the media or friends because they invested into it for example. Like you are stock share holder from some company , for ex. google or Facebook. Sounds normally , you talk good about it when you invested into it . Now be realistic and go to meetings and provide yourself with Q&A. Don't overreact or make a bad decision when they push you to do it now before that date or something like that. We can help you better is a good excuse to take over someone from another downline build that destroy's the business. It's good to know that on health fairs , networkcompany's like herbalife or aloĆ« vera presenting their products as the best way to promote them. Even Frezzor or moxxor got hughe respons on that presenting these products to others. Personally , to help you a little , i've been using the omega 3 from the greenlippedmussel for 3 years. Despite all that happens i got really  learned simple things about it to provide myself a better lifestyle. Wanna know more? Place a comment to ask about it.

Lesson 10 = Privacy

No matter what , your privacy is what you like to give or show to the people but aware yourself from harm and don't set up an open door with some stupid messages like "i'm on vacation!" on facebook for example. 

Thx for reading and i hope it will help you a little . There are many books to read all along the road.
Timemanagement is a problem for most starters ... . 

I geuss that's it folks , have you any comment or wisdom to share to learn , pls, make your comment
If you find something wrong , let me know, i will read it over and over again to provide the best info. I'm sorry for faults , i learn while I'm doing it .That's where it all starts.

donderdag 25 juli 2013

Recession or crisis or banking crisis?

It's all the same, everywhere and anywhere. Capitalism is the best advantage you can have in this world because of corruption and more ... and to build your own life / health far away from diseases you didn't brought with you , while you were born.
Banking crisis arose because a many banks became insolvent through their own fault. The biggest were / are saved by the taxpayer, the smaller falling around.
Financial crisis or currency crisis caused by too loose monetary policy of the central banks which, despite the low interest rates are not the economy rebounds. one can not find productive destination for capital offered.
Economic crisis caused by declining economic growth or contraction.
(Sovereign) debt crisis is the situation that no more countries can promise their international commitments and likely never meet. These countries are actually bankrupt.
So to avoid human catastrophe caused by human fault , while africa and other country's are victim of nature , some higher institutions decided to be solidair and save many from poorness . People start thinking to make the best out of the worse while others create our future . It's small thinking but there will always be poor and rich like there has been a north and south. Look carefully and see what about north Europe and south Europe. So we're up for many years of savings and i decided to go on the same way . There are a lot of opportunities to get out from the system . Some speak about cheaters in america with the house crisis and that's where everything started for our banks to get out of control and too loose many peoples savings , while they worked their ass of . So do you feel frustrated or unfair... ? pls save my the details. Get over and live on. there is always a solution around you. Google all along the way to find more interesting news about a lot of stuff you are interested in.
Build your own health system and catch up with good people and your intuition. Start from zero , get out of your comfort zone now. Get things done first that you need to become a better person. Check out my blog further and you will make it someday.
Actually , you don't have to change your habits to move on in your life . You are doing right now because you have to. Let's program from now on your mind to use proper diet, books, lecture and many more sources all over the internet and among people who changed their life by doing so. Let's connect and trust yourself from the inside.

Bad news, good news

Sometimes you just think, 
i've heard enough bad news in my life 
besides that all is good and will be ok ;-)

Always the paradox that all will be fine in the end. 

Well if that ends up at the end of your life , 

you are really fooled :D

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The story of FREZZOR

The Story of FREZZOR is intrinsically intertwined with Noel Turner’s life story. They are inseparable; his philosophy, passion, values, integrity, and beliefs are woven into the fabric of FREZZOR.
Noel’s childhood in New Zealand instilled his passion for clean environments, natural lifestyle, and healthy options. He was born in Wanganui – on the West Coast of the North Island – to a family of fishermen and farmers. His community was of humble means, but his opportunities belied his poverty. A childhood of adventure led to self-sufficiency as a commercial fisherman at 16. Wild seas – with no margin for error – created the laboratory where Noel’s lifelong ability to face challenges and declare victory were refined. The physical demands of life on the high seas – and in the paradisiacal biosphere of New Zealand – delivered Noel into his 20s as a fit and healthy man with a dream.
His character confirmed, Noel attacked his future with passion and optimism. He discovered the importance of doing the right thing without wavering. He saw the strength of values, integrity, and honesty.
In his 30s, Noel’s efforts were marked by desire, determination, and discipline. He took the courageous step to travel to America, where he pioneered and created a market for the pristine products sourced from his native New Zealand. Through his commercial enterprises – using diligence, focus, perserverance, constant refinement, and unbending reliability – he built a growing network of quality relationships with leaders around the world.
While in his 40s, with his philosophy fully established, Noel was the picture of the accomplished business success, living the American Dream – "the good life”... but, surrounded by winners whose disciplines had declined as their achievements increased, he saw the opportunity to help people whose quality of life was at risk.
He turned his attention to a new pursuit – with the latest in health research and holistic development at his disposal – to find the most certified resources to assure a lifetime of wellness. After a decade of discovery, he had developed a new portfolio of products that increased the potential to maximize physical wellbeing and ensure the full measure of life.
The demands of global travel to establish and sustain an international consortium of entrepreneurs dedicated to benefiting the people in their networks with health and wellness solutions are offset by Noel’s authentic lifestyle of intake and exercise that maintains his personal capacity at a level unmatched by his contemporaries. Few could match his marathon pace – actually, or virtually.

Source =

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New MRI research reveals cancer cells thrive on processed sugar

Schlager in de literatuur over mindfulness

De kunst van het loslaten
Er liepen eens een oude en een jonge Zen-monnik langs een weg. Op een gegeven moment kwamen ze bij een rivier, die ze moesten oversteken. Op de plek waar de weg en de rivier elkaar kruisten, stond een mooie jonge vrouw in een zijden kimono.
De vrouw vroeg of de monniken haar konden helpen bij het oversteken. De oude Zen-monnik aarzelde geen moment, nam haar in zijn armen, droeg haar naar de overkant en zette haar daar neer.
Zwijgend vervolgden de monniken hun weg.
‘s Avonds laat, toen ze onderdak hadden gevonden in een tempel kon de jonge monnik zich niet langer bedwingen en vroeg:
“Wij Zen-monniken mogen ons tijdens onze training niet met vrouwen bemoeien, laat staan aanraken. Waarom heb jij dat dan toch gedaan?”
De oudere monnik antwoordde: “Ik heb de vrouw opgepakt, naar de overkant gedragen, haar daar neergezet en losgelaten. Jij draagt haar kennelijk nog steeds met je mee en hebt haar nog niet losgelaten.”

Verhaal van een beginnend IronMan: Allergische Rinitis

Verhaal van een beginnend IronMan: Allergische Rinitis: Het lijkt een jaarlijks terugkomend fenomeen. Vorig jaar ben ik na een aanhoudend verstopte neus en andere fysieke klachten naar een neus, ...

Do not believe anything !

“Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”
- :Buddha

donderdag 11 juli 2013

Network marketing

How i see network marketing ?

It's fun to network and it's a daily habit for everyone of us , how big or small your circle of life might be in this world. People got connected world wide over the internet without flying around the globe. However most businesses is rather to have warm contacts then cold ones. Anyway, skype and videocalling give you a certain image from the other side. Remember that your voice is the sound of your inner soul . Unaware , it's obvious clear  that others respond on that or not and you feel it when you speak like your standing next to you. so get into yourself and talk like yourself and not like it sounds from "a far far away" from home voice. Besides networkmarketing isn't all about making money , it's also about sharing knowledge and ofcourse its a business as well to share this knowledge. Remember that you might leave a footprint all along the way you pass by. It's building your reputation. It depends also if others speak bad or good about you or can't stand you anyway or you smell like shit , ... so leave others respect and connect or disconnect with the ones you feel good or bad. Bad experiences might get you out of business and certainly avoid these people for sure.

The costs of network marketing 

If you got yourself involved into a good business , you might think in different ways. See it also like this. When you work into a factory you need to get to the job. What do you need to get there ? a vehicle or carpooling , anyway . It costs money to get there because of buying a bike, car ...  They compensate it a little because of home-work traffic bonus. So called. The more status you have as employer the more benefits you get from your boss. And thats also in a factory the same as a networker marketeer . The business you got involved might cost you a little to benefit from the system . That's exactly what happens when you are ruled by the government however sometimes it cost's more to benefit then others might take advantage from others hard work. That's everywhere the same and you gotta be lucky with that.

Network marketing is everywhere for anyone

Even if you don't realize what your into , you are networking and the difference is "freedom". When you wanna feel free you better start changing your network marketing plan for sure. You can do whatever you like because of health issues , job problems , ... . If your trust in human kind is faded away , start building it slow and avoid messing up yourself because of others talking bad about your or making you sick as possible. I've learned my lesson and decided to leave what it is so i won't be fooled to satisfy others who intimidates others to get done what they want you to do . Everyone deserve respect at any time. Your aknowledge depends on what you like to see , hear and learn.
I hope you enjoyed this article and stay tuned . I love to network even if it you don't like to travel or learned to do so . it's a bit harder to get started but everyone and anyone can do this. Set up your mind , mindset your thoughts and leave a good thought behind for everyone even if they don't deserve it. Enjoy building your healthwealth and luck. Try to connect as much as possible without stressing out

Download this sitetalk app for iphone or ipad and get in touch online in the App Store and make sure to make a free sitetalk profile on my invitation,

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Electro stress

Electro stress

Have you ever realized how much we got surrounded with electronic devices these days ? How much vibrations they create around your dynamic body bio-magnetism ? Electro stress is an experience for all people everyday and for some a nightmare because their body sense these magnetic fields , coming from the magnetic fields of these devices.
Electro stress , a word you should never heard before i geuss because what we see everyday on the street, on tv, in your houses should be legal and conform the laws for electronic devices. I'm not gonna dig deeper then i will because i'm not a librarian. What you see isn't what you get . Remember the first time using a cellphone, did you realise that the radiation next to your head does influence your cells ?

Avoid electro stress

  1. Shut down everything if you don't need it (except frigo) like wifi , gsm, ... .
  2. check this out ,
  3. call handsfree
  4. Use network-cables instead of wifi/radiation
  5. Go walking without any device that generates magnetism
  6. Earth yourself by walking on your feet with direkt contacting the earth
Earth magetisme is disturbed by magnetic fields produced all along on our globe. Even there are people who sleep badly by mobile phone masts cause electro stress and disrupt the internal housekeeping. Moving brought a solution and their health improved immediately. Dect phones, scanners at work, wireless networks of neighbours ... Below is an example. Preferably (almost) 16 wireless networks detectable ... inconceivable that a man can just call itself an antenna. Do not forget even the mobile phone radiation that day in, day out flying around you. Starting already to get some stress or do you realize now to have stress? Google a moment for electro stress

How to recuperate from electro stress?

How to recuperate from electro stress?

In these times, our sleep is not what it is because of that electro smog actually, so if everyone contributes his part to cause less radiation , it will be many better minded and stay healthier. Our sleep is a recup and recovery of working days or any day that you also had. The impact on our health everyday stress brings more free radicals that cause harm to our bodies. Good food habits makes the picture quite something bearable as you go through your diet that also create "EAT stress". So at least , don't get stressed and check things out to be healthier. Avoid internal stress as well by Weigthmanagement.

maandag 8 juli 2013


When the weather is hot , you will probably think to go outside and have so much fun in the sun. However , if you have allergies , you better be calm and relaxed and avoid stress. Be also aware that any advice from a doctor or specialist is recommended. Read stuff to help you out and learn.

So here's what you have to do , in my experience =
- Close the windows , especially when the sun shines in front
- Clean da house enough to avoid dust
- Avoid smokers , they don't want you to mess up their smoke while sneezing
- Don't get out in the afternoon , unless you really need.
- If you have to work make sure that your medicines don't make you sleepy
However i don't use medicines anymore right now . I control this because of good diet habits.
Your food will at least help you to regulate your body's inflammations as allergies are a kind of immune reaction.

- sleep enough , min. 6 hours or 8 a day (recommended) .
If you wanna take a short sleep , be sure to wake up early so you won't get up all night.

- Plan your heavy activities for sure in the morning (early if possible)
- avoid stress anyway , be calm and stay so.
Talk about it with people as they will probably don't understand you when you feel like overreacting. When you got some blood samples tested , that will show how much "IGE" is detected in your blood. The higher the worse. Doctors advice is needed anytime anyway. This blog is intended to guide you for general purpose . By any doubt pls , consult a doctor or specialist about allergies of any kind.

- Take good omega 3's from frezzor or , there so bioavailable and counter the bad inflammations in your body in a natural way. Your diet exists mostly with omega 6's when you don't eat healthy enough. Allergies will get out of control when your body's inflammation proces is out of control. It's a natural way to deal with bad invaders into your body , all day long... so take control of that to avoid this process get outraged at first.

- Also try to loose weight by exercise and good food habits.

ETA sluit de ontstekingsschakelaar in de cox-2- en lox-paden af ​​

Noel Turner's levensverhaal = Ik speelde in de vroege jaren 70 van de vorige eeuw een belangrijke rol in de ontwikkeling van de greenl...